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Beach Games

Beach Games

Here is a list of games that can be played on a sandy beach. The water games (see water games) are listed separately as they can be played in a pool or at the beach. Of course you can play any relay game (see relay games), grass games (see lawn games / ball games), or Frisbee games (see Frisbee games) on the beach. Which games are best on the beach depend on the beach – does it have fine sand, sand with stones mixed in, is it a wide or narrow beach? Some beaches are very crowded – others are deserted. Not every game can be played on every beach.

Group or Team games

  1. Team games for Large Groups

    • Football on the beach

    • Beach volleyball

    • Beach ball

    • Rugby

    • Frisbee games (see Frisbee games)

  1. Games for 2, 3, or 4 players

    • Bocce or Boule

    • Softball

    • Tennis on a hard beach

    • Croquet

    • Kite flying – who can fly their kite the longest, highest or make the best figures?

    • Collect shells and other interesting items

Battles, Roughhousing

Beach Games

  1. Castle Battles, Conquering Castles

    Two groups are made. Each group builds a castle about 5-10 meters big. The castles are about 20 meters apart. In each castle a flag (towel) is flown. Which group can get the others flag and fly it in their own castle first?

    Variation: to keep the roughhousing in check, prisoners can be taken by removing a plastic band from their pockets, or the prisoner can take out his own band. His teammates can bring him a new band. He returns unchallenged to his castle where he can re-enter the game.

  2. Piranhas on Dry Land

    A bandana or plastic band is tucked in the back of the player’s swim suits. In a confined area the players must “live” as long as possible while trying to get the other players bandanas. This game can also be played piggy-back. Be sure there are no stones in the sand.

  3. Tug-O-War

    Tug-o-war on the sand or in the water or in a tideway.

Creative Beach Games With Sand

  1. Sand Castle Building

    Who or which team can build the best looking or biggest sand castle?

  2. Marble Race

    Which team can build a marble raceway out of sand and roll a marble the farthest distance? Time how long the marble rolls.

  3. Sand Figures

    Which team can make the best looking figures out of sand?

  4. Bury ‘Em

    How much time will it take to completely cover a person laying on the beach with sand? Variation: how long will it take to completely bury an opened meter stick stuck upright in the sand?

  5. Beach Artist

    Use only your fingers to draw figures in the sand. Who can guess what is being drawn?

Beach Olympics

  1. Push the Ball

    Use only the head or nose to push a tennis ball or a raw egg over a distance of about 7 meters in the sand.

  2. Foot Race

    Classic foot race run in deep sand

  3. Skipping Stones

    Everyone searches and finds a stone to skip over the water. Count how many times the stone skips over the water.

  4. Long Jump

    Classic long jump on the sand

  5. Stone Distance Throw / Ball Distance Throw

    Classic distance throw discipline

  6. Frisbee Goal Throw

    A Frisbee is thrown a distance of 7-10 meters and must hit the goal. The goal can be one or more circles with differing points.

  7. Oil Drilling

    Who can dig the deepest hole within 5 minutes using only their hands?

Relay Games on the Beach

  1. Shell Balancing

    A shell is balanced on the players forehead. He must run from one end of the course to the other and give his shell to the next player.

  2. Carry and Fill

    Water must be carried using only bare hands to fill a bottle placed about 30 meters from the waters edge.

  3. Clothing Relay / Penguin Race

    The first player puts on a diving suit, swim fins, diving mask, gloves and a hat. He must then run to the next player on the other side of the course.

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