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Sweet rally

For this game you will need a large amount of sweets, marshmallows or different coloured bonbons. You can often find bags of sweets as company (banks, insurance companies) give-aways and promotions, so that the games can also be played with larger groups. 2-3 normal sized bags of sweets are enough for a children’s birthday party.

Sweet games
  1. Collecting bonbons

    Each group (red, blue, yellow and white team) tries to collect their own colour bonbons which are spread out throughout the room.

  1. Picking up bonbons

    One player from each team sets off from a starting line to a marked out playing field (1-2 square meters) in which different coloured bonbons are placed. Using the mouth, only one bonbon at a time should be brought back and placed in a barrel. Then it is the next player’s turn.

  2. A blind chicken

    While blindfolded, a member of the group must pick up a sweet and bring it back to the group. The group will then check if the sweet has the correct colour. If the sweet is the wrong colour, the player has to start again. The group is allowed to give the player instructions.

  3. Packing up bonbons

    2 people try to wrap a sweet together. Each player is only allowed to use one hand. The sweet must be wrapped correctly. Loose cellophane placed on the sweet does not count. As an alternative, you can also fill a matchbox with 1-2 sweets and wrap it in gift wrapping paper.

  4. Rally: sweets with holes

    For this game, you will need little sweets with a hole, such as the polo mints which are available to buy in rolls. Other sweets which are somehow round and with a space in the middle can also be used: sugar rings or Christmas tree chocolates for example.

  5. Toothpick rally

    Each player receives a toothpick. A candy ring is passed from one person the next with the help of the toothpick.

  6. Target throwing

    The game works like a ring game. Nails are hammered into a board in various places. From a distance of approx. 1 meter, candy rings are thrown so that they land over the nails. All sweets which are correctly landed can be eaten.

  7. Rolling

    Which candy ring will roll the furthest or the longest?

  1. The toe bonbon rally

    All of the members of the team sit next to each other and take their shoes and socks off. The first person takes a sweet from the bowl with his toes and gives the bonbon to his neighbour. This player then takes the bonbon with his foot and passes it on to the next player in the line. The winning team is the team who manages to pass the bowl full of sweets along the line from one person to the next in the quickest time. The last player in the row places the sweets on a plate. It is important in this game that a referee makes sure that no one simply throws the sweet along and misses out some players.

  2. The opening toes

    People who do not have any hands use their feet to do everything. The aim of this game is to try and open sweet (or a chocolate bar) with the feet and then eat it. The hands remain clasped behind the back. As an alternative, a second person can be fed with the sweet.

  3. M&M relay

    Taking a spoon in the mouth, bonbons or M&M's must be carried from a start line over the finishing line. How many sweets (or M&M’s/Smarties) can the group transport in this relay race within 3 minutes? At the end of the race, the sweets can be eaten.

  4. M&M's catapult

    Bonbons or M&M’s are catapulted into a target with a spoon in the mouth. The target (a large box or a tub) is positioned approx. 1-2 meters away. The group is allowed to eat the sweets which land in the target.

  5. Sweet masterpieces

    Each team is given a pack of salt sticks, liquorice sticks or biscuits etc. The group must now build a tent, tower, house, scene or any other creative work of art. Once the masterpieces have been judged, the work of art can be nibbled away.

Marshmallow games

Since we are already playing some sweet themed games, we can also play some games with marshmallows.

Marshmallow games
  1. Marshmallow march

    Each member of the group receives a toothpick. With the toothpick in the mouth, marshmallows are passed from player to player. The quickest team is the winner.

  2. Marshmallow mouth

    Who can eat 5 marshmallows quickest?

  3. Marshmallow spitting competition

    Who can spit a marshmallow the furthest?

  4. Marshmallow blowing competition

    Who can blow a marshmallow along the ground the furthest?

  5. Marshmallow kicking competition

    A marshmallow is placed on the ground – who can kick it the furthest with their foot?

  6. Marshmallow throwing competition

    Who can throw the marshmallow the furthest?

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