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Tooth pick games

  1. Picking up Gummi-bears using a tooth pick held in the mouth

    Using a tooth pick held in the mouth, Gummi bears have to be picked up and out down into a container. Which team can collect the most Gummi bears in a container within 5 minutes? Hands can only be used to put the Gummi bears into the collecting pot and not to pick them up.

  1. Piling tooth picks onto a bottle-head

    Each team receives a packet of tooth picks and has to pile these onto a bottle head as quickly as possible. Which group will be the quickest/which group can place the most tooth picks on the bottle within 2 minutes? Who makes the highest tower?

  2. Transport a wooden block on tooth picks

    The tooth picks serve as transport-timber and have to be laid in front of a small log/block which can then be rolled over the tooth picks. The log is not to touch the floor (table top). Which group will manage this task the quickest? The log can be attached to a string and pulled along.

  3. Solving matchstick puzzles using tooth picks

    Solve well known matchstick puzzles using tooth picks, Also see: matchstick games.

  4. Using toothpicks to make a building

    Using a packet of toothpicks, each group has to make a building. To do this each group receives either glue (UHU) or sticky tape, and using these materials have to construct their building. Which team will make the nicest/tallest/longest/most interesting building within 10 minutes?

  1. Build a rolling hedgehog

    Using a packet of tooth picks, stick tooth picks all over an apple (potato). Following this the apple (potato) is rolled. Which apple will roll the furthest in this way? You can also let the apple roll down a board and measure the distance it travels. The more equally distributed the tooth picks are on the apple the further the apple will roll. This game demands skill.

  2. Building a house

    Using a packet of tooth picks and glue (UHU), the group has to build/glue a house within …minutes. Which team will skilfully master this task?

  3. Tower made of conkers and tooth picks

    Using tooth picks and conkers, each group has to build a tall tower. Who can construct the tallest tower?

  4. Passing the ring

    Using tooth picks, pass around a ring. Each player has one tooth pick in their mouth. With the tooth pick (in mouth), a ring has to be passed from player to player. Which team will be the quickest?

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