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Baby games

Some games are simply too stupid for some youths and they tend to moan about one or two games. It is a shame that the youth of today does not know how to play anymore. There was probably something missing in these teenager’s childhoods. We will win back their childhood with the following games.

Baby games: Bobby car race
  1. The nappy rally

    The first runner wraps a large nappy around himself, takes a dummy in his mouth and crawls on all fours over to the other side. When he arrives at the other side, a large mouthful of water is taken from a baby’s bottle with a rubber teat and then he crawls back again. Back at the starting point, the water is spat out into a beaker. It is now the next person’s turn; they put the nappy on and start off.

  2. Lollypop

    Each member of the team receives a lollypop. Which team will manage to suck the lollypop away the quickest? (Note: biting is not allowed, because someone might choke on the lollypop in their hurry to eat the sweet).

  1. Baby food

    Two members of each team are chosen who have to feed each other at the same time with baby food (apple sauce). Which team is the quickest and who makes the least mess?

  2. Wind-up

    There are two members of each team chosen, ideally a girl for the role of the mother and a boy for the baby’s role. The mother must now feed the baby with a baby’s bottle with a rubber teat. Once the bottle is empty, the mother lays the baby over her shoulder and the baby tries to burp as loud as possible. The winning baby team is the first one to burp.

  3. Children’s laughter is catching

    The group sits in a circle. A volunteer sits in the middle of the circle and tries to get the others to laugh. The person who laughs must now help the volunteer make others laugh. The winner is the baby who keeps a straight face the longest. Alternative: The person in the middle takes the place of the person who laughs first, who then moves into the middle.

  4. Bobby car race

    A race track must be completed on a bobby car. The kids with long legs and big feet have a clear disadvantage in this game.

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