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Patience Games

  1. Dice Tower

    Two die are made a little damp- one side on each respective die. These two damp sides are then placed next to each other, briefly pressed together and the two die lifted up; but only by holding one of the die. Whoever manages to lift up the most die in this manner, each time by only holding the upper most die, wins. Always remember to moisten the sides of the die which will touch. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but using spit works the best!
    Author: Stefan Köhler - Holle

  2. Wobbly-board

    A stable board is placed on a gym ball. One player stands on the board and tries to keep their balance. A tin is placed in front of the ball, and a ball is placed on the board. The player, using skilful balancing, has to attempt to get the ball into the tin.
    Author: Stefan Köhler - Holle

  3. Marble board

    A few obstacles are secured to a round board. Plastic jugs, which can be secured using double sided sticky tape work well. Then ten marbles are placed on the board. Two players pick up the board and transport it horizontally across a certain length, trying not to let the marbles fall down.
    Author: Stefan Köhler - Holle

  1. Nail Balance

    Hammer a nail (approx. 10cm long) into a wooden base, enough to ensure that it is standing securely. Then take 15 more nails, and lay these on top of the nail – without supporting them or using any other aid!

  2. Patience game with a yardstick

    For this game 2 yardsticks are required which are unfolded by 2/3rds. Using double-sided sticky tape, stick two tins on the ends. Into one tin place a dice. Both players hold the two ends of the yardstick. And try to transfer the dice from one tin to the other.
    Author: Stefan Köhler – Holle

  3. Dice tower on a yardstick

    Who can build the highest dice tower on a yardstick balanced on the back of a chair?
    Author: Stefan Köhler – Holle

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