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Drink Coaster Games

What can you do with drink coasters? You can have a group hour with these games. 100-200 Drink coasters can be quickly obtained. Simply go to a beverage store, a pub or inn, or a brewery and ask them if you can get some for your group.

Drink Coaster Relay Races

  1. Drink Coaster Relay

    Drink coasters must be brought one at a time from point A to point B.

  2. Drink Coaster Run

    Players run a race using 3-4 drink coasters. Players must step from coaster to coaster without touching the ground. Variation: piles (10 coasters taped together) of coasters can be used.

  3. Head Balancing

    A drink coaster must be brought from point A to point B. It is balanced on the head. Using hands is not allowed. It doesn’t matter how many coasters are balanced at one time. If a coaster does fall off, the player must return to the start and begin again.

  4. Body Contact

    2 players make a team. The drink coaster is placed between heads, feet, tummies, knees, balls of the hands, heels, etc. They can not use their hands to hold the coaster in place.

  5. Tight Squeeze

    Squeeze a drink coaster between your knees/legs and run to the goal. You can use more than one coaster.

  6. Kangaroo

    Squeeze a drink coaster between you knees/legs and hop to the goal. Then the next player goes.

  7. Between the Toes

    Drink coasters are placed between the toes and passed to the next player using only the toes.

  8. Between the Fingers

    Drink coasters are clutched between the fingers (without using the hands).

  9. Combination: Between Fingers and Toes

    Drink coaster are clutched between the fingers and toes.

  10. Drink Coaster Toss

    A drink coaster is thrown and then thrown again from the spot where it lands until the goal is reached. The game becomes chaos…

  11. Waiter

    The drink coaster is used as a tray. On it you must carry peas from point A to point B. The amount of time and the number of peas that can be carried within a certain time matters. Peas that fall off the coaster can not be put back on it.

Additional Drink Coaster Games

  1. Free Throw 1

    This game is similar to the well known Ring Throw. A drink coaster is thrown on to a marked field that has different point values at each spot.

  2. Free Throw 2

    5 coins or small circles must be covered using no more than 6 drink coasters that are thrown from line drawn on the ground.

  3. Drink Coaster Long Throw

    Who can throw a drink coaster the farthest?

  4. Drink Coaster Basketball

    Who can make the shot into the basket? Have you played basketball with drink coasters before?

  5. Picture Making

    Using drink coasters, make a picture of a person, horse, auto, or a house. Who can do it the fastest? The best looking?

  6. Guessing Challenge 1

    How many drink coasters are there in the box/ the stack?

  7. Guessing Challenge 2

    Instead of guessing how many coasters there are, they must be counted. Who is the fastest counter? Who comes the closest in counting them correctly?

  8. Shifting Coasters

    Drink coasters must be “shifted” from box A to box B using only the toes.

  9. Pyramid

    Who can build the tallest pyramid out of drink coasters?

  10. High Stacks

    Who can make the tallest stack of drink coasters on top of a bottle?

  11. Match

    The playing area is marked for each team. (With many teams you can use a cut pie shaped area.) Each team stands on their side of the field. Each team throws drink coasters at the other teams fields. They throw them back. At the whistle, the round is over and all the coasters are counted to see which team wins. The winner is the team with the least coasters. (They were simply faster at throwing the coasters to the other fields.)

  12. Stand on the Stack

    How many people can stand on a stack of 10 drink coasters?

  13. Vacuum

    A drink coaster is “vacuumed” with a players mouth and passed on the next player who also uses his mouth to vacuum the coaster. (The coaster will probably fall to the ground – a hilarious game.)

  14. How Many Drink Coasters Can You Hold?

    Two players stand on a newspaper. At the signal they take a drink coaster and “stick” it between their knees, or foreheads, etc. At the next signal they take another drink coaster and do likewise. Which team has the most coasters at the end of the game?

  15. Lip card rally or nose pencil rally

    In this game a playing card must be clamped between the lips and nose and passed on from player to player. Instead of a playing card, you can also use a long pencil.

  16. Cross Country with Drink Coasters

    About 5-10 leaders/helpers are the hunted, the participants the hunters. The game is played in confined wooded area. Each hunter is given a drink coaster marked with a triangle. The hunted (those being chased) receive 10-15 drink coasters, each marked with a circle. The hunters try to “shoot” the leaders. If hit, they exchange drink coasters. The hunter turns in this coaster for a new one with the triangle on it. Each trade-in is noted. The winner (or team) collects the most coasters with circles. It is recommended that the hunted leaders allow a few good shots to be made in order to clear up any misunderstandings there might be.

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