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Spoon Games - Play with one or several spoons

Spoon Egg Race through an obstacle course
Spoon Egg Race through an obstacle course.

The shape of the spoon is ideal for of all kinds of games, requiring skill. Who does not know the classic "egg and spoon race" in which the player must carry an egg for a certain distance on the spoon, without dropping it? The whole thing can be intensified so that the players not only pass a straight line, but have to complete an obstacle course. This can be done with the use of table and chairs or gates, marked with boards. This all will make it harder for the players to complete.

Athletic Achievements & dexterity

Educational games aim to train and strengthen the dexterity and fine motor skills of children and young people. Spoons are also suitable for sporting challenges, for example, they can be used as a tool to hurl, with the purpose, as part of a competition, to fling items as far as possible, through the air. Thus, each participant has some great fun.

  1. Spoon extinguishing

    Ten lit tee lights are placed in line next to each other. Always 2 players play against each other. At the start signal every player takes the spoon in his mouth and tries as fast as possible to extinguish the tee lights.

  2. Spoon balancing

    A spoon must be balanced on one finger as long as possible. To make matters harder, the spoon has to be balanced while the player completes an obstacle course.

  3. Spoon hoe

    The task is to dig a hole with the spoon. Either the depth and scope of the hole is measured, or the dirt has to be filled in a bucket, full to the brim.

    Alternative: a trench of 2-3 meters in length with a slight drop has to be excavated. Next, water is poured in from above the trench, which is then collected on the other side. How much water came down?

  4. A spoon hanging on (off) your nose

    Who can and for how long, have a spoon hanging on the nose? This works well and is very funny. It would be worth the while playing this game as a “Bet You Can't Game” game.

  5. Bending spoons

    Well Uri Geller can certainly use hypnosis, we however have to apply some force. Bend an old spoon to a knot (please do not use your grandmother’s good silver ware). Who cannot create a knot, can at least bend the spoon to a nice circle.

  6. Spoon snatching

    The good old snap story! All player sit in a circle. In the middle place some spoons, one less then there are players). The leader tells a story. Once the word “spoon” occurs in the story, every kid tries to grab a spoon. The one who does not succeed will be eliminated.

  7. Egg race

    In this relay an egg (or a tennis ball) is carried on a spoon. Which team can complete the relay faster? A calm attitude or an even running pace is necessary, otherwise the egg will drop and you have to start over.

  1. Extinguishing a candle

    As in the game before, however, this time a burning candle has to be extinguished with the spoon hanging off the waistband. Now the spoon hangs with the spoon face down.

  2. Collecting candies

    With a spoon in his mouth, candies must be collected and placed in a cup / basket. Which team / candidate is faster and smarter?

  3. Spooning up the soup

    Using a spoon, a bowl of soup (or water) must be spooned out. Which team / candidate is has emptied the soup first?

  4. Fill the water bottle

    Place a water bottle about 5-10 meters away from a water trough. Using a spoon, the water must be spooned into the bottle from the trough. The team who fills the water bottle first, wins.

  5. Catapult

    Place a ball, stone or clod on a spoon. Using the spoon as a catapult, the object on the spoon has to be thrown as far as possible. – Hold the spoon down by the handle while, with the other hand, push the spoon face down. Now let go and catapult the object as far as possible away from the spoon.

    Alternative: employing a skilful throwing technique, throw the object on the spoon as far as possible. Bad luck, if the objects drops beforehand.

  6. The spoon battle

    Two contestants are facing each other. Each holds in one hand a spoon with a potato on it, in the other hand a burning candle. The objective is, to blow out the opponent’s candle without dropping the potato.

  7. Grappling hook

    Everyone knows a grappling hook. This was the idea for the following game. A spoon is tied to a string. Applying a clever throw with the "grappling hook” try to knock over an object that is 3-4 meters away.

    Alternative: you could bend the spoon into a hook (U-shape) and then I throw it so that it gets hooked on a taut string.

  8. Flour dredge

    Each kid has a plate with flour in front of him. The objective is, with a spoon, held in his mouth, to “shovel” the flour from one plate to another.

    Alternative: shovel the flour to a plate, which is 3-meter away.

    NOTE: Each candidate should be careful that the flour does not get into his eyes.

  9. Bonding

    A string/cord is attached to a spoon. This spoon must now be threaded through the entire group. For example, left arm in, right arm out and on to the next person. Alternative: To make it a little bit harder, the spoon goes in through the left leg and out again through the right arm. Then on to the next person starting again with the left leg, out on the right arm and so on.

    Note: Not everybody likes this kind of closeness.

  10. Grabbing the spoon

    2 teams face each other back to back. Each team holds firmly each other’s hands. On one side of the group place a chair with a spoon on top. On the other side, the game leader tosses a coin. If the head of the coin is casts, a signal (a firm handshake) is passed on through the team, which has to quickly grab the spoon. It is an imperative that only the first person of each team sees the coin – head or tail. The rest of the team is supposed to look towards the spoon all the time. No one is allowed to speak either.

    This game can easily be played for another 20 minutes, because everyone gets a go to look at the coin and then changes position. Out of excitement or plane error one or the other will pass on a wrong handshake. When this happens the respective teams earns a minus point.

  11. Feeding of the Predators

    2 candidates, blindfolded, sitting face to face, trying to feed each other with a spoon. To be on the safe side everyone should wear a bib or an apron. Experience has shown, feeding blindly needs some experience!

  12. Spoon in the bottle

    Attached a spoon with a cord on the waistband, the handle pointing down. The spoon roughly reaches down to your knees (the lower the spoon, the easier the game). Standing on a chair, the spoon has to be maneuvered into a bottle, which is placed on the ground. (If necessary, an assistant can hold the chair.) This game is pretty hard on the knees. The winner is, who manages to get the spoon into the bottle opening first.

  13. Sorting Spoons

    In this game, you need as many different spoons as possible. (Long, short, ornate, wooden, silver or Chromogen, large, small, etc.). They now must be sorted, blindfolded that is, in a predetermined order.

    Alternative: of any shape and design there are always 2 spoons that need to be put into pairs blindfolded.

  14. Spoon carving

    A spoon is carved and finely shaped. Then it is polished with sandpaper and worked over so that the spoon can be used as a tablespoon or mixing spoon. This is less a game, but rather a task for a whole day. This can be carried out as part of an adventure game or similar. Besides that, it is very practical.

  15. Spoon hunting

    Teams of 2 players stand in a circle. In the middle are spoons (one less than the number of teams). With a signal (e.g. a whistle), the rear team player jumps on the back of the front man. When you hear the second signal, the “back player” jumps off the frontman’s back, runs around the circle once, crawls through somebodies feet and grabs a spoon from the middle. The team who does not get a spoon is suspended for one round.

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