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Relay Games and Relay Races

Relay Games and Relay Races

The following relay games are also suitable for Station games, game streets or games to be played on grassy areas. As part of station games, they have the advantage that the necessary utensils don’t have to be provided in large numbers or duplicate sets. As relay games where all the teams play at once, can mean that the needed materials must be laid out – for example:10 sets for 10 teams. For a sponge relay it is affordable, but for more complicated and expensive games (for example: wheelbarrow rally), you must plan ahead. Relay contests have their charm and when 100 people run throughout the area, then it looks chaotic and certain requirements of the umpires are needed.

  1. Relay Game: Pants Rally

    For this relay race you need a very big and old pair of pants, shorts or jogging pants for each team. The first 2 man team puts the pants on – each player has one leg in a pants leg. At the whistle, both run to the next team, transfer the pants and then the second team runs, etc. Which team is the fastest?

  1. Relay Race: Wheelbarrow Rally

    This is a variation of a wheelbarrow race. On one wheelbarrow, a long rope is tied on each handle. A bowl filled with water is put in the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is then pulled by the ropes to the goal. The water is emptied into a tub. The empty wheelbarrow is then taken back to the start by a helper and the bowl is filled again with water. Which group has filled the tub the fastest?

  2. Relay Game: Island Jumping

    Each player receives 2 filled water glasses. About 5 – 10 islands made of cardboard box material are placed about 120-150 cm apart. The goal is to hop or jump from island to island without spilling any water. At the goal is a measuring cup. You must jump on each island. Points are deducted or the jump must be done again if a player misses an island.

  3. Relay Race: Pass the Baton

    A baton is clamped under the left armpit. This baton is passed to the player on the other side of the field, likewise under the left armpit. Hands are not allowed to be used.

    Variation: the baton is clamped behind the knee
    Variation: the baton is clamped between the toes
    Variation: the baton is clamped between the feet

  4. Relay Race: Skateboard 1

    Each player sits on a skateboard. At the signal they try to get to the goal as fast as possible. Players use only their feet or only their hands to move the skateboard.

  5. Relay Race: Skateboard 2

    Each player stands on a skateboard. This time the players use only ski poles to move forward.

  6. Relay Race: Difficult Transport

    2 players make one team. Each holds a pole or a stick about 60 cm long. Both players must use their poles to transport a tray with a glass filled with water on it. The tray is not to be touched with the hands. If a tray falls, then the players put it back o the poles and start again from that spot and they must go back to the start to get more water if necessary.

  7. Relay Game: Diving Relay

    For this game you need a diving suit or jogging suit (jacket and pants), a diving mask, a snorkel and swim fins. Also needed are a bowl of water, a spoon and a bottle. The game is timed and can be used as a relay game in a station game event. At the signal the first player puts on the diving clothes and diving items and runs with the spoon to the bowl of water – takes water out of the bowl with the spoon and puts it in the bottle that has been placed about 5-10 meters away from the bowl. Then he runs back to the start and the next player puts on the diving clothes, etc. and continues.

  8. Relay Game: Hockey-Ball

    For this game you need a ball for each team member and a hockey stick. The first player starts with one ball and must play the ball around a chair or post that is about 10 meters away. He passes the hockey stick to the next player who must play 2 balls. The third player must play 3 balls, an so on. The difficulty level rises with each additional player. Which team is the fastest?

  9. Roman Wagon Races

    Two players stand in front as horse heads. 2 more players bend over to make the horses backs. They hold the 2 players in front with their hands on those players hips. A fifth player sits on the backs of the horses and hold their shoulders securely. At the signal the harnessed team moves over the course to the goal without group breaking its positions.

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