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Rope games

Rope games
  1. Rope spider

    Several ropes are crossed over each other and tied together in the middle with a strong knot. A player tries to lie across the ropes. Through careful pulling on the ropes, he will gently be pulled up.

  2. Rope race

    Several circles are marked out on the ground with ropes. The circles are touching each other. A player is chosen as the catcher, who now tries to catch the other players. The players are only allowed to walk on the ropes. Over-taking and pushing past other players is not allowed.

  1. Hopping

    2 players swing a 4-5 meter long skipping rope. 1-2 other players now jump the rope and try to stay in the game as long as possible.

  2. Rope circles

    A 3m long rope is swung in a circle over the ground. You can use a little beanbag as a weight at the end of the rope. The other players now try to jump over the rope when it comes past. The players who are touched by the rope are out of the game.

  3. Running blind on the rope

    A player is blindfolded. He must now walk along a snaking rope. Another player might be able to help by calling out instructions.

  1. Pulling rope (tug o’ war)

    A good old tug o’ war cannot be missing from a rope game evening. Make sure that the rope is suitably stable and strong enough to withstand the game.

  2. Rope games
  3. Making figures

    Each member of the group receives an approx. 3m long rope. Each player should now make figures on the ground, either individually or as a group.

  4. Discovering rope knots

    A rope is knotted together. Each player now holds onto the rope. A volunteer must now guess which hand the knot is in. The other players try and pass the knot to the neighbouring players undetected.

  5. Limbo

    A rope is tensed across a frame or held in place by two players at a certain height. A player must now try to creep under the rope without touching the ground with his hands. After each successful attempt, the rope is lowered.

  6. Rope steps

    Half of the group members receive a rope which they pull along the ground in snaking movements. The other members of the group try to win the rope by stepping on it. The roles are then swapped over.

  7. Rope in the waistband

    Each member of the group tucks a folded piece of rope in their waistband. At least 30cm of the rope must be showing. Everyone now tries to pull each others rope from their trousers. Players who have lost their rope are out of the game. The winner is the last player who still has the rope.

  8. Feel your way along the rope

    A rope is tensed through different rooms or through different trees. While blindfolded, the players must now feel their way along the whole trail. There might also be stations along the way which have touch, smell or hearing games. The station tasks are marked out by a second rope tied in a knot on the trail rope.

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