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Advent Wreath

To design an individual Advent wreath you need the following: a circular base made of polystyrene, straw or willow twigs (available from a florist), a pair of pliers (for cutting the wire), garden shears (to cut the pine branches to desired size), possibly a glue gun (to attach any decorations), pine branches, candles, Christmas decorations depending on taste (stars, plastic fruit, nuts, small parcels, rope, baubles etc.) Firstly the base is covered with pine branches- the individual branches are attached to the base using the green florist’s wire. The green florists wire is better to use than silver wire as it blends in well. Following this the wreath can be decorated and made as desired. Firstly four candles are placed on the wreath (at an equal distance apart), the best way to attach them is by using specially made holders (can be made yourself or obtained from a florist). Then you are free to place Christmas ornaments, baubles, rope, stars, Santa clauses’, reindeers, snow-men etc. onto the base as desired. You can either use a glue gun or the florist wire to attach the decorations to the wreath. An important note is that a wreath such as this should never be left unattended when lit.

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