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Blind Games

“blind” game: cans under the chair leg
“blind” game: cans under the chair leg

At a theme night just recently, to the topic Blind - blind through life" I built in some “blind” games. This game make one thing very clear: if we do not see anything, then we have to rely on listening and touching. We rely on the help of others, or we have developed a particularly good sense of orientation and space to get on with life.

On such a theme night blind games require the following characteristics:

  • Listening
  • Feeling
  • Smelling
  • A sense of direction
  • Spatial sense, spatial imagination
  • Developing trust
  • Being guided, learning to lead others
  • Learning to give clear instructions

Following are some games which are suitable games to the topic!

  1. Mine Field

    Mine Field
    Go through a mine field blind

    Create a restricted area and scatter paper scraps loosely around. They are the mines. One player has to find his way blindfolded through the mines, while another seeing child gives close instructions.

    Variation: More blind kids are on their way. In this case, it is hard, only to hear and follow the instructions of the “own” instructor.

  2. Cans under the chair leg

    In a distance of about 5 m a chair is placed with four cans. The challenge for the blindfolded child is as such, to go over and put one can under each leg.

    Variation:If more blind children participate at the same time, it can be hard, to just work on the own chair. To make it easier, the chairs could have a physical marking or other kids offer advice.

  3. Climbing over bottles

    Build an obstacle. The challenge is to climb over bottles and ropes or to crawl underneath the roped. Depending on how hard the game should be it can be carried out with or without the help of others.

  4. Memorise the path

    Memorise a pathway, then follow it blindfolded without falling over. The path is marked with ropes, boards or anything alike. Now memorise the way. If done, try to follow the path blindfolded without touching the obstacles.

  5. Walking blindly along the way

    Like the game above. However, this time the candidate must walk to the instructions of others. This game cannot be accomplished without the help of others.

  6. Finishing an obstacle course with the help of a cane

    In this variation, the candidate receives no support from others. He has entirely to rely on his can to make it to the end.

  7. Getting dressed blindfolded

    Put on your shirt, jacket, trousers and socks blindfolded. Who can do that fastest and button up the shirt correctly at the same time?

  8. Blowing up a balloon with a spear
    Blowing up a balloon with a spear

    Blowing up a balloon with a spear

    Suspend a balloon in a 5m distance. The challenge is to destroy the balloon blindfolded, while the other kids give instructions. Time is of importance with this game. You are not allowed to hit the balloon. It must be inflated with the tip of the spear.

    Variation:Suspend a ring which must be hit with the spear.

  9. Touching and smelling

    This game is known as KIM game and is well received among children. The objective with the game is to promote the sense of touch and smell. You can use items such as Legos, toys, nail, hammer, pine cones, stones, eggs, combs, coins.

    For smell: pepper, mustard, earth, vinegar, nutmeg or other spices, etc.

  10. Touching people

    (legs and faces). Who knows his group members well? In this game, the candidate is challenged to touch the legs, feet or face of somebody else. The objective is to name as many as possible children correctly.

  11. Finding the clothespins

    The objective is to find ten clothing which are attached to the partner. How long does it take you to find them all?

  12. Blind couples must find each other

    all players are blindfolded. How long does it take until each kid has his rightful partner?

  13. Blindfolded newspaper walloping

    Each candidate receives a rolled-up newspaper or towel. Both are blindfolded. With the other hand, they are supposed to hold on to a table. The objective is to wallop your opponent with the towel or paper. Pretty funny. Who can beat the opponent first?

  14. Spread bread, drink tea

    All candidates sit blindfolded at the table. Everyone must spread butter, jam and honey on his bread and eat it as well. In addition, they must pour water or tea from a jug into a cup and drink it as well.

    Variation:Put bread and drink on a tray and serve to a teammate!

  15. Nicking the keychain

    A candidate sits blindfolded in a chair. Under the chair is a keychain. The objective is for others, to sneak up to the chair to nick the keychain. The blind man is allowed to hit the thief with a rolled-up newspaper.

    Variation:The blindfolded kid has only three attempts.


Living blind is not easy. Everybody who has to manage his life without seeing will run into troubles now and then. If he refuses help or does not trust friends, he can become disoriented and alone.

Who has not heard these sayings before: "Blind in one eye", or you running "blindly into one’s ruin"?

Learning to trust, being helped and guided is just as important as developing skills that help overcome "one's blindness". Not everyone can do everything by himself. However, he can get on with life without doing it all alone. We need to learn to receive help. Otherwise, we will blindly lose our way.

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