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Games with feet

These games all have something to do with feet, toes or legs. Skill, power, stamina or even stability is challenged. Who will literally „kick it“ ?

  1. Toe skills

    All players or members of the team sit next to each other and try to pass on corks from neighbour to neighbour with their toes.

  2. Beer mat discus

    A beer mat (or a Frisbee) is clamped between the toes and is thrown like a Frisbee as far as possible.

  3. Lighting candles

    A thin burning candle is placed between the toes. A player tries to light as many other candles as possible. How many candles will he manage to light within 2 minutes?

  4. Tin can run

    A player tries to complete a certain distance/course using two tin cans with string threaded through and by holding the string. Only strong tin cans are suitable.

  5. One leg hop

    A distance completed by hopping on one leg.

  1. Three legged race

    The players are split into teams of two. The left leg of one player and the right leg of the other player are tied together. They must complete a certain course together.

  2. Sack race

    A classic: which team will win?

  3. Cock fight

    In a circle, with a diameter of approx. 2 meters, 2 players stand on one leg and try to push each other out of the circle with folded arms.

  4. Caterpillar

    All of the children crouch down behind each other and hold onto the ankles of the person in front. Once the command is given, the caterpillar moves along without falling apart. 2 or more caterpillars can also perform a caterpillar race. In this game, good co-ordination is important.

  5. Balancing balloons

    Only using the feet, one or more balloons must be kept up in the air without the balloon touching the ground. This can also be timed.

  6. Tug o’ war

    2 players have a rope tied around their ankles and now try to pull their opponent over the centre line. You should make sure that the rope is not too thin as this can lead to injuries.

  7. Bare foot park

    Different materials must be identified while blindfolded using only the feet to feel the items.

  8. Feeling objects

    20 different objects are placed in a sack (Model cars, Lego bricks, bark, small ball, plastic figures, orange, apple and walnuts etc.). The player sits on a stool and is allowed to pick up the objects with his foot and explore them with this foot for 60 seconds. He then has 60 seconds to name all of the items which he believes are in his sack.

  9. x-people minus y feet

    Each team tries to stand on as few feet as possible. For example, 10 players have 10 feet and try to only have 3-4 feet on the ground.

  10. Conveyor belt

    All of the group members lie on their backs facing in alternate directions with their feet up in the air. An object, such as a heavy mat or a sack filled with straw, must be passed along the conveyor belt only using the feet.

  11. Ball tricks

    A ball is balanced on the foot, or the ball is continuously kicked up in the air as often as possible, without the ball touching the ground. The footballers amongst the kids should manage this without any problems.

  12. Rolling the barrel

    A player tries to complete a certain distance by standing on an old sturdy barrel and rolling it. You can either measure the time needed or the distance achieved. You might need to offer a hand to smaller kids. The same exercise is even more difficult on a gym ball.

  13. Toe skills

    Who can unpack and eat a sweet with his feet or toes?

  14. Feeding

    2 players must sit opposite each other each with a spoon between their toes. Both of them must now feed each other. Who will manage to empty the bowl of muesli first?

  15. Painting

    A picture can be painted with the feet. This can also be played in Pictionary form.

  16. Letting balloons burst

    A balloon must be burst only by using the feet. Who will manage this the quickest? Who can burst the highest amount of balloons within 30 seconds?

  17. Foot hooks

    2 opponents sit (or stand) opposite each other and try to pull each other from their stools (push over) by hooking their foot around the opponent’s foot.

  18. Pushing legs apart

    2 opponents sit opposite each other. One player has his legs pushed together while the other pushes his legs onto the outside of opponent’s legs and tries to keep them together. The positions are then swapped over.

  19. Foot contact

    The team members stand next to each other and only have contact to each other by touching toes. Both teams stand with their backs to each other. A coin is thrown. Heads means that the first player in the row applies pressure which is passed along the row so that the last player in the row can reach a spoon which is laying on a stool. Tails means that nothing happens. A funny game with mistakes, concentration problems, overzealousness etc.

  20. Foot print

    Each member of the each makes a foot print on a piece of paper. Can the group recognise which print belongs to which person?

  21. Recognising feet

    5-8 members of the group sit behind a curtain. Only the feet are peeking out from under the curtain. Can a player (or the rest of the group) work out whose feet they are?

  22. Shoe mountain

    The group is split into 2 teams. Both teams take off their shoes and make a shoe mountain with them. The group members take turns to find the owner of the shoes and to put them back on the person.

  23. Sorting bottles

    You will need a crate of empty water bottles and a second crate filled with plastic water bottles with water in them. The player must now swap the contents of the two crates over – only with his feet – no hands allowed!

  24. Tip-Top race

    A certain distance must be completed by each player placing one foot directly in front of the other. The players with the largest size shoes have the clear advantage.

  25. Sledging

    On a slippery ground, everyone tries to sledge as far as possible. The distance will be measured from a starting point to the point the player reaches. In winter, an icy ground is suitable and in summer you can use a piece of foil soaped with liquid soap and water or a muddy ground.

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