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Roller skater and Skateboard games

Games with a skateboard can be played on suitable playing areas or on a large tarmac surface, car park or yard where no traffic dangers are present. Obviously the necessary elbow and knee protectors along with a helmet are required. No one should try to play these games without suitable protection equipment.

Skateboard games
  1. Skateboard race

    A rope is pulled tense. A skateboard rider pulls himself along the rope for the entire length of the rope. It is now the next group member’s turn. The game is good as a relay race. You will, however, need one rope per team which has the correct length. Members of the group can also hold the rope tense.

  2. Skateboarders push

    A skateboarder lies (or sits) on the skateboard and is pushed along by the others. Be careful: be sure to wear a helmet.

  3. Skateboard on a lead

    A skateboarder lies (or sits) on the skateboard and is pulled along on a 3m long rope/lead. The path is led through a trail which is marked out.

  4. Skateboard bowling

    9 skittles (plastic bottles filled with water) are set out. A line is drawn out approx. 5-10 meters away. A player with a helmet lies flat on the skateboard and has his hands down at his sides. The team members push the skateboarder approx. 3m along and push him in the direction of the skittles. They let go when he reaches the start line. How many skittles can the skateboarder knock over with his head? Obviously he is not allowed to use his hands.

    Skateboard games
  1. Roll drag

    The skateboarder starts off on a ramp and tries to roll as far as possible without pushing off again or touching the ground at all.

  2. Fast as lightning

    Instead of a 100 meter running race, we will have a competition with a skateboard.

  3. Obstacle race

    An obstacle course must be mastered with a skateboard. This means that the trail goes over a seesaw, around a slalom, under a rope etc. The rider must have at least one foot on the skateboard at all times.

  4. Method of transport

    A skateboard is a method of transport. This game can be played as a relay race or as a station game. A bucket of water can be transported (water transport) or people (passenger transport). This means that the object which is to be transported is pushed along the course by a “driver.”

  5. Catch and Chase Skate Board

    This game works best with 3 players. For this game you need a skate park with as many ramps as possible and a lot of stamina. It is played like the good old „Hasche” (catch and chase) only this time with a skate board. One person has to try and knock off another person, who then becomes the chaser.
    (from Lenny)

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