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The indoor Hockey game

 The indoor Hockey game

Two teams are formed who sit on chairs opposite each other. Two rackets and a tennis ball are placed in the centre, and at the opposite wall there are two chairs acting as goal posts. The players sitting opposite each other are given the same number. Now there are various ways in which this can be played. The team leader either says a number e.g. 4, and then both players with this number jump up, grab the rackets and attempt to shoot a goal. However this soon becomes somewhat boring if those sitting opposite each other are always called together. Hence there are possibilities of mixing the players up.

1: The team leader says a double figured number e.g. 23, then player number 2 from team A, and player number 3 from team B have to jump up. Team A will always be the first number of the figure and team B the second. This is of course not entirely fair.

2: The team leader has a black board or a pad of paper and writes two numbers down, turns the block around, upon which the players with the written numbers play each other. I have found this to be the best option.

As an alternative, the players can also sit around a table and roll dice. Each team has a dice and as soon as the number on the dice becomes obvious, the player with this number should jump up.

The problem with this game is the hockey ‘sticks’, you don’t have rackets, those made of plastic break too quickly, the proper ones are too expensive and too dangerous. I have experimented a little and have found the perfect instructions for hockey sticks, which only cost a few Cents.

The Sticks

 hockey ‘sticks’

Half of a newspaper is rolled lengthwise without the curve at the bottom. Tape this together with wide sticky tape. It is important that the newspaper is rolled together tightly. When the first layer is secured with tape, create a bend at the end securing it with tape and a sheet of newspaper. Keep covering with newspaper until the stick is strong enough and easy to hold. To finish ensure everything is secure and taped well.

It is important to make sure the newspaper has been rolled well, and that plenty of tape has been used.

Finally the bend at the bottom can be strengthened with individual sheets of newspaper.

It does take some effort, but if done well the sticks last a long time.

It would make sense for each player to make his/her own stick, this way more care will be taken in looking after them.

A contribution from Ronnie Berzins.

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