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Games with Candles

Candle games are special in Winter-time and the Advent season. Extra attention must be paid for potential fire hazards!

Games with Candles
  1. Fire Ship

    A short candle or candle stump is attached to a small wood board, a strong box or even on a matchbox with a little wax. Attach a 3-4 meter long string to a pencil and the other end to the “ship”. The ship with the burning candle is pulled to the goal by winding the string onto the pencil. Only while the candle is burning and the ship is upright, can the string be wound. If the candle goes out, relight it and continue or, start again from the beginning.

  2. Blow Out The Candle

    Put 5 candles about 20 cm apart, one behind the other. From a distance of about 60-100 cm away from the first candle, the player blows out the first candle. For each further successfully blown out candle, the player gets an appropriate point. As variation the player can decide how far away he will stand to blow out the candle. The points can be multiplied accordingly.

  1. Shoot Out The Candles

    The candles are placed next to each other on a table, tree stump or wall. The player uses a water pistol or a syringe to shoot the candles from a suitable distance with one or a maximum of 3 shots. Keep extra candles on hand as the candles become difficult to relight when wet.

  2. Fire Extinguisher

    10 candles are placed about 20 cm apart on a table outside. The first player takes a mouthful of water out of a container and from a distance of about 100-150 cm tries to put out a candle. How long will the group take to put out all the candles? Or, how many attempts are needed to extinguish all the candles?

  3. Candle Relay

    Each group gets two lit candles. The first player blows one candle out and then relights it with the second candle. Then he blows out the second candle and relights it with the first. He then passes both burning candles to the next player, until the entire team has had their turns. Okay?

  4. Blind Candle Blow Out

    Two players are blindfolded and stand across from each other, each holding a burning candle. Each player tries to blow out his opponents candles. A teammate can coach the player as to in which direction he must blow.

  5. Down The Line

    Each group gets a candle, and one box of matches. The first player lights the candle and passes it to the next player. This player blows out the candle and relights it using one of the matches and passes it to the next player… and so on.

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