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Chair Games
Chair Games

Games with chairs

If you happen to not just have wooden benches but also sturdy chairs in your youth centre, then you will be able to play several games. Competitions, relays, skill games, quiet and noisy games. Everything is possible.

Here are a few exciting ideas for chair games. If anyone happens to know more chair games please feel free to send them, using the form.

  1. Weight Lifting

    With your arms stretch out, you are required to hold a chair up in the air. Similar like weight training. If 2 players compete against each other: who is able to hold the chair longer in a horizontal position?

Chair Games: Hurdles
Chair Games: Hurdles

  1. Hurdles

    Like in hurdles, chairs are placed several meters apart. Each player has to jump over the chair. In the 2. Round you can alter between jumping over and crawling under the chair.

  2. Chair Track

    10-12 chairs are either placed side by side or are placed in a line. Each player is required to walk over the chairs while at the same time carrying an object. You are not allowed to touch the floor. This game can only be carried out with secure chairs.

  1. Throne

    The king (a teammate) sits on the chair while the other kids from his team carry him a certain distance. This can be played as a relay race for larger groups. Alternative: with the king on the throne, an obstacle course has to be completed.

  2. Please Stand

    Use only a sturdy chair as it is required that as many as possible kids stand or sit on it. This is a cooperation game and it is important that all group members try to position themselves in a way so that at least 10, 12 or more people can stand on the chair.

  3. Balancing the chair

    A chair has to be balanced in only one hand. Who will be the longest? Who is able to travel a certain distance? Please take good care that no child is knocked down or hit by a chair, when someone loses his balance.

  4. Imposter

    This game is about creating a high tower of stacked chairs. If necessary, you can limit the tower to 4-5 chairs and then play for time. Please ensure that a safe distance is maintained in the event that the tower falls apart, so that no one gets hurt.

  5. Hobbling

    Each player gets a chair to sit on. Now he is required to hobble to the finishing line, without a) getting his bum of the chair and b) without his feet touching the ground.

  6. Chair rally

    Each player gets 2 chairs. The objective is to get to the finishing line without touching the ground. That means, one chair has to be placed in front of the other. The kid steps over one chair and grabs the other one to put in front again. A quite clever attempt would be to hold the chairs to the feet just like stilts and cover the distance this way.

  7. Water rally

    A cup of water is placed on the chair. The player are required to carry the chair across a certain distance without spilling any water. This requires some skill and concentration.

  8. Chair Baseball

    Using the back of the chair, each kid is required to throw a ball as far as possible. One player has to throw the ball so skilled so that the kid with the chair is able to hit it with full force. Please note the safety issue. The players have to keep some distance in the case the chair slips out of the kids hand and might hit somebody.

Chair Games: Sneaking up
Chair Games: Sneaking up

  1. Sneaking up

    One player sits on the chair, blindfolded. Another child tries to sneak up to the chair, trying to place a key chain under chair without being found out by the blindfolded kid.

  2. Recapping the chair

    You need to prepare a pile of shoes and some chairs. Each player is required to find one fitting pair of shoes and put them underneath the chair leg – blindfolded. Chairs and shoes are about 2-3 meters apart. The difficulty is, that the kids not only have to find two fitting shoes but also have to put them on properly. Which means: one pair of shoes on the front legs, the other pair on the back legs and then tighten them appropriately.

  3. Various circle games with chairs

    Who does not know those games? The trip to Jerusalem ... or the free chair in the circle of chairs has to be occupied, and other less rough games in the circle of chairs.

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