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Games with inner tubes – car tyres – rings

The following games can all be played with rings, tyres or bicycle inner tubes. Old inner tubes or tyres are available to find on almost all car scrap yards or at tyre dealers. With a repair kit, an inner tube can be repaired. Some of games which are mentioned here are also described in the station games. However if you want to fill an afternoon with tyre games, you will find some ideas here.

Games with inner tubes – car tyres – rings
  1. Inner tube tower

    Approx. 6-10 inner tubes are made into a tower with cord or strong tape. The tower is then tied up between 2 trees or firm bars and is tilted a little. An object lies inside the tower which a child must take out.

  2. Inner tube tunnel - crawling

    Approx. 6-10 inner tubes are made into a tunnel with cord or strong tape. The kids must crawl through the tunnel. The inner tube tunnel can also be used as an obstacle on an obstacle course.

  3. Jumping from inner tube tower to tower

    Sets of 3 inner tubes are tied together and make up towers. Several towers are now placed at a distance of approx. 1-1,5m from each other. The task is now to jump from tower to tower, without missing the tower and touching the floor with the feet. It is recommended that you make some marks where the towers should be as they tend to slip around. Then everyone has the same chance of completing the course...

  1. No ball? Then use an inner tube...

    If you do not have a ball to play "Ball über die Schnur", then try it out with an inner tube. The same is valid for a game of rugby. However: will the tube survive this?

  2. Turn the tube around

    There is a pole 3-4 meters long stuck into the ground. Inside the pole is an inner tube. The task is now to turn the inner tube around so that the top end (marked) is now at the bottom. How long will the group need for this task?

  3. Island hopping

    3 tyres are used to move forwards. One tyre is taken from the back and moved to the front. Everyone knows this game. It can also be played with wooden boards, beer crates or newspapers.

  4. Inner tube shoes

    In this relay game, the runner stands with each foot in a tyre. The two tyres must now be dragged along over the complete distance using the feet to the player on the opposite side. Do not kick the tyres. The runner must keep both feet within the tyres at all times.

  5. Games with inner tubes – car tyres – rings
  6. Hopping in a tractor tyre

    For this game you will need at least one large tractor tyre tube. This is placed upright on the ground. A child sits inside and hops forwards along the ground. This is not so simple because the tyre must always remain upright and, apart from the feet, there should no physical contact to the ground. It can become amusing if the course goes up or downhill.

  7. One ring - two children

    There are two players inside an inner tube. Which pair of kids is the fastest in a running competition?

  8. Dodgems

    Each player wraps himself in 3-4 inner tubes, which are to serve as padding and for ramming the opponent. The hands are kept within the tyres. The tyres are tied together with tape or cord. In a defined playing field everyone now tries to bring the other players off balance and knock them over. This somewhat rough game is not suitable for all groups. In addition, you must pay attention and make sure no one gets caught up on something when falling over.

  9. Through the tyres

    Each team stands in a line. Beginning with the first player, the task is now for everyone to climb through the rings (Hula-hoop ring, inner tube or an old car tyre). Which group is fastest through the rings? Option: the ring is hanging at a height of 70cm for instance.

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