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Ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs

What are ostrich eggs then? They are beautifully decorated eggs which glisten! They are also very easy to make.

Material required:

  • Different forms of egg shapes made from glass, cotton wool, wood or plastic
  • The relevant glues for these materials
  • Craft paints or spray varnish
  • Jewels
  • Mini beads
  • Sequins
  • Spangles
  • Brushes
  • A pair of tweezers to precisely apply the jewels


Before you start gluing make sure that the egg shapes are clean and free from oil: Clean glass eggs with glass cleaner and wooden or plastic eggs with normal washing up liquid. Any fabric eggs should only be rubbed down. Plastic and wooden eggs are suitable for a spray varnish. This is available in many different colours. Once the varnish is dry you can add any jewels and shell sequins individually. A pair of tweezers is sometimes helpful in order to position the little jewels elements precisely. If decorating the eggs with mini beads you paint the whole surface of the egg. It is best to do one side of the egg then the other so that can hold the egg on one side. Cover it in glue and then spread out the beads on a surface of paste and press them carefully into the bed of glue with the fingertips. Fabric eggs work best for decorating with jewels.

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