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Frisbee games

Games with a Frisbee are suitable for teams but also as station games. In any case, you can introduce some great things and with a little creativity, you will come across new games. On the last camp, the Frisbee-Rugby game was the hit of the afternoon.

Frisbee games
  1. Frisbee-Golf

    Just like a real game of golf, the Frisbee is thrown from a starting point as far as possible across a filed with several holes. The hole might be a basket or similar, which the Frisbee must land in. The game is great for a bushy, hilly and terrain with a poor overview. The baskets can be placed at a distance of approx. 200 meters from each other. The winning team is the team which needs the least throws to get across the distance: it is optional to play against the clock.

  2. Frisbee-Hot potato

    A little bit like hot potatoes but the difference is that a Frisbee is thrown. The thrower runs to the next base in the hope that the team of catchers do not catch the Frisbee quickly enough and throw it into the basket. If the thrower manages a “home run” his team receives 3 extra points. The runners, who do not make it to the base before the Frisbee, are “burnt”.

  3. Frisbee catching

    At least 2 people stand opposite each other at a distance of approx. 10m apart. The number of throws and catches which are managed within 2 minutes without the Frisbee touching the ground are counted. The aim of this game is therefore to work together as a team, to play quickly and to throw and catch precisely. You could also play this game in a large circle as a team game. The Frisbee is caught and thrown on to the next person. Only the catches which are performed correctly count. Option: How quickly can the Frisbee be thrown from one person to the next? It does not matter if the Frisbee touches the ground. It is important that the Frisbee to the correct person in turn. Approx. 10 rounds are possible.

  4. Frisbee rugby

    This game is like rugby but with a Frisbee instead of the egg shaped ball. However the Frisbee should not exactly be torn apart. The Frisbee is only allowed to be passed backwards. One point is awarded when the Frisbee is brought down in the touch down area, or if the Frisbee is thrown over a plank into the points zone (in this case a forwards throw is allowed).

  1. Frisbee piggy back

    A demanding game for professionals: The game is like Frisbee-Rugby but with the following differences:

    The Frisbee may be passed forwards. No pair of riders is allowed to be knocked over (danger of injury). However, preventing a pair from throwing the Frisbee is allowed. If the Frisbee falls to the ground, the “horse” can pick it up and throw it to the “rider”.

  2. Frisbee station games

    There are obviously various station games possible with a Frisbee. Here are just a few examples:

  3. Target throwing

    Throw the Frisbee at a target marked out with sawdust, or onto a parachute laid out on the ground for example. There are different numbers of points available for landing in different fields or in the centre (like a dartboard).

  4. Target shooting

    While riding a bike (or just sitting on the back of the bike) several plastic beakers filled with water have to be shot from a bar with 3 Frisbees.

  5. Water transport

    The Frisbee is used as a method of transporting water. Anyone who moves too quickly will lose too much water. Try out a round with the Frisbee balanced on the head.

  6. Frisbee barrow

    One person lies on a bench. This bench is then carried by two further persons. The person lying on the bench has a Frisbee balanced on their stomach. There is a beaker full of water (or a wide plastic cup) balanced on the Frisbee.

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