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Game Ideas Using Tokens

Nine-Men’s-Morris and Checkers

Do you know a game using tokens? Here are a few ideas for an evening of games using tokens and checkers.

Tournament Evenings

  1. Nine-Men’s-Morris and Checkers

    With a group of 20 people, you can have a good group meeting using games such as checkers or nine-men’s-morris. You will need about 10 games boards (make copies on a copy machine) and of course, lots of game tokens, checkers or playing pieces. Each player can bring a set from home or you can buy a supply of tokens at the toy store. For every game that is won, one point is given. Who has the most points after 90 minutes?

Game Evenings with Tokens / Checkers

Two teams or more can be made depending on how many differently marked or colored tokens are available.

  1. Fox

    Players throw tokens from a distance of 3-4 meters as close as possible to a wall. The first three tokens that are the closest to the wall receive 3, 2, or 1 point. Which team has the most points after 5 rounds of play.?

  2. Table-Finger-Soccer 1

    Two goals are marked on a table using tape and wooden blocks. Each player receives 3 tokens. These are placed in front of the players own goal in a triangle formation. One team begins. A token must be “pushed” using a finger between the other 2 tokens ( a 4th token may be used as the pusher). If one of the other tokens or if one of the opponents tokens is touched, that team loses it’s turn and then the other team may go. It is also the other teams turn when the token is not shot between the other 2 tokens. If a token falls off the table, it is placed where is fell off and the other team takes the turn.

  1. Table-Finger-Soccer 2

    A simpler idea is a variation without an opponent. There is a goal at the other end of the table. The player receives 3 tokens and tries to score goals. A few obstacles can be incorporated into the game.

  2. Each team tries to “shoot” their tokens from the nearest side to the farthest side of the tables

    Far Shot

    2-3 tables of the same height are placed next to each other. Each team tries to “shoot” their tokens from the nearest side to the farthest side of the tables. The 3 closest tokens receive 3, 2, or 1 point each. Which team has the most points after 5 rounds? Tokens that fall off the table don’t count. It is allowed to shoot the opponents tokens out of the way.

  3. Ski Shot

    A long foldable table (Beer table) is set up with one end higher than the other. A few containers are placed behind the high end. The player must shoot his token up and over the ramp (table) and have it land in a container. For each successful shot the player gets a point according to the containers values. The table should be marked as to how far the player is allowed to touch his token while shooting (maximum - lower third of table).

  4. Poker Chip Roll

    Since the table is already set up as a ramp, this next game can also be played. The poker chip is rolled uphill and into one of three goals. It doesn’t matter if the poker chip is rolled or slid to the goal. If it doesn’t make it into a goal or lands next to one, there are no points given.

  5. Water Bucket or Swimming Plate Toss

    Here’s another idea using water. From a distance of 2-4 meters, tokens are thrown in one or more buckets. Each bucket has a different point value. It is a little more difficult if the goal is a plate that is floating in tub of water. A successful toss brings a higher point value.

  6. Tower Building

    Use as many tokens as possible to build a tower on top of a bottle.

  7. Balancing Act

    A bottle with tokens stacked on the top must be carried a distance of about 4 meters without any tokens falling off.

  8. Rubber Band Balance

    A large rubber band is stretched and held between 2 players little fingers. A third player lays as many tokens as he can on top of the rubber band. How many can be placed on the rubber and without any falling off? How long can the players hold the rubber band steady before any tokens fall off? How far can the two players walk with the stretched rubber band before any tokens fall off?

  9. Obstacle Course 1

    On a table an obstacle course is built using various wooden blocks. A token is flicked using a finger through the course. How much time is necessary to complete the course? How many times must the token be flicked?

  10. Obstacle Course 2

    On a table an obstacle course is built using various wooden blocks. A token is blown using a straw or a balloon through the course. How much time is necessary to complete the course?

  11. Air Shot or Far Shot

    A token is placed at the start. With a straw, a balloon or through strong puffing, a token is blown as far as possible. Only one puff is allowed.

  12. Goal Shooting

    Tokens are placed upright on their edges on the edge of a table. A rubber band and a numbered amount of paper balls are shot from a distance of 2-3 meters to knock down the tokens. How many tokens can be knocked down? How many tokens fly off the table?

  13. Throw-Grab-Catch

    A player has 6 tokens next to each other in front of him. He throws one Token in the air and tries to pick up as many tokens with his hand and catch the other token before it falls to the ground.

  14. Curling

    In the real game of curling, an approximately 19 kg curling disc is shot to a goal. A broom is used to scrub powerfully so that the strike is made. Such complexity and input is not needed for our version of curling. 2-3 tables of equal height are placed next to each other. The token is not just shot to the edge of the far table, but must land and stay in the marked goal area. The goal area is in the farthest third of the table.

  15. Throwing and shooting pebbles

    A player stands in position with his knees together and his feet at a 90 degree angle so that both feet make a V shape. A second player throws a pebble into the V at a distance of 1-2 meters. If he does not land in the V, the pebble is kept by the standing player. If the pebbles lands in the V, the first player tries to hit the pebble with another pebble which he drops vertically from hip level onto the floor. If he makes a hit, both pebbles belong to him. If not, both pebbles are lost.

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