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Toilet brushes - Competitive Games

Toilet brushes Games
Toilet brushes Games: Toilet brush hockey

It is amazing the kind of game ideas you can come up with, by considering just a few common household items. One of these objects, which is found in every home is the toilet brush.

However, for our games, used toilet brushes are not all that suitable. For the special gaming night, you will need 4-8 toilet brushes which you can get from the local supermarket.

Armed with these toilet brushes we are ready for the gaming night.

Toilet brushes Games

  1. Toilet brush hockey

    Toilet brush hockey is one of the classics. The toilet brushes substitute the bat; a tennis ball or small foam ball the puck. Each team now tries to play the puck into the opponent's goal. The ball may only be played with the toilet brush and not with the feet.

  2. Slalom

    A tennis ball has to be pushed through a slalom course using only a toilet brush. You could use cones to mark out the trail. It can also be an obstacle course with a board, or under tables, etc. Who can make it through all those obstacles the fastest?

  3. Toilet brush throwing

    Attach a small cord to the toilet brush. This game is similar to the tea bag throwing game, only, this time, you attempt to throw above your head; you need to twist your body and then throw the toilet brush as possible.

  1. Toilet brush-Hammer throw

    Just as you would do it in the hammer throwing game, here you do it with a toilet brush. Out of three rotations throw the toilet brush as far as possible into the field.

  2. Toilet brushes - bottle hitting

    Place 3 plastic bottles on a table. Every candidate gets 3 toilet brushes and tries, from m a 3-4m distance to throw one bottle after the other off the table.

  3. Toilet brushes chocolate lick

    In each toilet brush holder (or any other small plastic bowl) put chocolate pudding or chocolate sauce. Now, on command, the candidates try to lick the chocolaty content using the toilet brush. It goes without saying that only unused toilet brushes are used.

  4. Juggling and Balancing

    Who can juggle 2-3 toilet brushes? Alternatively, who can juggle a toilet brush in the palm of his hand? Who can simultaneously balance toilet brushes, each in one hand.

  5. Toilet brush in holder

    This game is similar to the game "pencil in the bottle.” The candidate gets a toilet brush tied to his waist with a short string. On command, the toilet brush has to be put in its holder. Who can manage this task the fastest? To make this game more challenging, the candidate must step on a chair and again, by bending his knees, he tries to get the toilet brush into its holder on the ground.

Toilet brushes Games
Toilet brushes Games

Toilet brushes Games
Toilet brushes Games: Toilet brushes chocolate lick

  1. Mud attack

    For this "outdoor game," the toilet brushes serve as a "weapon.” What else you will need is a bucket filled with mud or else, you are in a terrain where there is enough mud for a large-scale mud battle. (River banks for example). The objective of this game is to cover the opponent in as much as possible mud.

    Similar like in the mud battle, only here the kids can use the toilet brush as a “mud catapult” to “lather up” the other team.

  2. Playing Indians

    2 candidates stand on a picnic table, each armed with a toilet brush. Now using the toilet brush, the two opponents try to push each other off the bench. Alternatively, dip the toilet brushes into black finger paint. Every hit leaves a mark. After a certain time, count how many hits every candidate managed. This can also be played without a t-shirt and any washable, non-toxic paint.

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