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Treasure Map

A treasure map can be crafted within minutes and can be used on various occasions. Materials:

Treasure Map
Treasure Map
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  • A 20x30cm sheet of paper. The best paper is a handmade paper from a specialized dealer.
  • Coloured pencils as well as black pens.
  • Candle

Instructions for a treasure map

First, draw the approximate area where the treasure is hidden on the paper. For example, if the treasure is on an island, draw the contours of the island with thick, black lines. Next add details such as trees, palm trees, huts, or the like and paint them with coloured pencils.

Now light the candle. Take your treasure map on the edge and hold it over the candle to that the paper gets scorched and starts to look old. Just wait as long until the paper smoulders, do not burn your map. Therefore, handmade paper is better because it is not quite as highly flammable than conventional writing paper. This means that the scorching of the map can be better controlled. In your first attempt, It can happen that too many details of your map are unrecognizable. Therefore is always good to create two or even three maps.

This can be done with the maps

Treasure cards can be used in many ways and give you hours of entertainment. For example, you can get your treasure map out at the campfire and you can weave an adventurous story around it.

Another way would be to use it at a friend’s birthday. First hide the present, then draw the map. Together with his friends he then has to find his present. If there is enough room available several treasure maps can be used for a scavenger hunt for the whole party!

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