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The Coconut Candle


Coconuts, Candle wax, wicks, saws, pencils. Hot water, sandpaper (different coarseness), sharp knife (carving knife), spoons, waterproof paints, brushes.


You create a candle using a coconut and other materials. Firstly the coconut needs to be sawed into two (as centrally as possible) – group leaders should offer to help. Once this has been done, the flesh and skin need to be removed. This can be done using the knife and spoon.

Out of one half of the coconut a holder has to be sawn, in which a wooden ring that supports the other half of the coconut can be placed. Thereafter, the outer skin has to be sanded down (the rough fibrous part) as well as the holder. After this the holder and the other coconut half need to be cooked water to ensure that any remaining skin and flesh on the inside is removed – including the Bounty smell! Thereafter the children can paint the outside of the coconut using waterproof paints (including the holding ring!). Next, using old candles, melt the wax in an old saucepan; note that this saucepan won’t be useable for cooking thereafter (other possibilities include melting the wax in a tin or a bowl by placing this in a saucepan with hot water). Whilst the wax is melting a wick has to be secured into the coconut shell. Once the wax has melted, it simply needs to dry in the coconut shell, and finished! The end result is a wonderful candle for mum or dad (requires 2-3 group sessions (approx. 90mins)
Author: Marcel R

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