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Shadow games

Amusing effects can be achieved with shadow games. Children, who do not have the courage to perform in public, might find it easier to present some gags and scenes behind a screen. Here are a few ideas for shadow games.

Preparation of shadow games

A white sheet is pulled tense and is lit up with a strong halogen spotlight from behind. The players must stand behind the scene and in front of the spotlight. The shadows appear large or smaller on the screen depending on the distance from the screen. A little practice is needed to achieve the best results.

  1. Play shadow boxing

    A boxing fight (play fight) is shown.

  2. Hot dances and strong rhythms

    A great dance is performed behind the scene with the relevant music.

  3. Love scene

    A couple is shown trying to get closer to each other, the first shy kiss is performed on a park bench.

  1. The heathens

    A group sits around the cauldron and spoons out some soup. If you hold the spoon close to the spotlight and lead the spoon past you face, the audience will see a massive spoon..

  2. The stomach operation

    A operation on the stomach is shown and some internal organs are pulled out. A drill, stick and rope can be used as the tools etc.

  3. At the dentist

    The patient is examined with a hammer and chisel and brush handle, the patient and dentist make gestures, the patients is braced with pain and bites the dentist’s finger off. He spits the finger out. They then act out being knocked out with a hammer and pulling out a massive tooth etc.

  4. Who am I?

    The group is spilt into two teams who must guess which shadow belongs to which player from the opposing team. The teams then swap over.

  5. Striptease

    A striptease show as a shadow game. Obviously not all of the clothes are taken off, but the player has a tight pair of swimming trunks on, or several layers of swimming trunks / underpants.

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