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Games With Blankets And Cloths

How many kids can hide themselves under a blanket?

With a pair of old blankets, bath towels or hand towels you can make a few small games. Many can be played at a birthday party in the living room, some can only be played outdoors. How about a race on a towel on the beach? Or how about if the whole group tries to stand on one beach towel? Did it work? Okay then, the same thing but this time with only half of the towel…

  1. Memorize and Say

    Different items under a blanket are shown for 30 seconds and then covered again. Who can recall and name the most items?

  1. Island

    Each group stands on a blanket (an island). The ocean tears away more and more parts of the island. The blanket is folded to make the island smaller. Which team can fold the blanket the most times and still stand on the island (blanket)?

  2. Upside Down and Back Again

    The group stands on a blanket. The blanket must be turned so that the underside is on the top without the players leaving the blanket. Then the blanket must be turned over again in the same way. The winner is the team that is the fastest. If a player touches the ground (off of the blanket), the game must be started from the beginning again.

  1. Boat Race

    Each group stands on a blanket. This time the blanket represents a boat. At the start signal, each boat must “sail” to the goal. Of course, no one is allowed to get off of the blanket. Which team is the fastest to get over the goal line?

  2. The Blanket Race

    The Blanket Race
    The Blanket Race | ©

    4-6 members of the group firmly hold a blanket. Another group member lies or sits on the blanket. At the signal, the group holds up the blanket and races with player sitting on the blanket to the goal. The blanket is not allowed to drag on the ground. First team over the goal is the winner.

  3. An Eskimo Under A Blanket

    A volunteer sits under a blanket. The group asks the player: “Are you hot?” The player answers: “Yes”. The group then tells him: “Then take something off!” The player takes something off and throws it outside the blanket. This goes on round for round until the player under the blanket says: “… now I’m comfortable!” The “brave” continue until they have (almost) nothing on.

  4. Snake Race

    4-5 kids kneel behind one and other on the floor. Each olds the feet of the person on front of him. 1-2 blankets are put on top of the kids so that none of them can see. The group must crawl to the goal without letting go of the feet. Another group member can give the snake directions.

  5. Who’s Under the Blanket?

    A volunteer leaves the room. One player hides himself under a blanket. The volunteer comes back into the room and must guess who is under the blanket. This game is good to play when you have a larger group.

  6. Who Is It?

    Played as above, but when the group is smaller and all the players know each other well, this variation is possibly better. A volunteer leaves the room. One player hides under the blanket. The volunteer is blind-folded, comes back into the room and using his hands must guess who is under the blanket.

  7. What Belongs to Whom?

    3-4 volunteers stretch out their arms and legs out from under a blanket. Who can guess what belongs to whom?

  8. The Veil

    1-2 kids stand under a blanket and pose as veiled statues. 1-2 volunteers must try to copy the stance of the veiled statues without looking under the blanket. Who can pose the most like the statues?

  9. Everyone under a blanket

    How many players can hide under a blanket so that no hands or feet can be seen?

  10. Who knows all of the group members by name?

    The game is suitable as an ice-breaker or for the case that not all kids in the group know each other’s names. The group is split into 2 teams. The teams “hide” behind the left and right side of the blanket which is held up by two members of staff. Each team then elects a member of the team (silently) who sits directly in front of the blanket. On the command, the members of staff let the blanket fall. Whoever names the person sitting opposite them first has won. The loser swaps over to the other team. Each team then elects a new player to sit in front of the blanket.
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