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Radio salad

The mixed up radio show …


4 radio shows are transmitted at the same time. Due to an air wave disturbance, the listener hears the different radio shows jumbled up. The following example should stimulate your own ideas. The youth group should be split into groups of 4, who should think up their own radio show. The „finished“ show should be read out dramatically in the correct style at the end of the given time. The show can even be recorded and played back. The radio salad is also suitable for an entertaining evening.

Speaker 1 A football commentary of the game between the Bowed Leg Rovers and Pampers United.
Speaker 2 How to care for your baby
Speaker 3 Cooking recipes for connoisseurs
Speaker 4 A boxing commentary of the fight between Max Right-Hook and Tom Left-Hook
Speaker 1 …Welcome to the match between the Bowed Leg Rovers and Pampers United
Speaker 2 ...Today Mrs Hildegard will show you how to care for your baby
Speaker 3 ...Today’s top chef Mr Peasoup is going to show you how to make a pear and potato pie
Speaker 4 is the transmission of the box fight between Max Right-Hook and Tom Left-Hook
Speaker 1 ...the audience is captivated
Speaker 2 ...the babies
Speaker 1 ...wait for the whistle and cheer on their team
Speaker 3 boiling water
Speaker 2 ...with the child placed on the changing table
Speaker 4 ...with an undercut and blows from the left and from the right
Speaker 2 ...they lie down
Speaker 1 ...after this spectacular foul from the Bowed Leg Rovers
Speaker 4 ... Max Right-Hook punches
Speaker 2 ...the baby
Speaker 3 ...into the soup
Speaker 1 ...which is expertly placed into the corner
Speaker 2 ...then lifts up the baby with the left arm, takes some talcum powder
Speaker 3 ...salt, pepper and continually mixes it into a sauce. After bringing to boil at 180 degrees
Speaker 1 ...the free kick narrowly misses the referee by a couple of centimetres
Speaker 4 ...hits Tom Left-Hook who then falls to the floor. The audience goes wild and the boxing referee counts 10... 9.....8....7....6....Tom pulls himself together and goes on the attack with an uppercut and a jab
Speaker 2 ...after calming the little one down, place him in fresh
Speaker 1 ...Pampers United for all to see
Speaker 2 that each and every housewife is driven up the wall, but the safety-conscious mother always worries about her child and goes directly with the child
Speaker 4 the box fight, with swinging left and right jabs and upper cuts, he hits and
Speaker 3 ...begins to loosen up. After adding a little Muscat and garlic, the liquid begins to bubble. The time has now come where we should prepare the soup and the other ingredients...
Speaker 1 ...After a sprint down the left wing
Speaker 2 ...the baby
Speaker 1 ...hits the goal post with a bang. The leather ball bounces back and flies past the head of Toni Amboss and finally
Speaker 2 ...lands in the child’s cot and is peaceful and happy. Leave the child to sleep for around 3 to 4 hours before he is
Speaker 3 ...thoroughly cooked. Then take our special soup flavouring from the
Speaker 2 ...cot. Our little child then needs a healthy
Speaker 3 ...dose of Bistro, before you can present it to your guests. You can be sure that
Speaker 1 ...the audience goes wild on the terraces. The midfielder kicks the rebound miles over the goal. While the defence rebuilds itself, the counterattack comes with such power,
Speaker 4 ...that Max Right-Hook lands on the ropes of the ring with a cry, the referee falls to the ground and counts 10... 9.....8....7....6....5.... 4.... 3..... but Max grimaces and pulls himself up and the fight continues. I have never seen such a merciless and wilful
Speaker 2 ...pram, which folds down when it rains, so that our little darling does not
Speaker 1 ...understand the offside rule. With a clever game plan, the Bowed Leg Rovers have dominated the first 70 minutes, but just as
Speaker 4 ...the bell rings to signal the final round
Speaker 3 ... your guests will definitely confirm that they have never had
Speaker 2 ...a nappy such as our
Speaker 1 ...Pampers United
Speaker 2 their hands. Due to extra absorbency, our nappy leaves no trace
Speaker 1 ...when it moves forward on the last attack. There is the final whistle. In one
Speaker 4 ...fight which captivated the audience up until the last minute. With enthusiasm, the fans will
Speaker 3 ...listen to our next show, which will give you an insight to the secrets of Chinese food. Here is a small taster
Speaker 2 to hold the milk bottle correctly
Speaker 4 ...and how to angle your shot while running at full speed. With best regards from Addi. Until next time.
Speaker 1 the middle of the victory battle, we have to leave it there for today. Have a nice evening.
Speaker 3 ...bon appetite and enjoy your meal. Be sure to tune in again next time.
Speaker 2 ...That was the last show in our “baby care” series. You can be rest assured that your little one will be well cared for.

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