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200 Program ideas for group meetings or a camp

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Approx. 200 program ideas and program points for games and activities with children and teenagers. 200 program ideas for outdoors, indoors, for a normal meeting or for a particular climax. Ideas for holiday camps and at home are also included. Lots of these ideas are described in more detail in the collection of games.

A problem faced by lots of group leaders is that they run out of ideas. They would like to use a popular idea which worked in another group session again and if it worked last year why not try it again. However there is always the danger that the program “runs dry”. For this reason, variety is required. With this collection of ideas, we would like to offer a few inspirations and suggestions for new group session or holiday camp ideas. There are lots of program ideas for which the collection of games in the last 50 categories are suitable, this particularly applies to the game evenings, variety evening, relay and station games (treasure hunt) and crafts.

Over 2000 games and ideas are described in the collection of games. If you can’t find something there...!


  1. Bible work
  2. Biblical listening game with microphone and cassette recording
  3. Computer game Olympics (no ball games, but skilful games)
  4. Horror evening: Telling horror stories by torch or candle light
  5. Sense games: Games which develop the senses (see, hear, feel)
  6. Board games: Connect 4, Twister, Snakes and ladders, Chess, Draughts, Intrigue, Atlantis, Scotland Yard, Monopoly, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit, Manhattan, Battle ships, Cluedo, etc.
  7. Casino evening (Roulette, Black Jack etc.) as a game evening. The stakes are sweets or jellies.
  8. Card game evening: Snap, Black jack, Pick up six, Twist, Patience, Taboo etc.
  9. Presenting jobs: Invite people who tell us about their job.
  10. Tinker/repair/tune a bike
  11. Build a funk radio / Morse machine (possibly integrated into a terrain game with finding the separate pieces)
  12. The art of knots: Learn to tie knots and learn their use.
  13. Ice cream parlour / eating ice cream / ice cream cocktail party
  14. Advents baking: Baking Christmas biscuits with the group
  15. Enjoy breakfast together
  16. Barbeque on the camp fire (Hotdogs and buns, baked potato with quark)
  17. Cooking and eating an evening meal together
  18. Pizza and salad evening (homemade)
  19. Milkshake evening: Who will create and mix the best milkshakes?
  20. Meditation evening
  21. Music: Mini-Playback-Show or Hit parade
  22. Singing and dancing: Singing or dancing games
  23. Game night: A whole night of games
  24. Variety evening (fun games)
  25. Variety evening (fighting games)
  26. Variety evening (circle games)
  27. Variety evening (sketches)
  28. Rowing regatta / Chaos games / Scavenger hunt
  29. You bet...?
  30. Formula 1 race: Build a Scaletrix race track and organise a big race (everyone brings their race track)
  31. Model cars: A race over an obstacle course with remote control cars.
  32. Magic evening
  33. House rally: Different stations in the house with different tasks
  34. Darts tournament
  35. Billiards tournament
  36. Penalty kick tournament
  37. Table football tournament
  38. Table tennis tournament
  39. Draughts tournament


  1. Frisbee golf
  2. Street ball
  3. Scotland Yard
  4. Swapping game: The kids try to swap an apple and an egg against higher value items.
  5. Adventure games (Capture the flag / station games / treasure hunt / smuggling games / strategy / attack, defend, creep etc.)
  6. Map & compass rally
  7. Plant hunt (find and collect plants)
  8. Path finder games
  9. Forest games: See category forest games, outdoor adventure games, perception games
  10. Path finder techniques
  11. Co-operation adventure games (Spider’s web etc.)
  12. Night walk / torch walk / night action
  13. Bike riding skills
  14. Bike race / mountain bike rally
  15. Scooter rally / scooter riding skills
  16. Running, catching and hiding games
  17. Lawn games: New Games, Rugby
  18. Grappling games
  19. Parachute games
  20. Knight games and knight tournament
  21. Sports tournament, ball games
  22. Relay games
  23. Dodge ball
  24. Dragon/rocket shooting
  25. Sledging
  26. Variety evening (relay competitions on the grass)
  27. Baseball
  28. Frisbee (Ultimate)
  29. Football
  30. Obstacle course
  31. Indiaca
  32. Mini-golf tournament
  33. Riding
  34. High wire (climbing)
  35. Squash tournament
  36. Tennis
  37. Volleyball, Basketball, Football sports night
  38. Roller boot hockey
  39. Inline skating
  40. Picture hunt (town game)
  41. Scotland Yard
  42. Photo rally: Certain every day scenes are to be photographed – points are awarded per photo
  43. Stamp game: Bring as many stamp prints as possible
  44. Beach: Sand castle competition
  45. Beach Olympics, beach action
  46. Archery / making a bow
  47. Trust games
  48. Forest shadows game
  49. Water fight
  50. Panning for gold
  51. Water slide with stable foil and soap
  52. Sleigh ride / sleigh race
  53. Ice skating
  54. Snowball fight
  55. Snow tracks treasure hunt
  56. Winter games


  1. Advents party (candle games)
  2. Carnival party
  3. Red Indian feast / Red Indian birthday
  4. Pirate feast / Children’s birthday party with pirate theme
  5. Knight feast
  6. Halloween Party
  7. Disco
  8. LAN Party
  9. Pyjama party
  10. New years eve party
  11. Christmas party


  1. Theme: Be the bottle or always be the best! (bottle game)
  2. Theme: Communication (communications games)
  3. Theme: Masks (clothes and blanket games, making plaster masks, cool Man Show)
  4. Theme: Media & making news (newspaper games)
  5. Theme: Nature (forest games)
  6. Theme: Trust (trust games)
  7. Discussion (discuss and learn to discuss)
  8. Masks / costumes / photo show Suitable theme: “wearing a mask”
  9. Theme: Relationships
  10. Theme: Friends
  11. Theme: Community and community killers
  12. Theme: Suicide
  13. Theme: Addiction – drugs - alcohol

Visits & courses & trips

  1. Fire brigade
  2. Police
  3. Printers or newspaper
  4. Radio station
  5. Film studio
  6. Nuclear power station or power station
  7. Fitness program in a fitness studio
  8. Learn about a computer program
  9. Lifeguard course
  10. First aid course
  11. Outdoor/indoor swimming pool
  12. Visit the JUGO (youth religious service)
  13. Bowling/skittles evening
  14. Cinema visit
  15. Concert visit
  16. Go-kart driving on a course
  17. High wire
  18. Climbing (indoor or outdoor)
  19. Bungee jumping
  20. Raft trip
  21. Amusement park visit
  22. Cave tour
  23. Canoeing
  24. Bike tour
  25. One day hike


  1. Parents evening (planning, preparing, practising, performing)
  2. Organise/take part in a flea market
  3. Collections (glass, paper, old clothes)
  4. Fundraising
  5. Auction / tombola
  6. Bazaar (advents bazaar, club party, …)
  7. Planting trees
  8. Publicity slogans, placards, advertisement for the group/ a camp
  9. Advert: Make a internet home page for the group


  1. Photo story: Make a crime or love photo story
  2. Photo reporting
  3. Photo laboratory: Developing photos ourselves
  4. Body painting
  5. Joke wall
  6. Write a recipe book
  7. Pantomime: An evening with pantomime tasks and presentations
  8. Nativity play
  9. Role play / dressing up / theatre
  10. Make a video film


  1. Make a bow and arrow for the knight games
  2. Making shields for the knight games
  3. Light bulb rattle
  4. Make a rainmaker from nails and a cardboard roll
  5. Owls made from pine cones
  6. Plaster masks
  7. Juggling balls (sewed and filled with sand)
  8. Working with leather (armband, key ring, sets, wallet, bag...)
  9. Build a bird house
  10. Recycling lanterns
  11. Rainmaker
  12. Sun dial
  13. Painting pots and planting plants
  14. Make drums from old tin pots and cover with paper or felt. Soak the paper or felt in paste or gelatine.
  15. Printing or painting t-Shirts
  16. Make a bird seed bell
  17. Lanterns made from lanterns or tin cans


  1. Town – country – river etc.
  2. Record noises and guess the sounds
  3. Quiz (pictionary/1-2 or 3/the big challenge/trivial pursuit/...)
  4. 1,2, or 3
  5. The big challenge
  6. Trivial pursuit
  7. Internet rally
  8. Pictionary
  9. Picture round. What is that?
  10. Puzzles and dice games
  11. Mystery puzzles

Adventure, experiences

  1. 3 day bike tour
  2. 3 day hike
  3. Abseiling or climbing
  4. Build an igloo and igloo weekend
  5. Bivvy bag / survival night
  6. A night in a cave
  7. Surfing course
  8. Make an oven from stone or clay and bake a pizza
  9. Tree house
  10. Canyoning
  11. Camp tower building
  12. Murder mystery games
  13. Wild water rafting

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