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Bottle Games

A game evening around bottles and drink cans. Sometimes the bottles also play along, but that is not the case here.

  1. Astronaut Training

    Everyone knows this game: Run around a bottle 20 times while keeping a finger on the top of the bottle and run back to your place. Then the next player can go. Many players have run in the wrong direction or ran into a wall, a tree or a fence. Rather a game for a game evening in a green meadow.

  2. That Gets To The Knees…

    A pen or pencil is tied with a long string to the pants waistband of a player who stands on a chair. The player must jockey around to get the pen into a bottle which is placed on the floor.

  3. Filled and Refilled

    A bottle must be filled and refilled x number of times in a rely race. Who is the fastest to refill and who has the most water? If this game is played inside, it is recommended to have a few rags on hand to wipe up the water that is spilled.

  4. Spit in the Bottle

    Players fill their mouths with water and then spit it into the bottle to fill it.

  5. Bottle Collection

    Bottles are distributed on the playing field. Without using their hands, players must collect as many bottle as possible. Who can collect the most bottles in a certain time period?

  6. Sorting Bottles

    Using their feet, players must sort the bottles from the case to an empty case.

  7. Bottle Bowling

    Plastic bottles are struck down with a ball.

  8. Guessing Game

    How much water in ml is in the bottle?

  9. Mineral Water Tester

    5 very different tasting mineral waters must be tasted and identified.

  10. Bottle Identity

    5 different bottle shapes (beer, mineral water, wine, liqueur, champagne) must be identified by the blind-folded player.

  11. Tower Building

    Each player lays a matchstick on the top of a bottle. Which team can make the highest tower?

  12. Bottle Run

    A bottle must be jockeyed through a course with a stick.

  13. Spin the Bottle

    A well known game. The player to whom the bottle points must perform the previously agreed challenge.

  14. Bottle Music

    A song is played on 8 water-filled bottles.

  1. Bottle Baby

    A baby bottle nipple is put on a bottle. Who can empty the bottle the quickest? Some players may remember their early childhood.

  2. Step Over the Bottles

    A player is blindfolded and must go through a bottle course. A team-mate may verbally direct him.

  3. Step Over the Bottles and Land in Water

    Played as before but a bowl of water is set out at the end of the course and the player is directed to it so that his foot goes in the bowl.

  4. Water March

    Who can drink the most mineral water and not be the first to go to the bathroom? (maximum liter amount is given, or for example, who can drink 3 bottles the fastest.)

  5. Can or Bottle Wheel

    The challenge is to move across the floor standing on top of cans or plastic bottles. Each team needs at least 3 cans. The same game can be played using soda cases.

  6. The Taste Expert

    Various kinds of colas and orange sodas are tasted and identified. (Fanta Lemon, Fanta Orange, Fanta Cherry, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Afri Cola, etc.)

  7. The Food Ingredient Expert

    Who can name the ingredients of cola?

  8. The Crusher

    Who can crush a cola can the fastest?

  9. The Ball

    Who can crush a cola can in 30 seconds into the smallest ball?

  10. The Belcher

    Who can make the loudest burp after drinking a cola or soda?

  11. The Most Breath

    Who can blow in a hose and move an empty soda can through an obstacle course the fastest?

  12. Falling Playing Cards

    A pile of playing cards is put on the top of a bottle. Each player must blow one or more cards off of the pile. One point is given for each card. If the entire pile falls down, no points are given.

  13. Bottle Sitting

    Player sits on a bottle with the legs stretched out in front of him. In this position he must lit a candle that he is holding between his teeth.

  14. Waiter race

    Several plastic water bottles are placed at point A. A member of the group starts out with a tray at point B, collects a bottle at point A and then runs back to the team. At this point, the tray is passed on to the next player who runs to point A and collects another bottle, placing it on the tray. How long does the group need to collect all of the bottles?

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