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Games With Clothing

Here are a few games with (sometimes more or less) clothing for a game evening with the group or in camp.

  1. Clothing Mountain

    Clothing is put in a pile. As a relay race, the first player gets a cloths pin, runs to the pile, grabs a piece of clothing, runs to the wash line, hangs the clothing piece there, runs back to the start. The next player in line (and so on) does the same.

  2. Get Dressed

    Players in their bathing suits are blindfolded and stand in front of their clothes which have been laid out on the floor and are evenly spaced apart. Who is the fastest to get properly dressed?

  3. Sorting Shoes

    A pile of shoes is made. A player is blindfolded and must make as many correctly paired shoes as possible in the time allowed.

  4. Clothing Chain

    Each team tries to make the longest chain out of clothing that is knotted, fastened or tied together. Which team has the longest chain?

  5. What was Switched?

    Various pieces of clothing are laid out. One player is sent out of the room. The pieces are then switched about. The player comes back in the room and must find out which pieces were switched and put them back in the correct order.

  6. Sock Fight

    Two teams try to take off each others socks. Who no longer has his socks on, can not take off any more opponents socks. The team who has the most socks still on is the winner. (The socks should not be damaged in play, that is, not be ripped, etc.)

  7. Sock Throwing

    This sock throwing game can be played like tea bag throwing (well, maybe not with some players socks or maybe not with your own socks…), or simply like “distance throwing”.

  8. Clothing Swim Relay

    This game is good played by a lake or river. Players put on clothes, swim to the other side of the river or lake, take off the clothes. The players waiting there, put the clothes on and swim back to the other side. Which team is the fastest? Alternative: players put on clothes that are laid out in the water (attention: no currents, not too deep, helpers in the area, in case someone can’t stand up again in the water).

  1. Clothing Dry- Swim Relay

    As before, but as a dry game. 2 pants, 2 pullovers, 2 jackets, and 2 hats must be put on and then players must run through an obstacle course, take off the clothes and give them to the next player, who puts them on and runs back through the course to the next player, etc.

  2. Chocolate Eating

    Dice are thrown.. If a 6 is thrown, the player puts on gloves and then is allowed to eat a piece of wrapped chocolate. The next player to get a 6, puts on the gloves and then a hat. Only then may the chocolate may be eaten. With the next 6’s, pants, jacket, etc. are added. An old, well known game for the game evening, but always fun. In the time it takes for the player to put on the clothing and unwrap the chocolate, the next player has thrown a 6.

  3. And So it Goes…

    Which team out of the group can put on the most clothes? One player from each team puts on clothes given to him by his team mates, who have taken it off. Only clothes that are being worn are allowed in the game. (Underwear stays on!) Lots of fun when the temperature is cold, but for the player getting dressed – he’ll find it rather warm. A very funny game.

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