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Games and Contests for a varied Program

Choosing an evening’s program of games and contests or suitable games for a child’s birthday party is not always easy. The group doesn’t want to compete in just contests, but also want to play games just to have fun, winning sometimes as an individual or together in a group. The following games are suitable for the whole group, or for a volunteer from every team.

The game leader must decide if a quieter, or lively game, or a games as group contests, or games where individuals player compete against each other are to be chosen.

Group Contests (everyone is included)

Pen in a bottle
  1. The Wandering Ring

    Players use sticks or straws to pass a ring player to player. Which team is the fastest?

  2. The Matchbox on the Nose

    A matchbox is placed on the nose of a player who then passes it to the next players nose. Which team is the fastest?

  3. The Loudest Band

    Every band speaks a song together. The winner is the team who is the best and the loudest.

  4. Take off Shoes – Put on Shoes

    The first player takes off the shoes of the second player who takes off the shoes of the third player, etc. until the whole team is finished.

  5. The Tie that Binds…

    A string is “threaded” through the entire group. In the left arm, behind the shoulders, then out the right arm. Or in the right pants leg and then out the left arm. Which group is the fastest and can then run (walk, etc.) to the finish line?

  6. Bound Together

    Two players are sewn together by the rest of the team. For this, a spoon with a long string is used, which is threaded through the openings of the two players clothing, sewing them together. Which team is the fastest and the best?

  7. Cannibal Dance

    The point of this game is to dress up like a cannibal (bathing suit decorated with grass or reeds, and other material) and use water paints on the body to complete the disguise. Then a hot/wild cannibal dance is performed. The best costume and the best dance wins.

  1. Chewing Gum and Rubber Gloves

    Each team receives a pair of gloves (aids gloves or garden gloves) and one or two packs of chewing gum. The first person puts on the gloves, takes a piece of gum from the package and puts it in his mouth. Then the second person takes the gloves, puts them on and takes the next piece of gum and chews it. The other players do the same. The group That eats all the chewing gum first, is the winner. At the end of this game, the group can continue with the next game, chewing gum art.

  2. Chewing Gum Art

    Everyone in the group gets a piece of chewing gum, a piece of cardboard or paper and a toothpick. After chewing the gum for 5 minutes, the players stick their gum to the cardboard and has an additional 5 minutes to create his artwork out the gum using the toothpick. Players cannot use their hands to shape the gum. At the end of the allotted time, the group decides which artwork of gum is the best, most creative and most beautiful. You could also award a prize for the worst artwork.

  3. Pretzel Party

    Small pretzels are hung in a row with a string 160cm high. Every player has one chance to jump and get a pretzel.

  4. Volleyball in a Room

    Set up a volleyball net in a room to separate the two teams. Each player sits on a chair. Volleyball is then played using a softball or balloon, without any players standing up.

  5. Transporting Fever

    In an open area, take a 2 to 4 meter long board or roof lath strips. Items such as a ball, a water pail, an apple, etc. are placed on the board. This board must be transported through an obstacle course. If an item falls off, it must be placed on the board again. Every member of the group has to help carry the board. How long does it take? In the house, use a two meter ruler. On it, place small objects such as: playing pieces, dice, thimbles, etc.. Every member of the group must help to carry the ruler, up and down stairs, and/or through the whole house.

  6. Toilet Paper Snake

    Which team and which player can make the longest paper snake by tearing toilet paper? The longest snake from one team will be used to compare the other snakes to see who is the winner.

  7. Cleaning Rag Game

    Using only a cleaning rag, water is moved from one pail to another. How much water can the group transfer in 2 minutes? A measuring cup shows the results. This game can be played inside, although it is better suited for outdoors.

  8. Screaming Match

    Divide players into two groups. One person is told a word or term. This person calls out this word to his group. The opposing team stands between the single player and his group, and through yelling, tries to prevent the other team from understanding what is being called out. Every player gets a chance to be the single player. Time is stopped when the answer is understood.

  9. Transport Water with Straws

    Water must be transported from a pail into a measuring cup or bottle using a long straw. This game is also good as a relay race. It can also be played indoors as long any water that goes on the floor doesn’t hurt it. Two bottles can also be placed in a tub next to each other.

  10. Board Race – Newspaper Race

    Using 2 boards or 2 pieces of newspaper, a relay race can be played indoors. Players are allowed to only walk on the boards.

  11. All in a Row

    Which team is the fastest to line up in a row according to size? When a team is finished, it calls out stop. Instead of size, age or shoe size or hair length can be used.

  12. The Signal – Squeeze Hands

    Two groups of the same size stand back to back holding hands. At one end of this human chain, the group leader tosses a coin. Only the first person (of each team) in the chain is allowed to see if the coin comes up heads or tails. If heads, the first person squeezes the hand of the next person and so on until the last person is reached. He then snatches the spoon that was placed on a chair. The goal is to be the faster team getting the information (heads was tossed) through the chain and grabbing the spoon first. Looking at the first person in the group and talking are not allowed. This is a concentration game in which it is very often the case that the players squeeze hands even when tails comes up. The winner is the team who grabs the spoon the most times. If the spoon is grabbed in error, a penalty point is deducted.

  13. The Longest Wash Line

    Each team tries to make the longest wash line using as many pieces of clothing that the team will give towards that goal. The clothes are pinned together using clothes pins, or they can be laid next to each other on the ground. (This game is not suitable for all groups and is difficult for some players as to how many pieces of their clothing they are willing to donate to the game.)

  14. Shaky Business

    Every player gets a plastic cup. Everyone holds their right foot up with their right hand. Using the left hand, the first player fills his empty cup with water from a full cup. This filled cup is passed to the next player, who fills his cup and passes it on. Which team is faster and which team loses the least water on the way?

  15. Cut the Bands

    A piece of barricade tape or similar tape (crepe paper) 2 meters long is hung on a string. The players try to cut as many strips out of the tape as possible. Only strips that are the full length count. Alternative: whoever cuts crooked is eliminated.

  16. The Rubber Band

    A rubber band is placed under the nose and above the upper lip and hooked around the ears. Without any help of the hands, the player must try to get the rubber band off his head. The first player to do so earns 10 points, the second 9 points, etc. The team with the most points wins.

  17. Fountain Coin Toss

    Draw a 5 cm big circle in a tub. Fill the tub with water. Each player has 1 or 2 tries to drop a coin from 30 to 50 cm above the tub and have it land within the circle. The team with the most successful drops is the winner.

  18. Toothpick Rally

    Without using hands, each player uses a toothpick held between his lips to “spear” candies (marshmallow candy or gummi bars) in a bowl and carry it to the goal. The team who brings the most candy within the allotted time wins. Variation: use marshmallow candy (gummi bears are too hard for this). The candy is passed player to player until the last player, who puts it in the bowl. How many candies can be put in the bowl using this relay race?

  19. Blind Fruit

    Make three teams ( apple team, lemon team and orange team). One person from each team is blind-folded and sent to a table where many apples, lemons and oranges are laid out. Each player must take only his teams fruit. The fruit is placed in a basket. The other team members may call out tips to help their team mate find the fruit.

  20. Soap kicking

    A softened up piece of soap is kicked as far as possible. Who will kick it the furthest? Playing football with a piece of soap on a slippery surface is not recommended due to the high risk of injury.

  21. Family Celebration:

    The group is arranged into 2 families e.g. The Schmitt family and the Bauer Family. The family members have to compete with one another and complete the following tasks:

    • Mother: Sew on a button or Peel an apple (quickness will be rated)

    • Father: Hammer nails into a board or crack nuts (quickness is rated again)

    • Son: Slalom with footballs and wrap a present

    • Daughter: Thread pearls on a string or do a puzzle

    Thereafter the points of both families are calculated and the winner revealed.

Volunteer Games (1-2 volunteers per team compete)

  1. Mohrenkopf Eating Contest

    Who can eat 5 (10) Mohrenkoepfe the fastest? But be careful: the Mohrenkoepfe could come back out later from where they went in… A harmless variation: when the whole group participates, a wheelbarrow race can be made. When one team is finished eating the Mohrenkopf, the next team rolls up to the plate where a Mohrenkopf has been placed. The player must eat it while in a push-up position.

  2. Dry Bread

    At the signal, all players must completely eat a dry roll.

  3. What am I Eating?

    The player is blind-folded and must eat a variety of foods and correctly guess what he is eating.

  4. Chinese Meal

    Payers eat shelled peanuts with chopsticks. Variation: player is blind-folded.

  5. Raisin Meal

    A package of raisins is divided among the players. Using a wooden skewer, each player stabs a raisin and eats it. Then the next player takes his turn. Alternative: every player gets a skewer.

  6. Dangling Wurst

    Two players per team are needed. One player lies on his back. The other player dangles from a string a piece of wurst or a piece of bread (or something else edible) over the first players mouth. Goal is to eat the wurst as fast as possible. Before the wurst is dangled, it is dipped in a bowl of mustard, ketchup, honey, yogurt, chocolate sauce, or… Please be careful that no “sauce” gets in the players eyes. Shirts should be taken off or covered with a towel to prevent the clothes from getting messy.

  7. Fold a Paper Hat

    At the signal, players must fashion a hat out of newspapers and put them on their heads.

  8. Coin Bowling

    One coin is set standing on it’s edge. It is “knocked down” with a second coin. This game is very good to play on a table.

  9. Rollerball

    A ball is rolled on two strings. Which group can roll it the most?

  10. Plate Slurping

    A plate is filled with water, apple sauce or yogurt and must be slurped up by the player. Who can clean his plate the fastest?

  11. Dry Up

    About one cup of water is poured on the floor. The player must dry up this puddle. Since he cannot use a sponge, the player must sit on the puddle so that his clothing soaks up the water. He must then blow over the puddle to dry the last little bit. This is a mean game, but it is amusing for the audience.

  12. Thread Winding

    A 3 meter long piece of thread is wound around a match stick. A small toy car can be tied at the other end of the thread to keep it taught.

  13. Hurdle Jumping

    One player from each team must jump over obstacles (chair, bottle, tub, candle?) blind-folded. The team directs him. Which team wins and has the least points taken off their score from touching the obstacles or wrong moves?

  14. The Best Shot

    Using a straw and small wads of paper, the players must “shoot” a target (a piece of paper, a candle, the wall or some other object).

  15. Show your Legs

    Players are blindfolded and must guess whose legs belong to whom.

  16. The Fastest Drinker

    A bottle of Fanta, Cola or water (not more than one Liter) must be drunken. Variation: the bottle must be emptied using a straw.

  17. Blind

    With eyes blindfolded, players must crawl to a goal. The other players are not allowed to help.

  18. Egg Cups

    Two players sit across from each other. Two egg cups are placed next to each other between the players. A table tennis ball must be blown from one cup to the other. How many times can it be done in 60 seconds?

  19. Knots per Plan

    A diagram of a knot is shown. The player must make this knot as pictured.

  20. Ring Throw

    A few bottles are placed on the floor with point values glued on them. Rings are thrown from a distance of 2-3 meters.

  21. Tie Your Shoes

    Two players tie their shoes to one another using only one hand per player.

  22. Paperclip Snake

    A snake is made using paperclips with 90 seconds. Who has the longest snake? Then, the paperclips are taken apart. Who’s faster?

  23. Crack Nuts Without a Nutcracker

    How many nuts can one player crack without using a nutcracker? Who can crack a nut so that both halves are intact?

  24. Nut Throw

    The nuts are thrown or rolled to a goal. Nut rolling is also good to play on a table.

  25. Peas in a Bottle

    A bottle is placed on the ground. The player stands on a chair and lets 10 (20) peas fall in the bottle. How many peas go in the bottle?

  26. Wind a Candy with Thread

    Each player is given a candy that has been tied with the same length thread. The end of the thread without the candy is placed in the mouth. Who can wind up the thread and be the first to get his candy in his mouth without using his hands? Don’t eat the thread!

  27. Table Tennis Obstacle Course

    A table tennis ball is guided through an a obstacle course by blowing through a straw to move the ball. The course can be made on a table or wooden floor. A cotton ball may also be used.

  28. Pretzel Stick Race

    Who can eat 15 pretzel sticks in 45 seconds? Not so easy.

  29. Light a Candle

    Who can light a candle behind their back the fastest?

  30. Clothespin Pressure

    Who can squeeze a clothespin using 2 fingers, while holding their arm outstretched, the longest?

  31. Paper Bag Game

    A paper bag is placed on the ground with the opening facing up. The player sits on one leg in front of the bag. He must pick up the bag with his mouth. After each pick up, the bag is cut to make it shorter, until it can no longer be cut. Hands must be placed behind the back. The leg position must be kept. Alternative: player lies on a chair or table so that hands and feet cannot touch the floor. The chair or table must be held by a helper so that it doesn’t fall with the player on it. The winner is the player who has the shortest bag.

  32. Swinging Apples

    An apple or an orange is tied on a long string that is attached to the players belt and dangles about 5 cm. above the ground. Another apple (or orange) is moved through an obstacle course by swinging the tied apple to hit it.

  33. The Fastest Onion Peeler

    Who can peel the most onions in 3 minutes?

  34. Chair Race

    A race course is laid out. Players race to the finish holding the chair as if they were sitting on it. The game can be made more difficult by requiring the players to keep their feet from touching the floor.

  35. Tie Tying

    Who can correctly tie his tie?

  36. Folding the Wash

    Who can correctly fold a man’s shirt the fastest?

  37. Ironing Race

    Who can iron 3 shirts and fold them the fastest?

  38. Pant Leg Race

    A ball must go in one pants leg and out the other leg. If you’d like it colder, a big ice cube could be used instead. The hands are not allowed to be used to move the ball or ice cube.

  39. Ball Race 1

    Two players make up one team. Many teams compete against each other. A ball must go through the one sleeve (long sleeve shirt or pullover) and out the other.

  40. Ball Race 2

    Two players make up one team. Many teams compete against each other. Both players stand belly to belly and hold a tennis ball or foam ball between them. One player must roll the ball up to the face of his partner without using his hands.

  41. Ball Race 3

    Two teams stand in a line. The first person holds a ball under his chin. He must pass it to the next player in line without using his hands. Using other body parts is allowed. Which team passes the ball from the first to the last player the fastest?

  42. Oatmeal makes you Strong s a Horse

    One player from each team starts by eating a cup full of dry oatmeal flakes. When a player can whistle, the next player on his team goes next. Game is over after any player or after the whole team has it’s turn.

  43. Nose Driving

    Using only the nose, a player must push a match box, a potato or a small play auto through an obstacle course. Touching the border is not allowed and the players will receive penalty points. If all teams are to play at once, the course must be laid out identically.

  44. Pick up the Box

    The players sit on chairs with their legs crossed. A small box (shoe box, Cigarette pack, etc.) is placed on the ground in front of the player. The box must be picked up using just the toes without the hands or feet touching the ground.

  45. Wrap ‘em Up

    This game is similar to toilet paper mummy, only a player must put a long construction barrier tape in his mouth and then wrap up another player with using his hands.

  46. Green Pea Game

    Lay a few dried green peas, kernels of corn, or rice grains on a chair. In front of the chair, place a bowl on the ground. The players sits on the chair and must slide around on it to get as many of the peas in the bowl.

  47. Flour Game 1

    On a chair or on a table, place the identical amount of four for each player. The players must use only their mouths to put the flour in an empty jelly jar. Who can put the most flour in the jar within 60 seconds? Alternative: use a spoon held in the mouth to transfer the flour to the jar.

  48. Flour Game 2

    On a large, flat plate or pan, place a pile of flour. On top of this, put a piece of chocolate or a Mon Cherie (chocolate covered cherry). Each player cuts a section of the pile of flour away using a knife. If the chocolate falls, then that player must use only his mouth to fish it out of the pile.

  49. Fast as a Fireman 1

    This is a game for 2 players. They hang their jackets over a chair, with both sleeves turned inside out. Both chairs are placed back to back about 2 meters apart. A rope is placed under the chairs. The players stand on their chairs. At the signal, they must correctly put on their jackets. When done, the player runs to the other chair, sits down and pulls the rope.

  50. Fast as a Fireman 2

    This game is for 2 players. Each player has a chair with a bowl of water sitting on it. Using a spoon held in the mouth, the players must transfer the water to an empty glass placed at a distance. Which glass will be filled first?

  51. Box Bomber

    2 players place a box over their heads. The boxes only have small slits cut in them so that the players can see. Like in housewife hockey, each player must try to shoot a puck in the opponents goal. Instead of using a scrub mop, the player can use his foot to shoot the puck (or balloon) in the goal. As the players have a restricted view, this game should not be too easy.

  52. Balance the Spoon

    Turn a table or stool over on it’s back, so that the legs point up. Each player gets a spoon, is blindfolded and stands with his back to the table. At the signal, each player takes 3 steps forward, turns around and must place his spoon on the table leg, balancing it so that it doesn’t fall.

  53. Back Numbers

    2 players receive numbers pinned on their backs. Both stand on one foot inside a circle. Each must try to read the others number, without leaving the circle.

  54. Air Shot

    Lay a table tennis ball on a table. A player is blindfolded and stands with his back to the table. At the signal, the player takes 6 steps forward, turns around 5 times and then returns to the table to blow the ball off of the table. Who is the fastest to do this?

  55. Feed the Fish

    2 players stand back to back, holding a fishing rod (stick) in the hands. At the end of the rods, an apple or a piece of chocolate is dangled. The goal is to eat the apple or chocolate that is dangling on the other pole. Which team is the fastest?

  56. Eat the Wurst

    Instead of hanging a wurst on a string, hang it on a broomstick using thread. The broomstick is held with the hands behind the back. In this position, the player tries to eat the wurst.

  57. Hold the Glass with the Legs

    One player must hold a glass using his thighs. The second player is blindfolded and using a water bottle, must fill the other players glass with water. The second player must stand about 80-100 centimeters away from the first player, so that he can just reach the glass with the water bottle.

  58. Cherry Eating

    This game is similar to the apple game – just with a slight change. 30 – 40 cherries are placed in a bowl. The hands are placed behind the back. Who can eat the most cherries within x minutes? Variation: put water in the bowl with the cherries. Variation: put the cherries in a bowl of whipped cream to hide them.

  59. Get Dressed

    Blindfolded and within 60 seconds, players get dressed. (pants, socks, undershirt, shirt, scarf, hat, gloves, shoes) Variation: the pieces of clothing are placed around the room and must be found first. Variation: 2-3 players must find and put their clothes on.

  60. The Right Way

    Draw a line (possibly curved) with chalk on the ground. The player looks through the wrong way of a set of binoculars while walking as fast as he can along the line. Be sure that the player can really see through the binoculars.

  61. Eating Apples from the Water Pail

    Player must completely eat an apple that is floating in a bowl of water without using his hands.

  62. Pen in a Bottle

    A pen is attached to the waistband of the players pants. He must guide the pen into the opening of a bottle. The pen should hang about 30 cm above the bottle.

  63. Candle Out

    A cork is attached to the pants waistband with thread. The player must stand on a chair and put out the flame of the candle on the floor using the cork.

  64. Nut Sorting

    A plate is filled with 5-10 walnuts, chestnuts and acorns. One player from each team must sort the nuts and place them on 3 separate plates using only his toes instead of his hands. The player sits on a chair and the plates are on the floor in front of him. Variation: the player is blindfolded.

  65. Box Blowing

    A box (small shoe box, cigarette box, matchbox) is placed on a smooth surface such as a table tennis table. With one breath, the player must blow the box as far as he can. Or, a timed race can be used as the box is blown numerous times to reach the goal, or into a circle at the goal.

  66. Bocce Ball Game

    A goal is marked on the floor of the groups room. From a distance of 3-5 meters, bocce balls are rolled to the goal. Who can roll the balls safely into the goal?

  67. Lance Stabbing

    The player is blindfolded and using a broom handle as a lance, must stab a hanging circle placed 4-5 meters away. How much time is needed? Another player can direct him to the circle. A felt pen could be used instead of the broomstick. The player extends his arm as he approaches the target. Points can be given for stabbing different sections of the target.

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