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Pencil- holder

Pencil- holder


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Craft paper, wooden marbles
  • Toilet paper roll , corrugated card
  • Scissors, felt-tip pens, glue

Instructions for Pipe cleaner monkey:

Bend a pipe cleaner in half then bend the top third backwards to make a loop. Use another pipe cleaner for the arms – wrap it around the top part of the first pipe cleaner and pull tight. A third pipe cleaner is used for the monkey tail – secure to the loop of the first pipe cleaner. Cut a head out of craft paper, draw on the face and stick to the top of the first pipe cleaner. Bend the ears over, use wooden marbles as hands and make feet by bending the end of the pipe cleaners into small circles.

Instructions for Pipe cleaner monkey

Stick corrugated card onto some toilet paper rolls and cut a square out of craft card big enough to fit the rolls with adequate space around them. Cut 1cm into the corners of the square, bend them over and stick down. Stick the toilet roll tubes (covered in corrugated card) into the square - the rolls are also stuck together.

For the Palm, a pipe cleaner is bent in half, and twisted. Cut palm leaves out of craft paper then cut a small rectangle out of craft card, and roll into a tube - secure with sticky tape. The palm leaves are attached to the tube and to finish, the pipe cleaner is inserted into the tube as a trunk; glue as required.

Stick the palm into the middle of the toilet roll and glue if needed. Finally, hang the monkey to the palm tree.

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