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Games With Clothespins

Games with Candles

You can use clothes pins to hang up wash or you can also use them to play terrific games. Using clothespins can bring about amazing fast-paced games. A supply of about 1000 clothespins in a plastic box doesn’t cost much and this investment is really worthwhile.

  1. Hunting Fever

    Each player pins 5 clothespins to his clothing. All the players walk inside a bordered-off playing field and try to grab the other players clothespins. You may only take another players clothespins if you still have at least one of your own. The winner is the player with the most clothespins.

  2. Fashionably Styled Hair

    1000 clothespins are placed in a box. One player at a time from each team runs to the box and takes one clothespin out. The clothespin is then clamped in a teammates hair. The game is over when either after 5 minutes has elapsed or when the box is empty. The winner is the team with the most clothespins or the fastest.

  1. Pinned Together

    Two players use 5-10 clothespins to attach themselves together. Which pair loses the least amount of clothespins while going through an obstacle course? Or: the two pairs try to catch each other without losing their own clothespins.

  2. Clothespin Chaos

    A path is drawn with chalk on the floor of the group room. Clothespins are tossed across the floor. The participants must walk along the path without touching any clothespins. A minus point is given for each clothespin that was touched.

  3. Blind Course

    A path is made using clothespins to border each side. While blind-folded, the player, with the help of a teammates directions, must walk through the labyrinth without disturbing any clothespins.

  4. Blind Pick-up

    Clothespins are strewn throughout the room. While blindfolded, the player must pick up as many clothespins as possible within 60 seconds.

  5. Pick ‘em Up

    Using 1-2 clothespins, different objects are picked up and put into a container. Using the hands is not allowed.

  6. Hang Up The Wash

    On a long clothesline (rope), clothing pieces are hung up using clothespins. Which group can hang up the most wash (in a certain amount of time)?

  7. Endurance

    Who can use only two fingers to pinch open a clothespin with the arms held outstretched the longest?

  8. Find The Clothespins

    2 players make a team. Both are blind-folded. The group leader pins about 10 clothespins to their clothes and hair. At the signal, each player must find and remove the other players clothespins. Which group needs the least time?

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