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Bus Games

Long distances in busses or automobiles being traveled can become very boring. A few games for these journey times can raise the spirits and ease the boredom.

  1. City – Country – River

    Pencil and paper are necessary. On the paper, columns are made for city, country, river, name, job, animal, plant, verbs, adjectives, etc. A letter is chosen at random. The players write one word I each column starting with that letter. The player who finishes first yells stop. All other players stop writing. Now the players compare what they wrote. For every name the player gets one point. For names (that are correct) that no other player has, 2 points. 3 points are given to a player when he is the only one to have written a word in a column that no one else written in. The game requires the players to be honest. It can be difficult to prove afterwards, if all answers are correct. The person sitting next to a player can control the players answer sheet.

  2. The Longest Word

    Paper and pencil are required. The group leader names 15 letters. Each player must write the longest word he can think of using these letters. As an alternative, 2 or more words can be used that are interconnected in a crossword puzzle way.

  3. I See Something You Don’t See

    A player chooses something in the bus or in the just driven-by area and says: “I see something you don’t see and it is … (white)!” The rest of the group must guess what the object is. More tips may be given. (white for example is the road markings or the street posts)

  1. License Plate Quiz

    License plates on cars that are driving past must be guessed correctly as to where they come from. For every correct guess a point is given.

  2. Country Decal Quiz

    Country decals on cars that are driving past or the country decal name may be said, must be guessed correctly as to where they come from. For every correct guess a point is given.

  3. Various Magnetic Games (Checkers, Chess) or Card Games

    Time tested magnetic games such as checkers and chess as well as card games are favorite games to take along.

  4. I spy...

    The youngest player is allowed to begin and thinks of something which the others have to discover/look for on the street or in the area. For example: Who will be the first to see a pram, advertisement poster or cow...? Depending on the streets you are driving along and how quickly the objects are spotted, the person who is first to discover the named object is the next to think up the next task. Every journey will become less boring with this game and you will pay much more attention to your surroundings... An entry from Anja J.

  5. Number plate quiz

    The number plates on passing cars must be recognised and named. For each correct number plate, one point is awarded.

  6. Miscellaneous distractions...

    • On a car journey you can try and build from the number plates you spot (e.g. CAR, CAT, BAT) or you can make sums from the numbers on the number plate (these can be +, -, x, /, but also square numbers and root numbers).
    • The first two letters of the number plate can sometimes make a chemical element or you can tell the group as many facts as possible about the area the car comes from.
    • Lorries usually have texts written on them. You can read them or translate them (if they are foreign) lorries. Some descriptions on the lorries let you guess what has been produced or is being transported.
    • Observations about defective lights at the front and back of cars can increase the attention levels.
    • Any driving mistakes can be noted (no indication when over-taking or changing lanes or no light by limited daylight).
    • Direction and exit signs (on motorways) can become suggestions for testing knowledge.
    • Following the journey and direction of travel on a street map is sure to bring more geographic knowledge.

    An entry from Winfried H.

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