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Games with tables

Wild Games with a table – above, under or around the table. There are many known table games. For example: everyone is sitting around the table and plays one of the following games: wink at somebody, poker games and board games. But those are not the games I am talking about. The games I mean, involve the table itself. In every Youth Centre there are usually several tables available. An ideal situation to play a few rough games with the table – above, under and around. It goes without saying that you would not use a high-quality, pricy mahogany table.

Why do kids enjoy, playing games as such? I believe, one reason is, that at home no one is allowed to play on or under the table. Most certainly, no one gets to use the precious coffee table for any acrobatic exercises.

Here I have listed some games which are open for more ideas. A short email with a brief description is sufficient.

  1. Blind Beating

    Blind Beating
    Blind Beating

    2 candidates are blindfolded. Both must constantly touch the table with one hand. With the other hand they are trying to find a scarf which was hidden below, on or somewhere next to the table. The player who found the scarf first tries to knock off the other player. This is pretty funny to watch for others.

  2. Raaabomberlesss

    2-3 tables are backed up against each other. Each player assembles on one side of the table and tries to get his own figure (Chess or Monopoly) as far as possible to the other side, without his figure dropping off the edge. It is allowed to push the opponents figure off the table. This game is only suitable for tables with a smooth surface.

  3. Jumping over the table

    The table is tilted in a way so that it creates a jumping hill (if possible you can fold one side of the table legs). Behind the hill you place pots or plastic tubs. The objective is, for the player to let his figure jump off the hill, aiming for one of the containers on the other side. This is not an easy task because firstly, the figure has to have the right push to get over the hill and secondly, it still has to meet the right container.


  1. Below and Above

    The table is held up by several group members, so that it can’t topple over. One player is required to climb under the table without touching the ground. Under any circumstances, the table has to be steady and held tightly by the other kids. This is a very acrobatic task.

  2. The table as stretcher

    The table serves as a stretcher and is used for a relay. 2 players take the table and carry an object or a not so heavy person from A to B. It does not matter whether it is used as a stretcher or for transporting objects. The two carriers must hold the table skilfully and their steps have to be coordinated.

    Alternative: pack the gurney full with foam cubes or cups filled with water. The challenge now is not only the speed but also an even transport. The idea is to get as many as possible objects to the finishing line. You can use cups filled with water, foam cubes, Styrofoam plates, boxes, etc.

  3. Pushing

    Similar to the tug of war, only this time, 1-2 player are positioned on each side of the table. Instead of pulling, the players are required to push the table, including their two opponents back over a set line.

    Safety Note: You have to be careful with this game, as the table is not to be raised. That might cause injuries. At the same time, should one player happened to fall to the ground, the pushing must stop immediately.


  1. Grabbing the neckerchief

    One player lies on the table the other players hold the table steady so that it can’t topple over. The kid on the table tries to pick a scarf up from the floor, which is placed close to the table leg. The player is not allowed to touch the ground with his hands or feet. In is important that the other kids hold the table secured and supported it all the time. This is a very acrobatic task.

  2. The chase

    2 tables are pushed together to form one long table top. On each end one candidate is positioned. The objective is to catch one another with their right or respective left hand. The challenge is that the other hand always has to stay in contact with the table. The chase can go in only one direction, however, directions might change as well. Whoever loses contact with the table for more then 1-2 seconds will be eliminated.

  3. Weight lifting

    There are several teams. 2 persons are at a table and lift it to eye level. Which team is able to hold the table up longer, (possibly with outstretched arms), without losing their stamina. A game for the muscle men and weightlifters in the group, or for those with a little more endurance.

  4. Hurdling

    The (beer) tables are placed like hurdles on a racing track. The candidates have to alternate between jumping over or crawl under the table. The game can be used as a relay race.

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