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Pantomime | Pantomime phrases

Here are plenty of pantomime suggestions and a collection of catchphrases for a variety evening or sketch evening. There are several possibilities and levels of difficulty which can be used to present the pantomimes.

A collection of pantomime catchphrases

Armpit sweat, monkey theatre, working on the computer, arm wrestling, doctor, getting out of bed, getting undressed, driving a car, repairing a car, baby, bear, drunken ballet dancer, beer barrel, blue-tit, lead foot (gas pedal), swimming breaststroke, castle tower, castle maiden, setting the table, the first kiss, detective, determined, film director, tamer, dizzy, painting a picture, sewing a dress, a cake is baking, a pistol duel, a tailor makes a tailor-made suit, writing a letter, catching a fish, reading a crime story, polar bear, an elephant bath, Elvis, Emil, Eskimo, cooking a meal, riding a bike, playing badminton, ink well, fairy, watching television, a television, bottle neck, fly catcher, flea circus,... the beat of a wing, torture chamber, photo model, hairdresser, happy, frog, playing football, a football, a football player, fungal infection (feet), fork-lift truck, bored, exchanging money, playing guitar, gloves, walking stick, hairdryer, a housewife discovers a mouse while cleaning, heart-breaker, witch, braces (trousers), Indian, going to the cinema, going to the museum, John Travolta, jogging, coffee cooking, camel seller, kangaroo , playing cards, cheesy feet, barmaid, chain smoker, playing the piano, toilet seat, pew, button, Commissioner X follows and catches a gangster, headache, jigsaw, cow bell, laughing sack, a duck landing on a frozen lake, a lion fight, teacher, tomb, putting a coat on, Masseur, Marilyn Monroe, sailor, Mouse, knife thrower, monk, morning aerobics, starting a motor bike, bin man, muscle flex, nail head, nose picker, fruit knife, Otto, Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, daddy’s favourite, tramp, horse, politician, cleaning lady, Rambo, blown tyre, zip, rider, racing driver, giant, knight’s feast, rowing, boozer, playing chess, train guard, windscreen wiper, ice skating, butterfly catcher, chimney sweep, sweaty feet, swimming, cobbler, drying off, getting dressed, having a shower, styling your hair, applying perfume, having a shave, applying make-up, sunbathing, getting washed, weighing yourself, snob, sock holders, sunflowers, Sphinx, mouse, spy, descendant, statue, darning socks, surfer, going dancing, dove, dancer, telephoning, food tester, animal worker washing an elephant, table tennis, sitting on the toilet, sad, father changing a baby’s nappy, traffic policeman, playing volleyball, car jack, hiking, wanderer, getting washed, wrestler, cleaning teeth, butterfly, in love for the first time, train bridge, tongue kiss, spectators at a football game (in front of the television), dwarf, ..., ...

  1. Presenting simple catchphrases

    Simple catchphrases are presented on a piece of paper to the chosen player, who must then present the catchphrase to the audience. Which group or person is the quickest to guess the catchphrase correctly?

  2. Presenting double words

    In this round, double words are chosen as catchphrases – or the catchphrase is performed by two people.

  3. Pantomime chain

    4 volunteers go out of the room. The first player is shown a pantomime scene, who then performs the same scene to the next in the line and so on. Does the last/second last person in the chain know what is being performed ?

  4. Suitcase pantomime

    The well-know suitcase packing game with the difference that the objects packed into the suitcase are not called out but performed as a pantomime. Everyone in the line has to repeat all of the pantomime objects.

  5. Song pantomime

    A well known song must be performed as a pantomime. Option: the relevant scenes can also be performed using suitable clothing.

  6. Mirror image pantomime

    A pantomime is performed by a pair in an exact mirror image. The rest of the group can advise or judge which pairs manage this the best.

  7. Fairy story pantomime

    Different fairy tales (Grimm brothers) are performed while the group guesses.

  8. Kiosk Pantomime Game

    This game is comparable to the „Kiosk-Game” from the TV programme „Geld oder Liebe” (money or love). In this programme, a couple had to guess expressions which the public acted out in pantomime. Per expression they receive one point.

    For a club session/youth camp it works as follows.

    30 expressions that can be acted out in pantomime. Suitable expressions should be used with respect to age groups and themes. Write the expressions on sheets of at least A4 paper (A3 is better) so that the group can easily read them.

    The Game:
    One team of 2 has to guess the expressions which the group acts out, this is the group as a collection of individuals – each person should/can act out their own interpretation of the expression. The objective is not for the group to come up with one collective representation of the expression. A game leader stands behind the couple on a chair, and holds up the expression. This allows the group to read and thus act out the expression.

    Length: 10-30mins
    Age: from approx 10 upwards
    Materials: Sheets of paper, pencils, collection of expressions and chairs.

    This game is both suitable as a communication-game as well as for ‘lively evenings’ and can be adapted to different age groups by using suitable expressions.
    Sent in by Jan Birkle.


  • Pantomime and Walking Acts from Pablo Zibes

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