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Bet you can’t lie between 2 chairs for 2 minutes

Want to Bet?

Want to Bet?

There are surely a few group members who think they can win a contest easier than the others. Want to bet? The rest of the group can bet for or against them. (Stakes can be gummi bears). The winner is the team who wins the most contests, puzzles, etc., or who has the most gummi bears at the end of play. Of course, a song can be sung or kitchen duty can also be used as the stakes.

  1. Bet you can’t lie between 2 chairs for 2 minutes

  2. Bet you can’t do 50 deep knee bends on one foot

  3. Bet you can’t hold your arm out straight with a 3 kg weight on it for 3 minutes

  4. Bet you can’t do 100 pushups on one arm within 3 minutes

  5. Bet you can’t balance these things here for 2 minutes

  6. Bet you can’t recognize 8 of 10 feet while blindfolded

  7. Bet you can’t move 50 bottles from one case to another using your feet within 2 minutes

  8. Bet you can’t blow out 10 candles lined up in a row with one breath

  9. Bet you can’t use a cutting board to hit a table tennis ball 100 times against a wall, without the ball falling on the ground

  10. Bet you can’t blow out 10 eggs in … minutes

  11. Bet you can’t recognize 5 different deodorants only by smell

  12. Bet you can’t completely eat 15 pretzel sticks in 30 seconds

  13. Bet you can’t build a tower out of 200 matchsticks on a bottle opening in 120 seconds

  14. Bet you can’t do 200 pushups in 200 seconds (single player or as team, one player after another

  15. Bet you can’t pantomime various ideas in an agreed upon time so that the others can guess what it is

  16. Bet you can’t jump rope (one player or two) 200 times in 100 seconds

  17. Bet you can’t fry a piece of steak with an egg on top and eat it within xx minutes

  18. Bet you can’t tidy up your tent within 3 minutes

  19. Bet you can’t build a 4 level pyramid with beer coasters within 180 seconds

  20. Bet you can’t drink 2 liters of soda or mineral water within 1 minute

  21. Bet you can’t stretch and tie a rope between 4 chairs, lay a board on the rope, and have someone sit on it without it collapsing

  22. Bet you can’t eat 5 bananas in 2 minutes

  23. Bet you can’t get 5 people on a bicycle and ride it 10 meters

  24. Bet you can’t get one person from your group to dress all in green and sing “Green are all my clothes” within 3 minutes

  25. Bet you can’t get 5 of you to drink more mineral water than we 3 leaders in 60 seconds

  26. Bet you can’t get 2 members of your team to dress up like girls within 5 minutes

  27. Bet you can’t eat 30 (12) muffins within 2 minutes in a push up or wheelbarrow race position

  28. Bet you can’t hang more wash on a clothesline than your opponents team within 2 minutes. You can only use the clothes you are wearing and are willing to hang on the clothesline.

  29. I bet you can’t: Keep a feather up in the air for 2 minutes by blowing!

  30. I bet you can’t: Balance a broom on your forehead for 10 seconds (using no hands or arms).

  31. I bet you can’t: all change into and show us your pyjamas within 7 minutes! [An idea from Roesti. ]

  32. I bet you can’t: Spell out AVRIL LAVIGNE in 3 seconds. [An idea from Steffi.]

  33. I bet you can’t: Recognise 13 from 15 songs only from the first line! [An idea from Lilli. ]

  34. I bet you can’t: Eat 2 doner kebabs in 1 minute (and swallow)! [An idea from Ulli.]

  35. I bet you can’t: Do the splits on the bonnet of a slow moving car while balancing a tray with 3 glasses of water. [An idea from Didi. ]

  36. I bet you can’t: Find some strangers who will sing the national anthem with you (in 10 minutes). [An idea from Angi. ]

  37. I bet you can’t: Pull on a shirt, hat, jacket and sunglasses and sit on a unicycle within 1 minute?

    I bet you can’t: Manage to find a 1,5m long rubber snake? [An idea from Daniela & Andrea. ]

  38. I bet you can’t: Squeeze yourself in to a portaloo with 20 people (more or less)? [An idea from Lukas L. ]

  39. I bet you can’t: Build a Lego tower xx meters high in yy minutes! [An idea by Nicole ]

  40. I bet you can’t: Sort a pack of candy teddy bears by colour within 40 seconds. [An idea by Steffi ]

  41. I bet you can’t: Find a uniformed policeman who will sing the national anthem. [An idea by Oliver from CVJM Rahden. ]

  42. I bet you can’t: Continually rotate 10 hula hoops at the same time! Start them off with the left or right hand. ]

  43. I bet you can’t: balance on a tight rope while swapping your clothes with another player (maybe a length of wood would also be suitable. The main thing is that it is not too high from the ground)

  44. I bet you can’t: Sort yourselves into a row, alphabetically according to name, without talking and within 2 minutes. [An idea from Nina. ]

  45. I bet you can’t: Make a pyramid from 3 people (balancing against each others backs), who hold the position for a minute without separating from each other. [An idea from Katja. ]

  46. I bet you can’t: Hold your breath (underwater) for x minutes. [An idea from Yannick. Note from the Webmaster: Before someone falls over dead or doesn’t resurface, an alternative might be to see who can blow a referee’s whistle for the longest. ]

  47. I bet you can’t: Place a meter stick onto the floor which is balanced on your index finger. (At least 8 people facing each other balancing the stick on their finger. The meter stick must always be in contact with all fingers) [An idea tried out by Jasi & Anja in Mäxx in Murr ]

  48. I bet you can’t: Flip 50 from 100 10 cent pieces into a 0,4cl glass using the back of the hand to flip the cents from the edge of the table into a glass 20cm away within 5 minutes! [An idea from Alexander R. ]

  49. I bet you can’t: Manage to open a door without touching the door handle. Note: The door should remain in one piece. ]

  50. I bet you can’t: Find and bring a stranger to us who will dance a waltz with you for xx minutes. [An idea by Nicole K. Rötenberg. ]

  51. I bet you can’t: Gurgle with water for 2 minutes while singing a song [An idea by Marion D. from Großwaltersdorf. ]

  52. I bet you can’t: Keep quiet for xxx minutes! [An idea by Cora from Edermünde - Grifte. ]

  53. I bet you can’t: Carry the game leader for 5 minutes. (Before someone breaks a limb, you could also try an alternative game: Try to hold a bible in each hand with the arms stretched out horizontally for 5 minutes) [An idea by Nicole K. Rötenberg. ]

  54. I bet you can’t: Manage a round of „card vacuum“with the whole group. (A playing card is passed from player to player by sucking the card – use no hands or any other body parts. Only the mouth!) [An idea by Stefan (CVJM Saarn). ]

  55. I bet you can’t: Cover a complete volleyball pitch (can also be a volleyball net or similar) with your clothes, sleeping bags (obviously for the whole pitch version) hand towels etc. within 20 [An idea by Stefan (CVJM Saarn). ]

  56. I bet you can’t: Eat this whole tray within 10 minutes (obviously they shouldn’t eat the tray but the biscuits, chilli peppers and two glasses of liquid (the chilli pepper juice). The clever player always eats a biscuit together with a chilli pepper) [An idea by Stefan (CVJM Saarn). ]

  57. I bet you can’t: Make a word using the whole group (which can be read from a bird’s eye view). Can be done by lying down or when standing up. The motto of the group spelled out can also make a nice souvenir photo or group photo. [An idea by Stefan (CVJM Saarn). ]

  58. I bet you can’t: Open a (ale) beer bottle with a newspaper. [An idea by Stefan (CVJM Saarn). ]

  59. I bet you can’t: Make a 5 meter long paper snake with a A4 piece of [An idea by Daniela. ]

  60. I bet you can’t: Eat a piece of toast within 30 (45 or 60) seconds! [An idea by JoJo. ]

  61. I bet that you won’t let your nails be painted (pink!)

  62. I bet that you cannot manage to sit in a “square” with four players for X minutes, where each person has his torso or shoulders on the thighs of the others (it works best if you sit on stools first and take them all away at once).

  63. I bet you can’t list 50 different passages of the bible containing the word “God” within 2 minutes!

  64. I bet that you (one player or several) can’t manage to appear dressed in plastic bags, wrapping paper, egg boxes, boxes etc. within 10 (30) minutes.

  65. I bet you can’t manage 1111 knee bends in X minutes!

  66. I bet you can’t recite the whole script of “Pirates of the Caribbean 1”???

  67. I bet you can’t solve the following problem: While sitting on a stool, lift you right leg up and circle your right foot in a clockwise direction (to the right) while you draw the figure 6 in the air with your right hand.

  68. I bet that you can’t bake so many Christmas cookies in 9 hours so that they make a continuous chain 280 meters long.

  69. An idea from Stefanie (note: maybe 1-2 hours baking is enough and then only 2-3 meters).

  70. I bet you can’t fish a sugar cube out of a pile of flour with a knife and fork! (It is even more difficult with gloves on.)

  71. I bet you can’t balance 20 pieces of rag on a stick!

  72. I bet you can’t stand on your head for 5 minutes, only using one hand for balance.

  73. Bet that you (don’t) manage to get water into each others mouths whilst blindfolded (using a spoon and glass of water)

  74. Bet that, you (don’t) manage to draw a sun and a house with your eyes close?

  75. Bet that you (don’) manage to find a baby bottle within 10 minutes (apart from ones own) and take a picture with it.

  76. Be that you can’t manage to convince your blindfolded partner to eat a Dickmann cake

  77. Bet that you don’t manage to write the sentence: “Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische. Frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz” correctly within one minute (taking small and capital letters into account).

  78. Bet that you don’t manage to thread 6 needles on a thread within 1 minute.

  79. Bet that you as a group can’t manage to obtain the following items within one minute: a training shoe, size 37, a Swiss army/pen knife, some makeup, a flower, a cloth handkerchief, perfume, a ball, toilet paper and a trowel.

  80. Bet that you can’t completely wrap a group member using just 2 rolls of toilet paper (nothing should be left visible)

  81. Bet that you can’t resist laughing for 1 minute.

  82. Bet that you can’t manage to recognise 5 songs from a CD by jus hearing the first 3 seconds .

  83. Bet that you can’t dance for 3 minutes whilst singing a song from beginning to end. .

  84. Bet that you can’t swim for 3 minutes with a cup balanced on your foot.

  85. Bet that you can’t round up 50 strangers within 10 minutes to sing a Christmas carol with you.

  86. Bet that you can’t do more than 100 keep-ups with a football without it falling to the floor.

  87. Bet that you can’t light 7 or more candles using a single match.

  88. Bet that you can’t balance 2 glasses of water full to the brim with outstretched arms.

  89. Bet that you can’t recognise someone from just feeling their legs (blindfold someone, put them in front of approx. 6 boys/girls and tell them a name; they have to identify that person just from feeling the legs)

  90. Bet that you can’ t eat 5 (2) scoops of ice-cream in 15 seconds.

  91. Bet that you can’t jump higher than the house (houses can’t jump!)

  92. Bet that you can’t balance a spoon on your nose for 30 seconds (60, 90 seconds).

  93. Bet that you can’t make 5 paper ships in 2minutes.

  94. Bet that you can’t stand barefoot in ice cold water for 2 minutes.

  95. Bet that you can’t hold the note „C” for 1 minute...( this question is given to show offs... they think they are the best singers!)

  96. Bet that you can’t eat a strawberry with just one bite! ( It has to be a large strawberry coated in lemon sherbet powder)

  97. Bet that you can’t throw a raw egg over a house and have someone catch it on the other side.

  98. Bet that you can’t sort yourselves into a row of youngest to oldest based birthdates (including the year!) without talking to one another.

  99. Bet that you can’t think of 10 new ‘BetThat’ suggestions, that all make sense within one minute.

  100. Bet that you can’t hit 7 people using just 6 balls (only one throw per ball).

  101. Bet that you can’t get 50 children into one apple tree at the same time.

  102. Bet that you can’t manage to throw 100 gummy-bears (lying next to each other approx. 2cm apart on a table) under your leg and into your mouth in 120 seconds. All the action to be done standing.

  103. Bet that you/all of you can’t un wrap a bon bon in your mouth.

  104. Bet that you can’t recognise 5 people just from their noses.

  105. Bet that you can’t do 20 pull ups in 30 seconds!

  106. Bet that you can’t put this frozen T-shirt on within one minute.

  107. Bet that you can’t pile 12 nails onto a nail head without any other help.

  108. Bet that you can’t make me laugh (tickling not allowed).

  109. Bet that you can’t identify the colour of gummy-bears just by tasting them (blindfolded).

  110. Bet that you can’t lick your own elbow.

  111. Bet that you can’t stand up whilst I’m pressing my thumb into your forehead..

  112. Bet that you can’t eat 10 biscuits (or depending on age group, 15, 20, 25 biscuits), within one minute and then whistle afterwards.

  113. Bet that you can’t shave 2-3 balloons (or more) using a sharp razor blade without bursting the balloons (spread shaving foam all over the balloons and then shave). The game can be very difficult; at the same time can be dangerous if the razor blade is taken into the hand rather than being held using a razor

Here are two unusual bets:

  1. “Who will bet with me? Believe me when I say that you can’t take off your pants/shoes alone?” As soon as he starts taking off his shoes/pants, you begin to do the same.

  2. “Who will bet with me? Believe me when I say that when we both stand on this newspaper that you can’t hit me?” Put the newspaper under a door. You stand on one side and he stands on the other side with the door between you.

Options: One on one

An idea sent by Christopher M.

At the beginning of the game, teams of two are put together, who all receive the same sum of money. The first team can choose a task which they will perform against each together. The next team then chooses a task until a complete round is played (several rounds can be played if there are only a few teams)


Before the two players start the game, the other teams must place a bet on one or the other players. If they guess the winner correctly, they double their stake.


Each team has only one joker to play for the entire game. The team must let everyone know at the beginning of a new game that a joker will be played. The joker is only valid for this game. The joker triples the win amount if the bet is correct.


The winning team is the team who has the most money at the end of the round.


  1. Who can build a house of cards with 3 floors quicker?
  2. Who needs the least tries to throw a table tennis ball into a bowl without it bouncing back out?
  3. Who can draw the best picture of his opponent within 3 minutes?
  4. Who can estimate better?
  5. Estimation tasks: The sum of a pile of coins, weight of an item, length of an item ...
  6. Who is the quickest to eat 5 biscuits and then whistle?
  7. Who can solve a puzzle/clue quicker?
  8. Who can answer 3 biblical questions faster/better?
  9. Who can manage the higher total score with 20 throws of the dice?
  10. Who can win an egg and spoon race?
  11. Who can manage more consecutive squats?
  12. Who can build the highest tower out of newspapers?
  13. Who can tear out a picture perfectly?
  14. Who can find a passage of the bible more quickly?
  15. Who can hold two bottles of water with stretched out arms the longest?

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