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Dirty and wet games

In these moist competition games, which might be better received by boys during a camp, everyone is guaranteed to get wet or dirty. Water is always a hit and can be wonderfully combined with games. The fact that their clothes are messy does not usually bother the girls or the boys, but maybe their parents. For this reason, you might want to warn the parents beforehand, or if the games are played during a camp, the kids usually have extra clothes or might be able to play in their bathing suits.

Dirty and wet games
  1. Helmet with thorns

    Water filled balloons are hung up. A player has a helmet with thorns placed on his head and now has to try and burst the balloons. This can be done on piggy back or while blindfolded while being instructed by another player.

  2. Go-kart

    A member of the group sits in a go-kart and holds a bucket of water. The go-kart must be driven through/over an obstacle course. The whole thing is timed and as little water as possible must be lost.

  3. Go-kart – watch out for the hole

    The same game as above but the bucket has a hole. The aim is to transfer as much water as possible into the tub at the end. The boys and girls are guaranteed to get wet.

  4. Bucket obstacle course

    A similar game to the one above but without a go-kart and with buckets of water (full to the top) and a suitably difficult obstacle course.

  5. Water beaker obstacle course

    A similar game to the ones above but with a beaker of water carried in the teeth. No hands should be used to complete the obstacle course and pour the water into a bucket at the end.

  6. Scooter or bike rally

    The game is similar to the one with the go-kart but is played with a bike or scooter. The bucket of water must be carried alone or by a second person sitting on the back and an obstacle course must be completed.

  7. Waiter

    A tray or a board must be carried across an obstacle course. The tray should be held above the head and have 5 beakers of water on it. The beakers should be emptied into a bucket at the end of the course. Which team will be the first to fill the bucket?

  8. Spat out

    With a mouth full of water, a player must run from point A to point B where a bottle is placed. The water should then be spat into the bottle.

  9. Pulled out

    Lots of apples/plums/potatoes are swimming about in a tub. Which team can fish the most apples/plums/potatoes out of the tub with their mouths in the quickest time?

  10. Watch out - bomb

    The feet are tied together and a water balloon is placed between the legs. You can also a sack instead of binding the feet together.

  11. Dirty and wet games

  12. Water fight with pipes

    Two teams try to make each other wet with water within a limited playing area. Everyone receives a pipe and fills it with water using suction (from a water barrel). Everyone now tries to make everyone else wet.

  13. Water and dirt battle

    Two teams face each other and try to make the opposing wet with beakers, buckets and water pistols. After this, flour or another dusty material is used. You can, of course, start directly with a dirt fight. The main thing is: bathing suit and towel is recommended because can go home in such a mess after the meeting. However this game is probably better for a camp, where a hose pipe is available to wash everything off afterwards.

  14. Soaping off

    Two players sit opposite each other on stools and try to squirt some shaving foam off the opponent’s face with water pistols or water beakers. The shaving foam will stick to the hair, nose and upper body. They are not allowed to stand up or turn their stools around. The winner is the first person to remove his opponent’s shaving foam completely.

  15. Sponge relay

    A sponge is soaked in a Bach and then is thrown in a chain from person to person. The last person in the chain squeezes the sponge out into a bucket. Which team is first to fill their bucket? The “empty” sponge can be thrown back along the line, or all of the players can move one space along.

  1. Paper water bags

    Each team has to make a paper bag which they then use to transport water from A to B.

  2. Water relay

    Water balloons filled to bursting point are thrown from one person to the next in a relay race.

  3. Water bombs

    Two teams try to shoot each other with water bombs within a limited playing area.

  4. Captured

    Hunter and hunted game: the person who is hit with a water bomb is caught.

  5. The bomb is burst

    Everyone receives a balloon filled with water. Everyone must blow into the balloon as long as possible until it bursts (the balloon of course)

  6. Stepping on the bomb

    A balloon filled with water is tied to the ankle of each player. Everyone now tries to burst the other players balloons by standing on them.

  7. The danger behind

    Instead of tying the balloon to the ankle, it is attached to the back (waistband). Either everyone together or with two players against each other, the players now try to burst the opponent’s balloon. Wet trousers are probable – if you are unlucky you might get wet yourself while bursting the opponent’s balloon.

  8. Obstacle course with handicaps

    A filled water bottle is held between the thighs. A obstacle course must be completed without using the hands (e.g. over a stool, under a table, crawl on the belly, manage a short distance lying on the back, hop 2 meters or swing on a rope across a gap etc.). Instead of a water bottle, you can also use a water balloon.

  9. Totem pole

    A player standing tied to a totem pole is not allowed to move. This person must now be soaked with soaking wet sponges. There is a point for every hit. The roles are then swapped over.

  10. Shaving foam fight

    Two players are loaded with a can of shaving foam and try to cover their opponent in as much foam as possible (do not squirt into the eyes or face).

  11. Styling

    A volunteer is sprayed with shaving foam and is then styled and decorated. (leaves, grass, crisps, jellies). It is recommended that you play this game in your bathing suit.

  12. Dual on slippery ground

    A stable plastic sheet is rubbed with liquid soap or cooking oil. Two volunteers smeared in oil now try to have a battle. It is very amusing for the spectators and a sliding experience for the battlers. You might like to set your own game rules.

  13. Lying on the back

    2 opponents kneel down opposite each other. Both of them have a long balloon filed with water attached to their backs (you might want to fix it to the waistband and tuck it under the t-shirt). The winner is the person to is first to make their opponent wet, by pinning him to the ground and bursting his balloon.

  14. Right of way

    On a narrow plank over the water, two opponents try to throw each other into the water. Careful: danger of injury. An alternative might be a rope bridge across the water where the two opponents meet in the middle and must get past each other. The winning team is the team with the least water contact.

  15. The flour game

    There is a ring or several rings in a bowl of flour. These must be fished out with the mouth

  16. The feeding

    The players are split into pairs. The two players are blindfolded and must feed each other (apple mousse, pudding, marshmallows, cream), clean each other’s teeth and then wash each other.

  17. The deep rain barrel

    Stones are placed in the bottom of a narrow, tall rain barrel. These must be fished out of the barrel without emptying any water. The only option is to climb inside because the players should not be able to reach the bottom with their hands.

  18. Watch out: pile of dirt

    On a swing or on a wide tree placed above a swamp/pile of dirt, two opponents sit opposite each other. Each person has a sack in their hand and tries to knock their opponent off balance.

  19. Swamp battle

    If there is a dirty swamp nearby, a super swamp battle is on, or a mud catching match. The players without wet clothes or those whose t-shirt/jeans colour can still be recognised have lost anyway. A complete clean-off in a lake or sea and a dry-off is then required.

  20. Sliding danger

    An approx. 8m long and 3m wide Plane is soaped up with liquid soap. Objects must be carried back and forth as quickly as possible over this path. If the path is placed on a light slope, the game is a little more difficult. As an alternative to running, you might want to crawl or roll along.

  21. Yuck

    Some undefined brown mess is smeared in someone’s face. Who can guess what the “contents” are or what the mixture is? You can mix leftovers with cocoa, flour and chocolate to make “unappetising” mess.

  22. The special transport

    An obstacle course is made up of the team members. The task is to transport squashed tomatoes, left over stew or any other mess on a spoon from one pot, over the obstacle course and empty it in another pot at the end of the course. The player then joins the end of the obstacle course himself and everyone moves up a space.

  23. Water fight

    2 teams each own a tub filled with water. An empty tub or bucket is placed behind the oppositions playing line. The task is now to transport water from your tub into the bucket on the other side using water beakers. Each team can try to stop their opponent. It is not allowed to knock over the opposition’s water bucket or tub. Which team is the quickest to fill their bucket with water from the tub?

  24. Water fight with cardboard armour

    In this water fight each player wears a cardboard box as armour (breast and back). The aim of the game is to keep the cardboard dry.

  25. Ice cubes on the neck

    An ice cube can work wonders against certain ailments. Is this also the case in this game? An ice cube is placed on the back of the neck and must be balanced over a course without dropping it. Those who need too long for this task will not manage to bring an ice cube to the finishing line.

  26. The filling 1

    A plastic 0,5l water bottle is tied to the outside of the lightest member of the group’s thigh. The other members of the group must support him or think up a technique how they can pour the water from the bottle into a container on the ground without touching the bottle or container. If the container is placed on a stool, the whole thing becomes even more difficult. (An reader’s entry from Markus G. of Dachau)

  27. The filling 2

    The handle of a measuring beaker is hung into the waistband of a volunteer’s trousers. The other members of the group must now try to fill the beaker by squirting water from a distance of 1.5-2 meters. Depending on how many shooters/water pistols you have, you can agree that the first team to reach the 100ml mark is the winner. . (An reader’s entry from Markus G. of Dachau)

  28. Water transport

    The group must transport as much water as possible from a source (bucket, tub etc.) without any carrying aids (beaker, bucket, plate, cup etc.) except for their own clothing (shirt, t-shirt, trousers) into a bucket 20 meters away. . (An reader’s entry from Markus G. of Dachau)

  29. Wellington boot race with handicaps

    For this relay race, we will need the largest pair of Wellington boots we can find per team. The larger the better. The Wellington boots are pulled on and filled to the top with water. The player runs, with his boots full of water, to a bucket and empties the contents of his boots into it. The player runs back to his team with the boots. Now it is the next person’s turn. This person pulls on the boots and fills them with water (from a stream, tub, water tank etc.) and runs to the bucket to empty the water out. Which team will manage to fill their bucket to the top first? (Reader entry/suggestion from Steffi)

    You can deliberately use boots with holes so that the water runs out along the course. This means that each relay runner can decide on their own speed and quantity of water. You can stab some holes into the soles of the boots with a sharp screwdriver so that the water pours out like a spring as soon as the boots are filled with water. (This optional extra was sent in by Ralf.N.)

  30. Wellington boot shot put or Wellington boot relay

    You can also have a throwing competition using Wellington boots filled with water. This is not as easy as it sounds as the boots become very heavy. Another alternative is also imaginable that the team throws the boot down the line from one player to the next. The players should stand approx. 1.5-2 meters apart. The last player then pours the water out into a measuring container/bucket. The boot is then given back to the first player to be refilled with water. (Reader entry/suggestion from Steffi)

  31. Water fight: plastic bottle as water gun

    Each person takes an empty plastic bottle. 2-3 holes are made in the lid. Then the bottle is filled with water and the lid is unscrewed. The water fight can now begin. The winner is the one who manages to come out of the water fight the driest

  32. Filling buckets

    Two teams are made. All sit behind one another- the last person sits back to back with the previous person and in front of him is a bucket. Each team receives a towel. The first person in the row wets the towel in the pool and then passes it back – over the heads until it reaches the last person who has to squeeze the towel out into the bucket. They have to keep doing this until the bucket is full.

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