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Games with paper clips

All you really need is 1 – 2 packets of paper clips and you can implement several betting and skill games. Paper clips are available in any office supply shops as well as the supermarket. However, be careful with young children who like to put stuff in their mouth. Paper clips are not for this age. User them only from school age and on. However, you will also notice, some adults like to fiddle around with paper clips when on the phone. For example, with the use of small pliers, you can bend them into jewellery and art objects.

Let your fantasy run wild. You will easily find 15 or more paper clips games, with you can use for a gaming night or a station at a relay race.

Games with paper clips
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Paper clip games

  1. Creating a chain

    Each kid receives a certain number of paper clips. Let’s say 50 pieces. On command, they have to join them together to a paper clip chain. Who will be the fastest? Alternatively: who can make the longest chain in 60 seconds?

  2. Dissolve chain again

    It can be a little annoying for the team leader to take the paper clips apart after a game night. That, however, is easily solved with the following game: First, every chain has to be extended to the same amount of paper clips. On command, all chains have to be dismantled. Who will be first having only paper clips again?

  3. Fishing

    First bed a paper clip to a hook, then attach it to a string on a stick. With this fish hook, several objects have to be recovered from a container. This could be a ball of wool, Legos, plastic cups or small pretzels.

  4. Magnetic chain

    Attach a magnet to your fishing rod and collect as many as possible paper clips by immersing them into a container with paper clips

  5. Creating Shapes

    The objective of this game is to create several different shapes. For example, a quadrangle or 2 squares, a circle as possible, a snail, etc.

    The winner is the candidate who comes closest to the original

  1. Creating jewellery

    For this task, the children will need fine motor skills and also need to know how to use pliers. For example, you can create a snail, which then is attached to a small leather thong. For this game, the kids will need creative imagination. There are many beautiful things they can create.

  2. Attaching to a sheet of paper

    The objection for this game is to attach as many as possible paper clips to an A4 sheet within 60 seconds or 5 minutes.

  3. Threading

    The objection for this game is to thread as many as possible paper clips on a string within a minute. Alternative: Trying to collect the paper clips with a thin pencil or straw.

  4. Flipping over the table

    It is easy to flip paper clips over the table with your fingers. Who can manage to flip 5 – 10 paper clips to a target across the table? Or flip his paper clip as close as possible to the table edge.

  5. Passing on with toothpicks

    Every kid receives a match or a toothpick. The objective is to take the match between your lips and then pass the paper clip on from one kid to the other. Of course, they are not allowed to use their hands.

  6. Building a tower

    The objective is to stack as many as possible paper clips on top of each other to create a high tower. How many paper clips can be stacked before the tower falls over?

  7. skyscraper

    Everybody receives a certain number of paper clips. The objective is to build the highest tower possible. The paper clips can even be bent to form the tower. The tower should at least last for 15 seconds. The winner is the team with the highest "skyscraper".

  8. Do paper clip float

    Before the game begins, put 10 glasses filled with water next to each other. The objective for the kids is to put one paper clip into each glass in a way so that it floats and does not sink. How many paper clips will indeed swim at the end. This is possible because of the surface tension of the water. This is likewise an experiment as well as a skills game.

  9. Clothes line

    The objective is to hang up as many as possible A4 sheets with paper clips on it. Who can hang up the most sheets within 60 seconds?

  10. Flagpole Banner

    Instead of hanging the paper sheets up horizontally, hang them up vertically like banners. Use paper clips to hang them up. The objective is to mount each sheet with 2 paper clips on top of the last one. How many sheets of paper can you manage within 60 seconds? How many sheets can be mounted without tearing them apart?

  11. Pulling out the gummy bears

    All you need is a glass, filled with gummy bears. The objective is to pull as many as possible gummy bears out, using a paper clip.

Thoughts on paper clip

A paper clip can bend or even break. You can use this paper clip to play, to be creative. You can bend and even destroy them by fiddling as long as until they break.

Do you sometimes feel just like a paper clip? Other people want to bend and break you. They want to see you breaking down.

Do not let them bend you!

Do not let them break you!

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