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Games with socks

A game evening where all is about socks and stockings. Make sure only to use old socks, because one thing is for sure: not every sock will “survive” the night.

Training for strength and concentration

Various games with socks bear the ability to train talents and skills. For example, there are skill games, which also train and improve coordination and concentration. In particular, for boys they offer a test of their strength by pulling socks, where a sock must be pulled as long as possible without letting go. Old socks also offer a creative outlet. For example, the entire group creates puppets, using only socks. Finally, socks can be used to get each other known. For example, every kid takes off one sock and tells a funny story.

Stealing socks
Alternative for stealing socks: catch a plastic band tied on the ankle

  1. Stealing socks

    One against one or team against team. Kids trying to get each other socks. Who has lost both socks will be eliminated.

  2. Battle of the socks

    2 kids face each other in a circle, trying to get each other’s socks. The one who has no socks left, loses.

  3. Sock throwing

    Each player fills his socks with a little sand or clay. Without knotting up the sock, each has to try, throwing the sock as far as possible.

  4. Pulling socks

    Each team tries to stretch a sock as far as possible. Which team ends up with the longest sock?

  5. Presentation of socks / socks collection

    Even socks have to be sold. But how can you convince customers that exactly this sock is the world's best sock and you simply have to have it? Each team is required to come up with a slogan to perform a presentation of their sock model.

  6. Even the largest sock gets weak

    The detergent industry has taken care of the socks. Each team is required to advertise their washing powder and prove to the world, that only their product is the one and only detergent, which cleans deeply and produces a squeaky clean sock. For this game, all dirty socks are to be put in the same “bath”, consisting of mud, margarine, ketchup. The group then tries with suitable detergents, a combination of 2-3 detergents, which is provided, to get the socks looking like new and smelling nice.

  1. Socks – Water - Clothesline Challenge

    All take kids off their shoes and leave only their socks on. The first player runs up to a water trough. He quickly hops in and runs back with wet socks. At the finishing line he takes off his socks and hangs them up on a clothesline, using 2 clothespins. Now the next player can start. The winner is this team, which has all its socks up on the clothesline first.

  2. Sock hotshot

    This game requires bigger, woolly socks. The player puts on one sock and immerses it into a bucket of water. Next he tries to fling the wet sock as far as possible off his foot. Most likely some attempts will be required. It will be easier, if the sock is 2-3 number too big.

  3. Clothes sling

    In this relay the first player immerses his sock in a bucket of water. Now, he is required to take the sock to a through, however, only holding the sock with 2 fingers. At the trough he tries to spin as much water as possible out of his sock. Then the next player starts. The winner is the team, which has the most water after 5minutes.

    Alternative: the sock is wrong into the trough. (Like in the Sponge Relay)

  4. Smelling socks

    Kids are sitting in a circle. Each one places one sock in the middle. Now, one player is blindfolded and has to figure out by the smell of the sock to which person it belongs. He also can smell somebody’s feet to find out if the sock fits the person.

    Please note: This game could be somewhat questionable because you always have one or the other kids, where hygiene is poor. If that kid is found out with smelly feet, he is likely to be teased or bullied!

  5. The sock snake

    Each team tries to form a long line by connecting all the socks. Which team has the longest sock snake?

  6. Stuffing socks 1

    Each team is required to fix a hole in a sock. Which team is faster and has mended the hole better?

  7. Stuffing socks 2

    Each team selects a sock. Together they are required to fill as much as possible sand in their sock. After 60 seconds the game is stopped and the sock will be weighed.

  8. A race in socks

    A cross-country run or an obstacle race, performed only wearing socks. – Which team will win?

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