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Station Games for Play Streets and School Festivals

Page 2: More Station Games for play streets, children festivals, school festivals, cross-country runs, scavenger hunts or backyard games.

Station Games for Play Streets and School Festivals
  1. Team Game – Pile on the Clothes!

    One person in the group puts on as many pieces of clothing as possible. Every sock, scarf, shirt, pants, hat, and glove counts. “Group games are team games” is shown through everyone’s cooperation to complete this task.

  2. Water Squirt

    Use a water hose or syringe to shoot a ball/table tennis ball high up the chute.

  3. Riverbed Walk

    The group is only allowed to walk on the riverbed.

  4. Cup Carry

    A paper cup filled to the top is carried on a board. Who carry transport the most water in a certain time? Obstacles can also be added to the course.

  1. Sturdy Set of Teeth

    Instead of using a board, the cup is held by the teeth. Obstacles can also be added to the course.

  2. Obstacle Course with Handicap

    Group games without handicaps are boring. A filled water bottle is clamped between the thighs. Without using the hands, the player must go through an obstacle course (for example: over a chair, under a table, crawl on the floor like a seal, part of the course done on the players back, hop for 2 meters, swing on a rope over a “ravine”). You can use a balloon filled with water instead of the water bottle.

  3. Strong Foot

    A water bucket is carried by the handle using only the foot.

  4. Wheelbarrow Obstacle Course

    One player sits in a wheelbarrow holding a bucket filled with water. The wheelbarrow must go through an obstacle course. This must be done so that as little as possible water is spilled. Remember: time counts!

  5. Bicycle Water Transport

    Instead of using a wheelbarrow, a bicycle is used. One player steers the bike while a second player sits on the rear fender or the handlebars holding the bucket.

  6. Stuffing a Car

    How many people can fit into a car? We once got 23 people in a little compact car. However, this has to be done fast as the person on the bottom won’t last long. Strong people should be on the bottom and small, light people on top.

  7. Pretzels on a Rope

    Small pretzels are tied in a row on a string and hung about 160 cm high. Each person is allowed one jump to snatch a pretzel.

  8. Peeping Tom

    With the help of binoculars small figures (Playmobile figures, matchbox cars, Lego bricks) must be identified from a distance of about 15-20 meters. Which group can correctly identify and describe all the items?

  9. Red Ribbons

    Hang many red ribbons in a tree. The group has 30 seconds to count all the ribbons. Then they must turn around and say the number. So that the group doesn’t start counting too soon, they should stay a distance away until the group before them is finished.

  10. The Pistol Shot

    10 lit candles are extinguished with a water pistol. For this game you need to have extra candles and lighters on hand. The candles will get very wet, thus making relighting difficult.

  11. Paper Airplanes

    Each group makes 5 paper airplanes. Afterwards, the flight distances of al the planes in the group are added together.

  12. Wheelbarrow, Apple and Bucket

    2 people make a wheelbarrow and must retrieve an apple out of a water bucket using only the mouth and bring it to the goal. Then the next team goes.

  13. Flying Carpet

    4 people hold a blanket or large cloth securely. A person sits on it. The players must now run as fast as possible over a course, while the person on the blanket hops.

  14. 3 Legged Run

    2 players are bound together at one leg. Then they must run as fast as possible through an obstacle course. Small strips of fabric work well to bind the legs.

  15. Swim Fin Race

    Players wear swim fins on their feet and must run through an obstacle course.

  16. Bobby-Car-Race

    Group games are good when the “smallest” teammates can also shine. A relay race is made using a Bobby-car. The player with the longest legs has the most difficulty. The smallest are the fastest.

  17. Pea Track

    One player drops 20 peas one after the other into a wide see-through washing machine hose. The second player stands at the opening below with a hammer and hits each pea as it comes out of the hose. Who can it all 20 peas?

  18. The Swinging Bucket

    A bucket is hung in a tree and is pushed to swing. As long as the bucket is swinging, the group tosses as many as possible stones/chestnuts/acorns into the bucket.

  19. Pea Vacuum

    Player uses a straw to vacuum peas out of one glass and put them into a second glass. Who can get how many peas within 60 seconds?

  20. The Blanket Catapult

    2 or 4 people hold a blanket taught. A ball is then catapulted from the blanket into a goal (a marked field or boxes in varying distances). Different point values are awarded as to where the ball lands.

  21. Alphabet Salad

    Letters or words are hidden in a confined forest area (20x20meters). They are then collected and must be made into a word or bible verse.

  22. Toothpaste

    Different toothpastes are tasted to identify the brands.

  23. Corn Cob Throw

    Player lies on his back and holds a corn cob with his feet. The corn cob must be thrown as far as possible without the players back or head being lifted off the ground.

  1. Barefoot Park

    While being blindfolded and barefoot, players walk over a path (they are not allowed to see it beforehand). Along the path the players feel with their feet different things: corks, knitting wool, wall paper sheets, towels, fur, hay, straw, grass, pine cones, cattails, flour, wire grill, artificial grass, moss stones, sand, gravel, sand paper, styrofoam, foamed material, corrugated cardboard, leather, and at the end of the path: water, gelatin or other slimy compounds,…

  2. Touch It

    Same as above, but not with the feet. The items are placed in a sack. Player is given 1 minute to touch and identify what is in the sack.

  3. The Locksmith

    About 15-20 closed locks are hung on a rod. The same amount of keys that fit are put in a box. All the locks must be opened in a certain amount of time. Then the locks are hung and closed again.

  4. Sentence X

    A letter or word is written on a paper and is either put in an envelope and hung on a tree. Or the paper is hung backwards on a ropeway/rope bridge/long climbing rope that is only reachable by walking or climbing to it. Each member of the team retrieves one envelope. Afterwards, a long word or a sentence is constructed.

  5. Guessing Games

    Sometimes you just have to use your head in a group game. Guess the weight of a stone, the temperature of the water in a river, the present air temperature, put exactly 1 kilogram of apples in a basket, put exactly 333 grams of flour in a bowl, cut a string exactly 120 cm, pour exactly 555 ml of water in a bowl, …

  6. Spinning Coin

    A coin is spun like a top so long as possible. Keep track of the time!

  7. Ruble Roll

    A coin is rolled across a smooth floor. Which coin rolls the farthest?

  8. How Much Money?

    How much money is in the sack? Each player is allowed to feel the coins inside the sack add them up and name the total, then the average will be stated.

  9. Head Ball

    A ball is moved using only the head as the player crawls on all fours through a course while being timed.

  10. Rolling Board

    Player stands on a board, underneath are 4-5 round pieces of wood that are moved along so that the player moves forward.

  11. Island Mail

    For this group game you need many large containers or platforms. On each island a player stands. Different items (boxes, balls) must be sent island to island. Leaving an island is not allowed.

  12. Swinging

    A player sits on a swing. Items are thrown to him and he must tosses them into a goal (tub).

  13. Catapult

    The player jumps on a seesaw and catapults items into a goal.

  14. Housewife Run

    A ball is held between the feet, a scarf is tied around the head, a pot lid is a hat and in a hand a cooking spoon is held. With this, the player runs through an obstacle course and passes all these items to the next player.

  15. Water Balancing

    A cup of water is balanced on a table tennis paddle and carried over an obstacle course. Which team can transport the most water?

  16. Plant Identity

    Identify 10 plants

  17. Count the Fish

    Players count the fish in an aquarium filled with 50-100 fish. Not too easy.

  18. Labyrinth

    Use twine to make a labyrinth in the forest. How long does it take each player to reach the goal?

  19. Ball or Stone Throw

    A ball or a stone is thrown as far as possible.

  20. Tree Ring Count

    The group counts the rings of a felled tree to determine its age.

  21. Tire Changing

    The group changes a tire on a bicycle or car. How long does it take?

  22. Ladder With Too Few Rungs

    Climb up a ladder – if you can. Take two long lengths of sturdy tree branches or poles with bracket-like protrusions and lean them against a wall. Across them lay a shorter pieces of wood or branches to form rungs (where you step on). Player uses 3-5 rungs. He must take the lowest rung and reposition it to the top so that he may climb higher.

  23. Climb Over the Wall

    Either with the help of a tree trunk, under their own power, or as a team (as one player cups his hands and the other puts his foot on it, he is helped up), players must climb over a wall.

  24. Name That Tune

    Different music titles are collected and only a few seconds of each song is played. Can the group name all the songs?

  25. Tire Turn

    A 4 meter high pole is stuck through the middle of a tire and stuck in the ground. The tire must be turned over.

  26. Marble in the Goal

    Many marbles are rolled into a goal. A board with various sized holes (and various point values) serves as the goal.

  27. Remote Control

    A remote controlled auto with thumb tacks attached in front must pop a balloon. The playing field is lined with boards and such to confine the field.

  28. Cherry Pit Spitting

    Each player gets a cherry. It is then spit into a goal with various point fields.

  29. Spelling Mistakes

    Who can find the most spelling errors in one page of text?

  30. Skipping rope

    A rope is swung around in a circle and the others must jump other the rope. How many jumps or rounds will the group manage?

  31. Beer crate balance

    How many people can stand on a beer crate/tree stump together?

  32. Putting up a tent

    The camping professionals can probably put up a tent with their eyes closed. You should make sure that no one accidentally puts a tent peg through the canvas.

  33. Building a tent

    The group must put up a tent against the clock. A simple igloo tent will probably be ready in 2-3 minutes, due to the separate parts a proper tent will surely take longer.

  34. Bubble rally

    A player must blow bubbles along a course. Wherever the bubble burst, he must blow another bubble from this point and blow it in the direction of the finishing line. Which team is quicker and which team is more skilful?

  35. Catching mousetraps

    2-3 mousetraps are set out in the playing area. The group must now try to take the mousetraps harmlessly from the edge of the playing area and with the help of a rope.

  36. Saw rally

    The first relay runner runs to a fallen tree trunk which is 10 meters away with a saw. From this average sized tree trunk, a piece of wood is sawn off and brought to the group. Then it is the next person’s turn.

  37. The snake splits

    The team stands foot to foot next to each other. By going as far down in the splits as possible, the team tries to build as long a snake as possible. Obviously the team with the taller people and longer legs has the advantage.

  38. Recognising knots blindly

    The task is to feel and recognise different knots through touch and to name the different knots. A further task might be to tie the knots in a rope while blindfolded.

  39. Defusing bombs

    2 people hold a length of paper band (toilet paper) in both hands. The team must transport a bomb without ripping the paper. However the band must remain taut. It might also be possible to transport other light objects balanced on the paper band.

  40. Through the pipe labyrinth

    The group holds hands. A hula-hoop must travel from one end of the line to the other without the chain of hands being broken.

  41. Personal weight

    A stable rope pulley is tied to a strong branch. The player stands in a rope loop with one foot. He holds the rope with his hands. The task is now for the player to pull himself up on the rope by pulling the other side of the rope downwards. To avoid danger of injuries, a height of 50-70 cm is sufficient. If you have a platform, other group members can stand on it and be pulled up. The group can then try to pull themselves up with the platform.

  42. Cherry Eating

    Place in a water-filled bowl 30-40 cherries. The task is to fish out the cherries without using the hands to help. To make this game more difficult, players must eat the cherries and spit the cherry pits onto a plate for points. Variation: the cherries are hidden in a bowl filled with whipped cream. Of course, a lot of whipped cream will be needed according to the number of players.

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