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Games with foam blocks or sponges

Sponge Games
Sponge Games

Blocks of foam can easily be prepared from old mattresses. They can be obtained from the recycling depot, from upholstery companies or from waste residues. They are often free or available to very low costs. Alternatively, you can buy a larger number of sponges at low-cost dealers. With 100 sponges you can get a long way. This investment is worth its money, since the sponges never break and are easily brought out from the storage for a gaming night.

Those game ideas can be played with sponges or foam blocks.

  1. Sponge battle:

    Everyone tries to shoot down the players of the opposing team with the sponges. Alternative: Sponges are wet Alternative 2: the sponges are wet and is drenched with paint. The colour, which predominates at the end, wins.

  2. Field defence

    There are 2 teams that need to defend their respective field. Each throws the sponges into the opponent's court, while at the same time trying to keep his own field as clean as possible of sponges. At the end of the game, the team with the least sponges in its court wins (this is a well-known game, which is also good to play with beer mats)

  3. Bet cleaning

    Each player is required to clean a 1-2 square meter court, which is smeared with clay. (Smooth tiled floor, floor panel, linoleum floor). The faster player wins the game.

  4. Sponge Catching

    Each player throws a sponge into the air. Every player is required to catch a sponge again. Alternative: there is one sponge less as there are teammates. The one who is not able to catch a sponge will be eliminated.

  5. Sponge crash

    Two people throw a sponge to each other. The sponges are required to meet one another.

  6. Sponge chain

    The contestants stand in a line. A wet sponge is thrown from one player to the next. At the end of the chain the sponge is wrung out into a measuring cup (bucket). The team, which first manages to get the cup to overflow, wins.

  7. Sponge stacking

    Sponges are thrown to the next player in a line. At the end of the chain, the sponges are stacked. The team with the highest tower wins.

  8. Well-padded

    Each team tries to stuff as much as possible sponges under the clothes of another teammate. Whoever has the most sponges under his clothes wins.

  9. Well-padded cockfight

    2 fighter, each with as much as possible sponges stuffed underneath his clothes, compete against each other. Each player has to try to ram and overturn the other.

  10. Foam roll

    Each player stuffs as much as possible sponges underneath his sweater and pants. On command, the competitors must roll laterally and cover a certain distance on the lawn. The faster and more skilful contestant wins this competition.

Sack banging with 2 potato sacks are filled with sponges.
Sack banging with 2 potato sacks are filled with sponges

  1. Wet touch

    2 players jam a wet sponge between each other and run this way to a water bucket. Here, the sponge is wrung out. Then it's back to the starting point. The sponge is passed on to the next two group members who dip the sponge back into a barrel of water, jam the sponge between them and run back to the water bucket. The team, which manages the bucket (measuring cup) to flow over first, wins.

  2. Sack banging

    2 potato sacks are filled with sponges. 2 contestants are trying, with the help of the bags, to throw each other off a chair - or, alternatively, out of a small play area.

  3. Hidden & walled in

    If there are lots of foam blocks or sponges available, each team can try to hide a smaller team mate underneath the sponges until he is no longer visible.

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