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Ladder games – Games with ladders

Ladder games
Ladder games

Certainly, in each household you will find a ladder; alternatively ask who could bring a ladder. With one or more ladders several games can be played – some of them can be quite demanding.

With all games, you have to pay close attention to safety and care. Always make sure that all the ladders are well secured and fastened.

  1. Snake crawls

    One ladder is placed vertically on the ground. Every child must slip through each bar like a serpent.

  2. Snake climbing

    The same exercise as above, however, this time the ladder is approximately 50 - 100 cm higher, fixed between 2 trees.

    Alternative: the ladder is fixed horizontally at a height of 50-100cm (e.g. Mounted on 2 painter’s blocks).

  3. Climb the ladder dangling

    As with a rope ladder, one ladder is fixed with 2 ropes in a way, that the ladder is about 30cm above the ground. Now climb up the ladder and fetch an object from the top.

  4. Climb an obliquely overhanging ladder

    The ladder is tilted and fixed at the lower end, as well as with two additional ropes at the top end. The candidate now has to climb along the oblique ladder, hanging downwards.

  5. Wandering Ladder

    The ladder is secured with 4 tethers at the top. 4 group members raise each a rope so that a 5. member can stand on the vertical ladder and move with it. The 4 players keep the ladder with their ropes vertical up and take good care so that the ladder does not tip. A super coordination game.

  6. Ladders Stilts Race

    The candidate tries to move ahead while standing on two smaller ladders, using them like stilts.

  7. The cart

    Every player will slip between the bars of the ladder (one person between 2 bars). This way they are trying to complete an obstacle course. This should not be too difficult.

  8. Balancing Ladders

    A vertical ladder must be balanced, getting it from A to B. Attention: the ladder is liable to tip over and hit someone. Therefore, a safety distance must be maintained.

  9. Stretcher

    The ladder is used like a stretcher. Objects or even player can be carried from A to B.

  10. Pioneers by the river crossing

    Several ladders are connected to each other and placed over a stream or small river. The group must try to cross the river without falling off the ladder. The group may consider a construction, so that the ladders are not immersed in water. (For this purpose, if necessary, several long ropes, more ladders or bars might be needed). A task to exercise cooperation and teamwork.

  11. Balancing Act

    Several Step ladders are put into place. Boards are placed in a way that they connect with each trestle ladder. The challenge is to balance on the board. With this game, it is an imperative that the trestle ladders to not wobble or tilt.

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