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Easter games

Around Easter time, or at an Easter party with a children’s group, the following games night come in handy.

  1. Easter egg nose rally

    Easter eggs must be rolled around a course, only using the nose. In this games, is does not matter if the eggs are raw or hard boiled.

  1. Cream countryside

    In a bowl of cream (a cream spray can is probably the quickest option) 10 chocolate/candy Easter eggs are “sunken” or “hidden”. The players must fish the eggs out of the cream as quickly as possible.

  2. Cracking eggs on the head

    This game is not always a good idea. If you prefer not to play around with food or if you do not like games used as practical jokes at other peoples expense, this games is not suitable for you. The golden rule is: only play games which you are prepared to take part in yourself and you are prepared to be responsible for. In this game, each player takes an egg from the basket and cracks it over his own head. There are 2-3 raw eggs in the basket: who will get the raw ones?

  1. The egg case

    Each group receives a raw egg and some newspaper sheets. The task is to pack the egg in newspaper so that the egg survives being thrown out of the first or second floor of a building. Which group will solve the problem correctly?

  2. Collecting coloured Easter sweets

    Each group (red, blue, yellow and white team) tries to collect their own colour bonbons which are spread out throughout the room.

  3. Picking up coloured Easter eggs

    One player from each team sets off from a starting line to a marked out playing field (1-2 square meters) in which different coloured sugar Easter eggs are placed. Using the mouth, only one Easter egg at a time should be brought back and placed in a barrel. Then it is the next player’s turn.

  4. Easter card puzzle

    An Easter card is cut into pieces so that a puzzle is made from the single pieces. How long will the group need to put the puzzle together?

  5. Easter theme – rowing regatta

    (See Scavenger Hunt for explanation)

  6. Egg and spoon race

    The well-known egg and spoon race: A runner must complete a relay distance or an obstacle course. Each player carries a spoon in their hand with an egg placed on it, which they have to bring safely to the finishing line or through the obstacle course. You can also use a ping pong ball or a tennis ball instead of the egg.

  7. Easter Pictionary

    Different catchphrases or words are written on pieces of paper. The player is shown a word which he must draw on a board. How many words will the group manage to guess within 2 minutes? Here is a list of possible catchphrases: 2 thieves on the cross, pretzel, crown of thorns, egg hunt, springtime, bell, hard boiled egg, rabbit’s hat, captain on the cross, a hopping hare, chicken, Jesus, rabbit, church, basket, cross, crucifixion, chicks, Easter card, nails, Easter eggs, narcissus, Easter lamb, Easter nest, chocolate, chocolate rabbit, sponge, sunrise, Sunday, rod, straw, sweets, wild hare etc.

  8. "Broken Eggs"

    Eggs are placed on the floor. One player is blindfolded. They have to try to go around the eggs. However the eggs are quickly swapped with peanuts. The blindfolded person will stand on the peanuts thinking they are eggs.

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