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Woollen thread games - games with wool

  1. Woollen thread tying

    Each group receives 50 (100) wool threads- 10cm long. On command, all the groups have to tie the wool threads within x amount of minutes. Which team will have tied the longest, most tightly bound joined rope within the prescribed time limit?

  1. Latch-hook picture with wool

    This task is certainly a little more time consuming. Using different coloured wool threads the group has to latch hook or embroider a small design (cross, square, and circle). Which group will complete this task most skilfully in the set time?

  2. Tie wool into a sustainable spider web

    Each group receives a ball of wool with which they have to tie wool into a strong supportive spider’s web. Following on from this the spider’s webs should be able to support a weight of 1kg.

  3. Wool conveyor belt

    2 pieces of wool – 1 (2) metes long each are held by two people. A tennis ball has to be balanced between the two threads and rolled from one person to the other without falling. How often can the ball be rolled backwards and forwards in this way?

  4. Wool as a hoist

    Usually, a weight of approximately 1 (5) kilograms can’t be carried over a length of 5 (10) metres simply by using a piece of wool. It is likely that the wool would rip whilst in transit. However if you tie a rope using several pieces of wool then this task can be successful. However, the group has to decide on the knot variant. The group receives one long piece of wool and within 5 minutes has to carry a heavy weight over a specified length. If the wool rips at any point the group has to go back to the beginning. The group who puts in the effort to weave a rope will win. (Tip: the wool should be so weak, and the weight so heavy that without weaving, this task will not be possible i.e. the wool will rip).

  1. Wool as a supportive net

    The group sits in a circle. A ball of wool is thrown diagonally, backwards and forwards. In doing so each person that receives the ball holds onto the wool thread. Once the ball of wall has finished and a net has been created, a group member should try to lie on top of this net – will it hold?

  2. Friendship bands - tied or woven

    Using different coloured wool a friendship bracelet is tied or woven. Once made the bracelet should be given as a gift.

  3. Wool-ball long throw

    A ball of wool has to be thrown as far as possible. Who will throw it the furthest? Who can hold the string end of the ball and then throw it the furthest?

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