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Bicycle rally | scooter rally

Bicycle rally

A rally with a bicycle or scooter requires a lot of skill. The games and ideas which are described here can, of course, be combined or extended with other ideas from our collection of games or station games. E.g. who can ride across a course with the most balloons tied to his bike? Tasks such as those mentioned in “You bet” can also be “invented” with the bicycle.

The ideas for the bike rally shown here are really the “classics” and have always been enjoyed in our groups. Another popular idea is bike Olympics / car rally with certificates and prizes included: A challenge for man or woman against machine.

Bike or scooter
the individual competitions

  1. Slow riding

    3-5 lanes with a width of approx. 1m are marked out on the ground. The drivers have the task of riding the distance between the start and finishing post at a snail’s pace, without falling off or touching the ground. For each “fall”, there will be a 2 second penalty added to the overall time. Each driver is accompanied by a referee, who records the travelling time and allocates the penalty seconds.

  2. Standing

    Standing: an individual competition

    The task is to try and ride a bike along a wooden plank (approx. 30cm wide and around 2 m long) and to try and stay still as long as possible without stepping down. There is one point for every 5 seconds started. An alternative is to ride inside a marked out area of approx. 50x30cm with the front wheel.

  3. Riding in circles

    As many rounds as possible must be ridden around a circle with a diameter of approx. 3 meters (try this out), without riding outside of the marked out circle or touching the ground with the feet. A skittle is placed in the middle of the circle. There is one point for every second round.

  4. Outdoor terrain rally

    An approx. 300 meter long marked out rally through the woods or a field with a few dips, curves, a ford or a jump over a little brook, is a challenge for man and machine. However there should not be any dangerous areas, no narrow passages where two riders must manoeuvre themselves against a tree to get past etc. etc…

Skill course against the clock

Scooter rally: Skill course against the clock

The building of an obstacle course is dependent upon the size of the space available. The riders start off at two second intervals, or if you don’t have enough referees, then only one rider is on the course at one time. In this game, each fault on the various stations are penalised with a one or two second penalty point which is added to the overall time.

  1. Slalom

    On the start whistle, a rider rides through the slalom which is approx. 10 to 15 meters long. Wooden markers or bottle which are set out 1 m apart are used a slalom markers. The riders must snake around the markers.

  2. Target throwing

    At the next destination, a canister is hung from a tree and the rider throws pine cones at the target. The throwing line (on the course) and the canister should be approx. 5 meters apart. There are penalty points if the rider does not hit the target.

  3. Figures of eight

    Two flags, or other markings, are placed in the ground and the rider rides a figure of 8 around the markings.

  4. Luggage transport

    At the next station a (not too heavy) piece of luggage, or a bucket of water filled to the top, should be transported from a box and set down at the next station which is approx. 5 meters away. The game is made more difficult by making the rider transport 10 pieces of luggage from A to B. This means that he will have to turn around and ride back and forth several times. Feet on the ground are not allowed.

  1. Seesaw

    A seesaw is built with a strong, not too narrow, length of wood and is placed in position so that the riders can ride onto it from the starting line. After the journey over the centre point (strong box!) the seesaw tips up and lets the rider off and then returns back to its original position for the next rider.

  2. Lancing

    A lance is taken with the rider on his travels and he must collect up 5 rings with the lance tip. The rings are placed vertically on tables or on stakes. The rings are placed approx. 1,5 to 2 meters apart.

  3. Stooping

    2 tennis balls are lying on the ground. During the ride, these balls must be collected up and placed in a basket.

  4. Bike ball

    A football must be shot into a goal. This can be done with the foot or with the help of the front wheel to shoot the ball.

  5. Bursting balloons

    A balloon filled with water is hanging on a string. Each rider is wearing a helmet with a thorn or a nail in it. While riding the bike, the rider must try to burst the water balloon by hitting it with his helmet. If the players want to get a point at this station, they will have to get wet. The height at which the balloons are hung must relate to the height of the riders while sitting or standing.

  6. Tunnel

    The last station is a tunnel ride. A plank is placed between two poles or two trees. The plank is positioned low enough so that the riders have to bend over and almost lie on the handle bars to get under it. A few pieces of wood are on the plank, which point downwards like the points on a rake. If the rider touches this rake, the plank turns. There a few cans filled to the brim with water by some friendly helpers which are fixed to the plank. Whoever turns the plank gets a cold shower.

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