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  • Card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (sharp scissors )
  • Adhesive
  • Craft card in various colours
  • Compass
  • Sticky back plastic foil (foil for covering school books)


Firstly print out the template and stick onto card. This needs to be cut out and replicated so that the youth club participants don’t have to wait a long time for their templates. For younger children you should draw examples onto craft paper (using the templates as help), so that during the youth club session they are not swamped down with drawing.


Using the template draw the Limousine and then cut it out. Tip: Cut the windows out with the sharp scissors or let the younger children simply draw on the windows. Following this you can draw circles using a compass for the tyres and cut out. Then stick these onto the limousine and to finish draw hub caps onto the tyres.

Bus and two cars

Make in the same way as the limousine


To start with the boat has to be cut out and then simply draw on the port holes.


After cutting out, all that remains is to draw on the windows.


Firstly cut out the train engine, smoke and the two wheels. Next stick these together. Then you can decide how many carriages to add to the train. For each carriage you need to cut out one wagon and two wheels, and stick together. Finally stick the engine and carriages together.


When cutting out the people you have to be particularly careful. As a result this template should not be used for younger children.


Cutting out the bicycle is very difficult; hence you should not despair if it goes wrong on the first attempt. To make the bicycle more stable cover it with sticky back plastic foil and then trim any excess. Tip: stick on the foil slowly so as to avoid creating bubbles.

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