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Relaxation Games

Relaxation games enable the group to relax and quiet down. Today, many children are stressed, have trouble concentrating and are quickly distracted. Relaxation games can be brought into play (also in groups), so that the children can calm down, even after a lively game has been played.

  1. Imagine the Way

    All players remove their shoes and socks and close their eyes. The group leader begins: “Imagine you begin to walk slowly. Your feet feel the way forwards. You sense high grass…Now you come to a gravel path. The stones prick at your feet. You leave the path and come to mushy forest ground where now and again has places of moss. After a long walk you sense warm sand…”

  2. Seasons of the Year

    All players sit in a circle, but not to close to one another. The group leader moves like a plant during the seasons of the year.

    Winter: the plants are small, weak and are crunched together on the ground.

    Spring: through the stronger sunshine, the plants grow slowly and slowly rise.

    Summer: through the warm sun, the plants slowly open their arms, the flowers open their blooms are stand up straight.

    Autumn: the sun rays become weaker. The plants begin to slowly shrivel, the blooms and leaves begin to fall away.

    Winter: the plants are small, weak and are crunched together on the ground.

  1. Changeable Weather

    2 players make up one team. One player lies on his stomach. The other player kneels next to the first player and uses his hands to show the different weather possibilities on the players back. Alternate sunshine, rain, misting rain to downpours, hail, snow, and thunderstorms. After a few minutes, players change places. In the evaluation round, players talk about how well the actions were interpreted and acted out.

  2. Balloon

    Every player pretends he is a balloon, which is slowly being inflated. With every breath taken, slowly stand from a squatting position, getting bigger and bigger. Slowly extend the hands and feet away from the body, until with a big bang, the balloon bursts. (Fall to the ground and lie there.)

  3. A Flower’s Day

    Each player pretends he is a flower. The flowers sleep at night (players squat or lie on the ground). As soon as the sun slowly sends it’s rays in the morning, the flowers slowly open (the players blink and pretend to wake up, stretch, and slowly stand up and open their arms). During the day, the flowers are happy about the friendly bees and the people strolling by who enjoy the flowers (the players do a joyful dance). In the evening when the sun goes down, the flowers slowly fall asleep and close their blooms.

  4. Strong as a Tree

    All players spread out in the room. With their feet firmly planted on the ground, they pretend they are trees that are slowly swaying back and forth with a breeze. The movements become stronger as a storm approaches. The players try to make their movements as strong as possible, but remember to keep their feet on the ground. Slowly the wind dies down and the trees can rest.

  5. Wishes

    Two players make a pair, or the group can be divided in 2 halves which will be changed in rotation. One half of the pair lies on the ground, the other kneels next to him. The player who is laying down chooses a way in which he would like to be touched by the other player, such as: a back massage, rubbing the neck, Š. Afterwards, the players change partners and continue playing. At the end of the game, players discuss how they felt and how it felt to fulfill the wishes of the other partner.

  6. Lay your Head on my Lap

    Pairs are made with 2 players each. One player sits cross-legged and lays his hands on his lap open and facing up. The other player lays face up with his head on the other players lap. Both players close their eyes and stay quiet in these positions for a brief period of time, then the players exchange positions. Afterwards, the players talk about what they thought about during this time (Safety, security, fear, protected,…).

  7. Boat on the Water

    Many players get on their hands and knees next to each other on the ground. One player (the boat) lays across the others (the sea) facing up and closes his eyes. The players who are the sea slowly swing and rock the boat gently, but also more animated when a “storm” comes. The boat must remain safely on the sea through coordination of the “sea” players.

  8. Crawling Blindly in the Room

    All players close their eyes and crawl about the room. All must crawl slowly and be careful not to touch or be touched by the others.

  9. Noises

    Players lay in a circle, where they lay their heads on the stomachs of the others. With their ears, each listens to the sounds of the others stomachs. For this game, quiet is necessary.

  10. Warm back

    A piece of paper is stuck to each child’s back and they are given a pen. The paper is already prepared. Each piece of paper says: „I like………..about ... (name of the child)”.

    Slow music is played and the children walk around and write characteristics about the person whom they like on the paper. Each child is allowed to look at the paper at the end and take it home.

  11. Fantasy journey

    This is a story which sends children and youths into a dream world. The story can deal with any possible topic such as the past experiences enjoyed by the group, preparation for a big even, nature or the four seasons...

    Meditation music to suit the theme should be played in the background and the text should be read out with a soft, quiet voice.

    The participants lie on blankets or roll mats on their backs on the floor. They breathe calmly and evenly.

    The story is read out or told once everyone is quiet.

    There are lots of suggestions under the term “fantasy journey” on the internet!
    Author: Felicia Schuld

  12. Chocolate meditation

    Each child receives a piece of chocolate, firstly the chocolate is just examined – what colour does it have, what texture or pattern etc. then it is smelt, then tasted with the tip of the tongue, then a small amount is bitten off and left to melt in the mouth – letting the taste spread around, paying attention to the taste and feel of it in the mouth. Perhaps imagine that you are dealing with magic chocolate and that with each bite, you relax more and improve your mood, and in this way in a very relaxed and comfortable position, with quiet all around (perhaps with some relaxing music in the background) enjoy the chocolate and treat yourself.
    Sent in by Sigrid S.

  13. Blowing up balloons!

    One person stands on the table, the others lie down. The one standing on the table acts as though they are blowing up a balloon. The others slowly start to stand up and finally, stand on the table. The one blowing up the balloon lets it go and all have to fall to the floor totally flat.
    Sent in by Björn

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