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Games with boxes, buckets or cans

For these games you will require a large quantity of beer crates, (empty) tin cans or stable buckets. As an alternative you can also use large wooden boxes.

Games with boxes, buckets or cans
  1. Box rally

    Using 4 drinks crates 3-4 players must complete a distance 5-10 meters without touching the ground. If that is too difficult, one person can try and complete the distance as quickly as possible with 3-4 crates.

  2. Building bridges

    Drinks crates are tied together with cable ties and these are used to build a bridge over a pool/stream. Which group will be the first to get to the other side without stepping in the stream/pool? For this game you will obviously need a lot of crates.

  3. Beer crate hopping

    Everyone sits on a beer crate. On the signal everyone hops (no running) along.

  4. Beer crate stairs

    Beer crates are set out like a staircase with a maximum of 3-4 floors. This little staircase can be part of an obstacle course.

  5. Piling up beer crates

    How many beer crates can be piled up on top of each other? For safety reasons you will need a safety belt, mountaineering rope and carabiner hook to let the safety measures run over a crane. This is an attraction and a challenge at all gatherings.

  1. How many people on a crate

    How many people can stand on a beer crate together for 15 seconds?

  2. Lifting up ropes and moving forwards

    A beer crate is placed under each foot. A rope is tied to the beer crate which is held by the player. The task is now to complete a course. This game is better known as a tin can stilt walk.

  3. Balancing cans

    How many tin cans can be balanced on top of each other? How many cans will fall over?

  4. Sitting on tin cans

    Who can sit on top of the highest pile of cans?

  5. Tin can run

    5 tin cans are available. Who can use the cans to move 10m along without their feet touching the ground?

  6. Hands and feet in buckets

    Crawl over the ground on all fours: however, both feet and both hands are in buckets. Who will manage this the fastest?

  7. Pass on a bucket with a stick

    In this relay game, a bucket is placed over a stick. The player at the opposite end of the course takes the bucket from the runner using his own stick. The whole things can also be played through an obstacle course (e.g. crawling under a table, jumping over a hurdle or sliding down a slide etc.). The important thing is that the bucket is never touched with the hands. Only the stick should be used to carry and pass on the bucket.

  8. Carrying a bucket tower

    A large tower is built using buckets. The buckets can be piled up either alternating bottom-to-bottom or top-to-top or you can place a board or piece of cardboard between the buckets.

  9. Bucket stairs

    Buckets are set up as a staircase with a maximum of 3 floors. Players now try to climb the staircase and descend on the other side – very carefully. Be sure to use very strong and stable buckets. You might also need to offer your hands as support.

  10. Tin can stilt walk

    Walk around on stilts made from tin cans and string.

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