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Ball games

Various classic ball games on the lawn when it gets warmer or when available space is limited. Of course these games may also be played in a sports hall or other large hall.

Ball games: Beach Ball
  1. Chaos Rugby

    This game is similar to regular rugby – only wilder. Use many rugby balls or other balls instead of one rugby ball. Both teams stand on their lines opposite each other. At the signal, each player tries to grab a ball and get it over the opponents line. If successful, he may get another ball. When there are enough balls available, this game can become quite chaotic. Even better – the playing field is muddy. 2-3 referees are needed to insure fair play.

  2. Mini Soccer

    Here is a version of soccer when a large soccer field is not available. It may be played in a small room. In the middle of the room place 2 bowling pins to make the goal. Each team tries to make goals from their side of the room. The goalies stand back to back. Walking through the goal area is not allowed. A small circle may be drawn around the goal to mark the area from where goals can not be attempted (similar to the free area in front of the goals in handball).

  3. Ball Throwing Relay

    2 teams each stand in a circle. At the signal, the ball is tossed player to player in each circle. Which team is ahead after 3 rounds? Variation: the ball must be tossed in a star form or tossed to the 4th player ahead, then the 3rd behind, 4th ahead, 3rd behind, etc. also for 3 rounds.

  4. Blaze Ball

    Many know this game from school in sports class. Who can hit a home-run gets 3 points. Otherwise for each player who makes it to the goal gets 1 point. The player who can not make it to the next base is “burned”. Depending on the playing field size or size of the group, 2-3 balls may be thrown so that 2-3 players may start.

  5. Animal Blaze Ball

    Played like blaze ball but runners and catchers must run like animals - hop like frogs or kangaroos, on all fours like dogs, crawl on stomachs like snakes. The distance between bases should be shorter lengths.

  6. Survival Contest

    A playing field is divided into 3 sections. Each team is in one section. The two teams on the outsides throw 1-2 balls at the team in the middle section. If a player is hit with a ball, he “dies”. After 5 minutes the teams rotate. Which team can “survive” the longest?

  7. Survival Contest 2

    One player is the victim. He stands in the middle of a circle made of the other players. They throw a ball at him. He is allowed to catch the ball. How long can he survive before getting hit?

  8. Shoot, then Walk

    Similar to blaze ball: one player throws a ball in the playing field and tries to walk a marked distance. The players in the field try to catch the ball and then throw it at the walking player before he reaches his goal. The players in the field may not take more than 3 steps while holding the ball.

  9. Run the Course

    Similar to blaze ball: One player throws a ball in the playing field and tries to run the entire course. A second player (from the other team) starts at the same time and also runs the course. If the first player finishes the course before the second player catches up to him, he gets a point.

  10. Catch It?

    One team throws a ball to each other. Points are given for each successful toss. A second team tries to catch the ball and then toss it between its players and earn points. Rules: no walking with the ball and no grabbing the ball out of a players hands.

  11. Baseball

    This can be played by the official rules or as a variation. Who doesn’t have a bat can make one wrapping tape around a strong pine board. A wide board is better able to hit a ball anyhow. Use a tennis ball or a softball when playing in a hall or when there are few players in the field.

  12. Dodge Ball

    Many know this game from school. Two teams are made and take positions opposite each other on a field similar to a volleyball field without a net. Each team has 3 players who take positions on each sideline of the opposing side of the field. One ball is in play. Each team tries to hit an opposing player with the ball. If successful, the tagged player takes a place along the sideline of the other team. If he can hit a player with the ball, he may go back to his original position on his team. Exact rules and how many “lives” players receive should be decided beforehand.

  13. Hunter Ball

    The “hunter” tries to shoot the other players. The player who is “shot” is out. If the player can catch the ball or if the ball hits the ground first, then it is not a good shot and he is not out. He may then throw the ball wherever he wishes. Variation: play as a team game. How long does it take to “shoot” all the players on the other team?

  14. Throwing – catching – sitting

    A ball is thrown to someone in the group. Each catcher throws the ball to another member of the group who is still standing and sits down on the floor. Which team will be first to have all members sitting down?

  1. Capture the fort

    A team stands in a circle and all members of the group hold on to each others shoulders. The other team tries to get the ball inside the circle. Once the ball is in the circle, the fort has been captured.

  2. Climbing up and down

    The group stands in a large circle and throws a ball backwards and forwards among themselves. Anyone who does not catch the ball must kneel down. If the ball is not caught a second time, the player must sit on the ground. However if a player manages to catch the ball in one of the lower positions, he moves up to the next higher position again.

  3. Football-rugby

    Instead of playing football with a football, a rugby ball is used. Due to the fact that a rugby ball is not so simple and easy to target as a football, some surprising shots are likely.

  4. Hand (roll) ball

    Instead of playing the ball with the foot, the ball is only allowed to be rolled with the hand. There is a “free roll” for the other team if the player is fouled when in possession of the ball or if the ball is thrown and is therefore no longer rolling. (Little hops are allowed but no flights over several meters).

  5. Alaska

    The game is similar to “hot potatoes”. Instead of the ball being “burnt” in a basket or goal, the catcher stands with his legs spread out to the sides and all other catchers stand behind him. The ball is now played through his legs. The last person takes the ball and shouts „Alaska“. This means, just like hot-potatoes, that the runner is “burned”.

  6. Basketball without a basket

    The game rules are the same as basketball but there is no basket or the game is played against a high wall. One point is won when the ball hits the basketball board (or a certain height on a wall) and then touches the ground before the other team can collect the ball.

  7. Ball circle games

    A ball is thrown between the players. Different rules can be agreed.

    • Never throw the ball to your neighbour.
    • Throw the ball to the player furthest away.
    • Always play the ball to the person who has not caught it yet. The last player throws it to the first player again. The players who have already caught the ball fold their arms in front of their chest.
    • In the next round, the ball is played in the exact same order as the round before.
    • How many balls can be thrown at the same time before it is no longer possible to catch them all?
    • Using the agreed rule, how quick can the group complete the round so that everyone has caught the ball?
  8. Volleyball with a limited view

    The game is played with the normal volleyball rules. However the volleyball net is covered with sheets or towels (parachute), so that view of the opponents playing area is not possible. No one can really guess where the ball will suddenly come over the net.

  9. Team change

    The game is played with the normal volleyball rules. On one side team A is made up of girls only and team B on the other side, is a team of boys. When a girl or boy has played the ball over the net, they swap sides. The aim of the game is to swap all members of the team over to the other side. This only works with teamwork.

  10. To catch or not

    Everyone stands in a circle with their arms folded. A player stands in the middle of the circle and has a ball, which he throws to another player in the circle. The player in the middle shouts “catch” and the player is not allowed to catch the ball. If he shouts “don’t catch”, they must catch it. Anyone who gets this mixed up is out of the game.

  11. Breaking the ring

    Everyone stands in a circle with their slightly spread so that their feet are touching their neighbour’s feet. A player in the middle tries to throw a ball through a player’s legs. The players standing in the circle are allowed to try and stop this with their hands. If the ball is shot through someone’s legs, they must swap placed with the player in the middle.

  12. Guard ball

    10 open plastic bottles filled with water are placed in a playing area. 2-3 guards must guard the water bottles. The other members of the group try to shoot the bottles over with 1-2 balls. The guards try to stand the water bottles up again as quickly as possible otherwise they will lose too much water. Which guard will manage to have the most water in their bottle after a 2 minute game?

  13. Spider football

    4 players make up one football player. With their backs to each other they must hold each others hands. There are free kicks and warnings if the team does not remain together. For this game you will need a large number of players.

  14. Ultimate Skull-Ball

    This games is played in a similar way to Ultimate-Frisbee and with the same rules. A polystyrene ball is used as a ball and two saucepans make the goal posts.
    An entry by Christopher M.

  15. Blind kick

    Three kids play against each other: one stands in goal, another is in the playing field and the third player stands at the edge of the field and gives the commands where the player in the field should play the ball. The clever part is that the players in the field and in the goal cannot see because they are blindfolded. It is agreed in advance how long the games will be played: e.g. 2 x 5 minutes.

    The players who cannot see are fully reliant on the commands given by the others. This game is good for developing senses because the players have to listen very carefully. This game is great for playing a tournament and is also possible with large groups because the rest of the participants/spectators also get a good laugh. This game is a real hoot in our group.
    A contribution from Marlies Welzbacher

  16. Quidditch

    Quidditch is a ball game for larger groups. Two teams always play against each other. The team is made up of a goalie, a seeker, a driver and at least four other players (besides the team should be adapted to suit the size of the playing field). There are three balls in the game. The golden snitch (small ball such as a tennis ball), the bludger (soft ball) and the game ball (a small hand ball is best). The golden snitch is hidden before the game starts and the searchers have to try and find it during the game. The players on each team must try to score goals. They may only throw the ball to each other and no back passes are allowed. When a player catches the ball, he may only take three steps and must then play the ball on again. The drivers stand on the edge of the playing field and must try to throw a ball to catch the players on the opposing team. If a player is caught, he must immediately run around the field once before being able to join in the game again. The goalkeeper cannot be caught with the ball. Each driver has his own ball which he must fetch again to be able to throw it out the players in the field.

    The team which scores the most goals in the given time is the winner. However, if the searcher finds the golden snitch before the game is over, his team wins the game.
    Author: Julia S.

  17. Piggy (leader) in the middle

    One of the leaders stands in the middle of the field which can be as large as you require. The game is just like piggy in the middle but the leader is in the middle and the children must try to trick the leader. The children throw a ball backwards and forwards and must try to catch the leader out.

    You can agree that the last thrower has to go into the middle or that the time is stopped according to the amount of time the person in the middle needs to catch the ball.

    Depending on the number of players, you can also use two balls.
    Author: Oliver Schmidt

Ball games: Volley Ball

Some more ball games

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