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Measuring tape games – games with a measuring tape

Measuring tape games can be played as a single betting game, and sometimes even as a relay game. The group is split into smaller groups. Each group receives 2 meter bars.

Games where the measuring tape is used, often have to do with measurements and evaluations of measures. It introduces children to develop a healthy sense of proportion and enjoy a sense of achievement when they correctly assess dimensions, distances or sizes. Structured and accurate team work can be trained with various measuring tape games. For example, if there is a tricky measurement task, which, in shortest time possible has to be resolved. Participants will learn to distribute tasks while still working together as a team.

Dexterity is another skill, which can be trained by games involving measuring tapes. Several specific games were developed to just train this one skill. For example: balancing a coin on an unfolded yard stick.

  1. Estimate ... ...

    • how high are all employees together
    • How high are 10 Bibles placed on top of each other
    • How high is the front door in the group room
    • How long is the hall way from the Great Hall and back to the office of ...
    • How thick is our song book
    • How long is the club car / the car of ....
    • How long and how wide are the seats of the small chairs
    • etc.

    Rating: the more accurately the estimated of the group, the more points they score

  2. Measuring …..

    • The width of the building
    • The length of the longest broomstick
    • The width of the football goal in the yard
    • How long are all songs books when placed side by side on the floor
    • How high is the smallest kid in the youth group
    • etc

    Rating: the group is measured by how fast it can measure all things listed and therefore can come up with the result first.

  3. Transport...

    Unfold all the available yard sticks. On a chair place a piece of cloths or a tissue. All kids are divided into 2 groups. The first kid starts by picking up the fabric/tissue with the yard stick and carries it to a chair, runs back and passes the stick on to the next kid, which than picks up the fabric/tissue again and places it on another chair. If the fabric/tissue drops it has to be picked up, using only the yard stick.

  4. Egg racing

    A coin is placed on the end of the yard stick. This has to be carried through an obstacle course. In order to pass the coin on to the next kid, it can be done using the hands quickly.

  5. Monday Painter 1 (creating shapes)

    Using yard sticks the group has to create words or shapes. This game requires a lot of ground space.

  6. Laser Pointer

    An unfolded yard stick has to be placed on the opposite wall/laid down over several chairs. From a distance of x-meters the game leader asks for a certain point on the yard stick. E.g. 47cm, 1.36m, etc. Each kid has only one go using a laser pointer to point at the right spot. The closest one wins.

  7. Monday Painter 2 (painting shapes)

    The yard stick is expanded to about 1.5m. The game leader fastens a pencil or chalk at its end. Each kid now, has to try painting with it.

  8. Spire

    Two completely unfolded yard sticks are leaning upright against each other. Who creates the pointiest triangle? Tip: The closer the 2 meter bars are facing each other, the higher the spire would be.

  9. Gigantic tweezers

    For this game two rows of chairs are required. Each team receives two yard sticks, which are halved in a way, so they can be used as gigantic tweezers. Now a piece of paper has to be picked up with one yard stick and then is passed on to the next kid. As soon as the kid holds the piece of paper in his hands, the empty yard stick is passed on to the next player. Rating: the quickest team wins.

  10. Obstacle Course

    The yard stick is bent to a 90 degree angle. With the yard sticks’ ends pointing towards the ground, a small matchbox car has to be pushed a certain distance. This game can also be played indoors as a relay game

  11. Coordination game

    For this game you need to extend the yard stick all the way. Each kid now is required to hold the yard stick, using only one finger. On command the yard stick has to be raised, run forward/backward, etc. The importance of the game is, that all the players have to stay in contact with the yard stick at all times.

  12. Throwing the yard stick

    Two tables are pushed together, so that they create a 3-4 meter long track. On the far end you put the extended yard stick in a manner, so that it extends 10 – 20 cm the width of the table. (Be careful, that the joints of the yard stick don’t get caught in the gap between the tables). The task is as such, that you hit the yard stick – just on that part, which extends out of the table, trying to get the yard stick on the other side of the table without dropping it. The stick has to be placed in a way, so that the ends extend the table again. Each player can try three times. You can start with a trial run or experiment to find out what you need to do, so that the yard stick protrudes the table the furthest.

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